A Sad Announcement

I've been thinking very long and hard about this for a while now, and I've felt very conflicted. I still feel conflicted, like it isn't what I should be doing, but there comes a time when everyone must choose one thing over another.

I've been majorly slacking in blogging lately. You all know this, and I know those who were my blog stalkers from the beginning have missed me. I miss you all too. I started this blog because I had a lot of down-time on my hands, and I needed something to keep me from going insane. And when I started my job, blogging became less and less. I tried really hard to write for you all as much as I could, and I felt bad when I wasn't around to talk to you all on Twitter and online.

In the month of January, I posted six entries. Six. Coming from one-hundred and twenty-six in October and one-hundred and twenty-two in November, six entries is pretty pathetic. I tried getting better during the month of March, but still ...

I've lost my touch. Things I write aren't funny anymore. That "TKPA" style you all loved a few months ago is gone, and I've just felt like I'm writing the same things over and over again with each and every post. I look back on what I've written in the past and laugh, and I can see why you all welcomed me and loved me so quickly, why you love this blog. And when I read things that I've come up with lately ...

Well, they suck. They suck majorly. And I am not happy with anything I write when I feel it sucks. But I don't know what else I can do or say in order to make it better, because I cannot shake off the feeling that I am being repetitive.

Yes, G-Dragon owns my soul. Yes, Joon has amazing abs. Yes, T.O.P has the perfect smolder stare.

It's all the same, it's all boring to me now.

While I still love K-Pop, I just can't seem to love it as much as I used to. I don't go on any news sites anymore. I don't watch video after video of these idols. I don't get all excited for trending topics or music video releases anymore. It's just all so ... blah.

Because I feel this way, because I have felt this way for a while now, I am really sad to say that I cannot continue to blog anymore. It just isn't the same for me, and you all deserve the most wickedly dirty posts imaginable.

But I cannot give you those posts.

I'm sorry. I hope one day that my K-Pop spark will return and I can find insanely dirty things to write about again, a new and fresh perspective on these male idols. Until then, though ... this is the end of TKPA.

I love you all. You've been so wonderful and supportive and I will miss you. Thank you all for always reading and commenting, for sending me pictures and videos, for participating in the blog contests and for the Cervix Punchers. I will keep my Twitter to talk to you all occasionally and fan girl with you, though.

I really am sorry.

I know some might think this is an attempt at an April Fool's joke ... but would I do that to you all?

[EDIT 4/2/10]The answer is Y-E-S. I would do that to you all. C'mon, like I could ever walk away from perversion for the masses? Like I could ever abandon you all just like that? While I do mean what I wrote, I am feeling repetitive, I know that this is a little rough patch (aka writer's block) that I will eventually get over. I will never walk away from this blog unless it is absolutely necessary. So, for those of you who were a bit skeptical, good job! For those who took me serious ... I'm glad that you love me enough to not want me to go. And for those who commented saying you've recently started reading the blog, leave more comments!!

Oh, and also ... don't hate me. It's April Fool's Day. At least I didn't tell you that G-Dragon is gay. That is one joke I will never see the humor in.


The K-Pop Addict


TKPJ Makes a Choice (Finally)

Hi! Remember me? I haven’t been around so much lately… sorry guys, but now I’m back! So I have had a problem for a while and I think I finally solved it. My problem is that two of my favorite guys in the K-Pop world are good Christians and neither can go into my baby daddy category….

I’m talking Taeyang and Siwon. Both are super hot and have bodies that can make girls go faint. To solve my problem I thought I could do a list of pros and cons, but of course I am too indecisive, you can ask TKPA. So that did not help. All the while I was thinking that both do not do sex before marriage and both really hadn’t had girlfriends. Here comes another problem…. I have a giant crush on another man! While I was listening to some music, one person’s voice really stuck out to me, who always really stands out and I can’t get enough of his sexy voice: Teddy.

Oh God, how he can rap a whole three lines in Tae’s song and totally steal my attention from Tae for the rest song. After listening to “Where U At” several times I decided that I can’t live without Teddy being somewhere on my list.

How do you think I will work out my dilemma?

Teddy is very attractive to me. He has the confidence that just shows through in his pictures. I like his body structure even though I have not seen anything that he is working underneath. Teddy is also very successful. He was in 1TYM and he now produces music. His voice is so sexy that if he just said one sentence to me I would do anything he wanted. Whenever his lends his voice in other artists music I stop and replay it over and over again. Just imagine him whispering dirty things in your ear in a crowded room that would drive you crazy until you attacked him as soon as you got into the parking garage or your car. Tearing clothes off without even thinking. MMMMhhhhmmmm!
I don’t even know where to begin with describing this cutie. He is cute and sweet. He has a hot body I would love to lick every inch of because it is rock hard. I can only imagine he would be the best husband ever because he would be the type of guy that would buy you flowers on the walk home or would go out and buy you your favorite, a caramel apple, because he knew you would love it and him. So with Tae I could see him being all shy until you get him behind closed doors and he has the room all lit with candles and the mood just right, of course after you say “I do.” I have no doubt there is a sex god waiting to explode out of him the moment he sees my lacey lingerie just waiting for him to touch. Oh yes I have plans for him if we get married. :)


Oh, Siwon is all I can think when I look at this man’s face. First off let me say that he has an awesome body and face, and he is TALL. Yes that four letter word means a lot because I like tall guys. I like to lean up to kiss them, stand on my tippy toes and just wait for them to scoop me up and lay one on me. I can see Siwon doing that. Although the bad thing about Siwon is he puts this cover up that he is a perfect gentleman, but he can give an intense bitch look which makes me feel he might not be future husband material. But can you imagine the hot angry sex after you did something to deserve that bitch look? Oh yeah, it would be hot, steamy, angry and passionate. There is a lot of power in that look.

I have put off choosing my future husband long enough. After a long thought I decided that Teddy should be on my Baby-Daddy-To-Be List because he is older and he can support our children. Also I think he would make a great father! I choose Siwon to Be My Boyfriend because I can see us being a fling of hot dirty sex that I will seduce him into. No one can resist my seducing powers once I release them! My Future Husband will be Tae because I think he would be the best husband in the world and plus I get to make hot, passionate love to him every day. How can I resist his gentle smile and the love in his eyes?

I think I always knew he was going to win over Siwon. It was just a matter of time.




Just plain evil.

Yes, I sometimes might like my men pretty (Leeteuk ring a bell?). But Teuk has never been MANLY sexy only to transform into dainty transgendered pretty. No, he's always been a bit transgendered pretty.

Rain, on the other hand ...

Evil cows.


Jun Hyung is a Bad Ass


Total bad ass.

The kind of bad ass that will hook up with you whenever the hell he feels like it, not call you the next morning, or the next night, or even in the next week. And when you decide to "get over him" and date some other, non-bad ass, he'll promptly show up to whatever restaurant the non-bad ass has taken you to with a baseball bat, where he will then proceed to smash every window in the non-bad ass' car.

Because once you fuck Jun Hyung, you do not fuck any other man. You are his. Case closed.

Okay, that's more of like a complete douchbag and not really the type of guy you want to end up with and have kids with, but he will be one of those naughty little secrets you keep tucked away in your Strictly a Dirty, Dirty Fantasy box. You know, the one you're going to use when you're forty and sex in your marriage is kind of lame now. You'll always remember the night that JH showed up at the restaurant, bashed in non-bad ass' windows, came into the place, grabbed you by the hand, and dragged you out the door to the nearest alleyway where you just went at it like a bunch of wild animals.

BEAST with two backs, to be exact.

Sure, when you're older and not horny, you'll remember what a dick he was and how you're glad you married a boring, non-bad ass dude. But trust that when you least expect it, you'll be imagining JH above you rather than the guy you married.

Just try to remember the good times when your daughter brings home JH 2.0. And maybe take a few sedatives.


This is Cruel and Unusual Punishment


What the ...

This is just wrong. So wrong.

It looks photoshopped. Like that feminine head and full head of salon-styled hair does not belong on our blood-soaked assassin with abs for days.

I can't even look at the glimpse of pubes. The hair on his actual head is too distracting.


Ugh, I hate you. But props to making him shirtless.



The Downfall of Heechul

All women experience it. We're cute and pretty while we're young, picking style over comfort, completely obsessed with our looks. I'm not ashamed to admit that.

As we age, our priorities change. Rather than picking out what dress we're going to wear to the club, we iron our work attire. Rather than doing impulsive things and acting on a whim, we make schedules and strictly abide by them. Rather than spending three hours getting your hair and make-up perfect and model worthy to make all the guys drool and want to marry us, we let ourselves go and instead focus those three hours getting our children ready for school and ironing our husband's dress pants.

I'm sad to say that Pretty Pretty Princess has let himself go.

Exhibit A:


"U" circa 2006.

See how pretty and delicate he is? How silky his hair is, how it flows? How that milky white skin envied by every female on the planet looks so fresh and porcelain-like?

Now it's time for Exhibit B:


"Sorry Sorry (Answer)" in 2009.

Clearly, Heech has settled down within those three years, married an amazing man, popped out a kid, and now is Career Woman. See the lack of proper conditioning in regards to his hair? The lack of make-up on that once milky white skin is horrendous. Yes, our dear Cinderella is channeling one of his step-sisters.

Such a shame.

I think I want to buy a bunch of Clinique products, a tub of conditioner, and wrap it nicely in a basket to send to him. Go back to being pretty, that's how the K-Pop Gods intended you.


Watch This MV When ...

I know you've seen "Rokkugo" by Super Junior-T. How could you not? It's ridiculously cracktastic overload.

I hate this video and song so much. It drives me insane, repeating "Rokkugo" over and over in my head when I really do not want it in there in the first place. There are a few times in life when I know I have to watch this MV and listen to the song.
  1. Whenever I feel angry towards someone else, I watch it to make me laugh hysterically.
  2. Whenever I feel down, I watch it to make me laugh hysterically.
  3. Whenever I am in need of a pick-me-up, I watch it to make me laugh hysterically.
  4. Whenever I am bored, I watch it to make me laugh hysterically.
  5. Whenever I feel like laughing hysterically, I watch it to make me laugh hysterically.
And it's amazing how I do not cry when I see how ridiculous they all look, at the overdose of cheese factor surrounding the whole thing.

"Rokkugo" is the result of Leeteuk, Heechul, Kangin, Shindong, Eunhyuk, and Sungmin all high on crack and with a video camera.

I bet if every single person on the planet watched this MV once a daily, like a vitamin, there'd be a lot less anger, hate, and sadness in the world. Instead, there'd be millions of tears from laughing so hard.



Nurse TKPA is Here, Jinon


Poor little boo-thing Jinon is currently in a hospital somewhere in Seoul being treated for diverticulosis, a nasty nasty condition that affects his colon, and he might just have to have surgery.

Poor little boo-thing.

Oh, and what makes this all so much worse is that they are saying that the clothing he performed in worsened this pre-existing condition. Those evil cow stylists have now put one of our idol rookie babes in the hospital. It must have been all that Abominable Snowman fur they made the boys wear.

Horrible. Those evil cows must be stopped.

Serious note: I hope Jinon makes a quick recovery, but the most important thing is that he is healthy and doesn't rush back to the stage. Take the time needed and relax, bb. TKPA loves you dearly.


My Mind Drew a Blank When I Had to Think of a Title for This


Oh fuck.


Oh my ...


Just ...


Sex Apprentice ... damn, boy.

Seriously ....

Abs. Abs. More abs.

Happy trail.

Veins near happy trail.


Arms. So big.

Shoulders. OH God.


This is by far the most unintelligent, scatter-brained post I have ever done. Thank you, Joon.


This is What Khun Looks Like ...


When he's waiting for you to come home after a long, strenuous day at work. Oh, yes. Nichkhun is giving you the smolder stare. He's been practicing while you were away. He's perfected it quite well, don't you think?

Forget about that snide remark that stupid cow you work with made to you. Khun will make up for it by making very dirty remarks about what he's going to do to you for the rest of the night. As soon as you walk through that bedroom door, you are his. He won't let you leave until the morning, no breaks.

So, if you do the math quickly, you come home at six for work and have to leave the next morning at seven to go back to work. Thirteen hours of uninterrupted sex with Khun.

Fuck. Yes.


You Know What Would Make This Picture Better, Woo?


If you'd take off your freaking shirt!


You have Sexy Beast Taek looking all tan and delicious and angry with those big ass ears, and Big Booty Junee with those hip dips and underoos showing ... and you're there, WooyoUNF, with a stubborn little expression on your face because you refuse to take off your shirt.

Don't be shy, lovely. We won't totally go rabid and bat-shit crazy over you. A small amount, yes. Naturally, we shall go a little insane over some Woo-flesh. But I mean come on! We need something! Throw us a little bone here, Woo!

At least you could have worn a white tank top, so we could see if there is any definition to that torso of yours. Instead you chose to wear black, to hide anything that could potentially cause us to feel the strong urge and desire to write you several letters written in our own blood, professing our undying love for you, and begging you to procreate with us ....

Okay, maybe it's a good thing you wore black.


Question of the Day


What are you going to do with that lollipop, Big Booty Junee?

My answer is far too dirty for this blog. I know, shocking.

What do you think he's going to do with that lollipop?


This Is All You Need to See



Is it just me ... or can I see a hint of crack? Please, K-Pop Gods, do not let it be a hurtful trick of camera angles and lighting. My poor little fan girl heart cannot take such disappointment.

..... I wonder if you could bounce a quarter off of it?


Um, Did Anyone Else Notice This?

Okay, this picture has it all.


For one, it's hot because it's four of six 2PM members. Two, Beastly Maknae puckering up his lips like that ... oh, damn. Three, Junsu is so adorable, as well as Nichkhun. Four, seeing how tan Sexy Beast Taek is compared to Khun is hilarious. Seriously, Khunnie, it's called a "spray tan."

But did anyone else besides me notice one extra guest in the picture? Do you see it? Look really hard, you might spot it.

Do you see the massive golf-ball shaped tumor-like-thing sticking out of SBT's foot?


Now, I'm not a "foot" girl. Not a fetish of mine; I hate having my feet being touched (that's because I'm extremely ticklish there, but that's beside the point). But I like my men to have nice, pretty feet. Because I don't want our potential children to have ugly ass, gnarly feet.

Dude, Taek ... you have some ugly ass, gnarly feet.

I sincerely apologize if I ruined this picture for you.



These Pants Need To Be Framed

And placed in K-Pop Hall of Fame for the best freaking pants ever worn by a male idol.


I mean ... damn, Lips of Sex. Really.


If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that I love these pants. You know that when they went missing, I was very sad. I seriously do love these pants when SeungHo is wearing them. They're just so tight and fitting and they just show everything. I still have a feeling there's a lot more going on in there that is being hidden and concealed by underwear.

Oh sweet Lord could you imagine if he went commando?!

Okay ... okay, I need to stop. That last thought has my mind running to all sorts of dirty places. Places too dirty to bring you all along with me. I'm sure you can imagine things on your own, without my help.

Lips of Sex ... um, can you be sure to wear those pants on our next date night? Don't plan on doing anything except showing up at my place wearing those. All plans will be cancelled. Pick another night to go to your favorite restaurant. Go to the movies with Thunder the next day. That is the affect those pants have on me.

Thanks to @Cosmo_Queen_ for sharing!


Eli's Boxers - Step One Complete


Yes, I actually did put that there. And yes, it is freaking genius.

Think about it ... if Eli does actually wear them, the link is in a prime location to where he'd see it every time he uses the bathroom. He'd think, "Oh, I need to check out TKPA's site and see the latest cracktastic things she has written." And if he walks around the dorm in his underwear, the other members will see it and also think the same thing.

If you ask why they would be looking at his crotch ... well, it's like a car accident. You have to look at one when you drive by. You just have to. You don't know why you do it, but you just do it. Seeing writing in a place where writing does not belong will attract the eyes of U-Kiss.

And that's the whole point, really.

Well, I don't want to attract the eyes of Jailbait DongHo. No, he still has a few more years to go. But soon enough, word will spread like wildfire through the K-Pop male idols that there is this rabid white girl who lives in America and writes the most dirty and delicious posts known to every fan girl (and boy! I know you're out there reading these posts and laughing your ass off!) of the K-Pop world.

Oh, yes.

The boxers still are not done. I am going to put the finishing touches on them tomorrow and then I will mail them out to @jennykoi so she can hand-deliver them to Eli on the 26th. You all just have to remind me not to censor myself and be clean after that date, because subconsciously I will do that.


The Best Part of the "G.O.O.D Luv" MV

Is this freaking kid right here!


You're just so full of win, tiny Korean child. You make me laugh hysterically every time I watch the MV, and I have to rewind it and play it over and over until tears actually pour down my face.

I suspect there is a future star in you. Maybe South Korea's next Boom? I sure as hell hope so. Your spot only lasted two seconds, but those two seconds were as epic as can be.


Meat Market


I realize this is your actual, first time appearing on the blog, Changmin. It's nice to meet you. It's nice to meet your abs.

Okay, I'm going to keep this short because ... well ... you might not like my rating and the reasoning behind it.

I give him a 5. Simply because the face does not do it for me. At all. Seriously, I would really like a paper bag. Remember, you see the face more than you see the body. A TKPA timeless truth. I'm nothing if not honest.

Maybe you'll be nicer to Changmin than I am.

1 – Did absolutely nothing for me
3 – Ehh, I've seen better
5 – Definite potential, but not my cup of tea
8 – Jaw-dropping
10 – Self-combustion

You know the deal, either comment or tweet me your rating and at the end of day, Changmin will be judged. You have until midnight!

END RESULT: Changmin came out with a 6. Such a shame.



I Couldn't Help It


I didn't want to do this, I really did not.

But my lust for abs took over, and I just wanted to post this and stare at it.

Yes, I do miss you Eight Pack Abs Jay. Mainly because I have not been able to see you rip your shirt off. Instead, Sexy Beast Taek has stepped up and fulfilled that, so it's not like I haven't been totally deprived of instantaneous sex. Still, though.

It's nice you see those abs of yours. And I see you've added a couple more ripples into the mix. I applaud your efforts. Next video you make, though, rip the shirt off completely, because the ab flash belongs to King of Foreplay.


Jay on YouTube ... Interesting

Yeah, you all know Eight Pack Abs Jay posted a video of him singing "Nothing on You" last night on YouTube.

I'm not going to blog about that, because everyone and their K-Pop loving mother is talking about it right now and quite frankly I don't care that he posted a video of him singing in his bathroom.

There are two important things about the video that have clued us in on how he's been spending his time in Seattle:

1. He still has abs. His TKPA nickname holds true.
2. He still has shaved eyebrows. Well, done, Jay.

No, seriously, the only reason I am writing this right now is because of what he typed in his YouTube account profile.

2pm 욕은안했으면좋겠어요 애들착하고 좋은애들이예요 오해안하셨으면좋겠습니다. ^ ㅠ
2pm fighting!
i dont want you guys to hate on 2pm on behalf of me cause i still love those guys and likewise. they're still my homies. if you dont want to support them thats cool you know but i just want everyone to get along and move on and all do great things know what i'm sayin? =)
You know what he's saying?
Quit hating. Your God Jay said so himself.
Now how many Coldests are warming up to "6PM" right about now?


How Could You, Papa Rain?


Rumor has it that my MBLAQ babies have a strict rule when it comes to the opposite sex:

They can meet girls, they just can't date them.

What the hell is that about, Rain? I'm totally blaming you for this. You're inhibiting Sex Apprentice's and Lips of Sex's natural, radiating sex factor. And keeping Antonio Jung celibate is unnatural and just plain wrong.

They're young. They're in their prime and you're completely destroying that prime. I mean, if you really don't want them hooking up with random girls just for the hell of it, then supply them with prostitutes that you know don't have any STDs and put them up in a penthouse for the night with bodyguards outside the door. Or make them wear condoms so you don't have some underaged girl saying she's carrying Joon's baby. Take the necessary precautions, but don't deprive them.

All I'm saying, Papa Rain, is that I think you're being a bit too harsh right now with your babes. I think you can ease up a bit on the whole living-like-a-monk rule you've established.

However, if you parade around shirtless, I might consider forgiving you.



Messages for BIGBANG!

Remember to include your first name, age, country, Twitter URL, and your website URL (optional).

I've obsessed about them majorly, and I know you all have too. Tell G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri why you love them and why they're so amazing!

Messages for Epik High!

Remember to include your first name, age, country, Twitter URL, and your website URL (optional).

Tell Tablo and Mithra Jin how much you love them, and be sure to tell DJ Tukutz how much you miss him!

Messages for One Way!

Yes, they're new to the K-Pop scene, but we're already filled with such excitement for their future. Show the boys that you love them by leaving semi-short messages below. Remember to include your first name, age, country, Twitter URL, and your website URL (optional).

Tell Peter, Chance, and Young Sky exactly why you love them so much after such a short time!

Messages for Epik High, One Way, and BIGBANG

One of my awesome readers is going to be heading to Seoul next month and she's being generous and nice and offering to deliver messages to some idols on your behalf. Cindy is going to hand-deliver these messages to Epik High and One Way, and she is going to try like hell to stalk YGE's new building and deliver something to BIGBANG.

So, if you want to give your boys some lovin' yet don't feel like you have enough to write a letter but have more to say than a tweet would allow, what I'm going to do is post THREE separate blogs, one for each group. You can comment and say whatever you want, but keep it respectful and nothing TOO insane. I mean, don't go crazy on our boys.

Here's what I want you to include though: Your name (first only), age, country, and twitter URL (i.e. http://twitter.com/koreanpopaddict). If you have a personal blog or website or whatever else, you can also include that. I'm just asking that you leave out really personal information like phone numbers or email.

I will print out these pages, all your comments, and I will mail it to Cindy before she leaves for Seoul, so the deadline for all this will be April 1st. That gives me plenty of time to get everything together and send it to her.

Cindy is being awesome in also accepting actual letters that are more than just a few simple sentences. You can send her an email with your letter. Again, nothing crazy because she'll be making sure there aren't any "blood letters." Also, if you would like to give them something SMALL you can email her to ask for her address. Remember, she's traveling to Seoul from America, so she cannot carry anything too big or that will take up too much room. Ask her first if she thinks she'll be able to take it along with her.

You should all thank her via Twitter because she doesn't have to do anything remotely close to this. If you have any questions about what to comment to these boys, leave a comment below or email me and I'll answer as soon as I can. PLEASE TRY TO LIMIT YOUR MESSAGES TO ONE PER GROUP! Don't flood the comment section. Take your time and think about what you want to write before submitting it. Check your spelling and grammar, and if you're not sure then ask me and I'll be more than happy to help.

I'll continue to remind you of this, as well as have it placed in the upper corner of the sidebar so you will all see this upon returning to the blog.

Again, if you don't have A LOT to say, but you still want to say something, then drop a comment. If you have pages of thoughts and love, then email Cindy. If you want to send something SMALL, email Cindy and check first.

It should look like this:

Your message consisting of love and lust and adoration, no matter how long it might be. Maybe a paragraph or two. Maybe you're wishing them luck in the future, telling them why they're your favorite, blah blah blah ...

The K-Pop Addict, 21
United States

That is generally what it should look like. Mainly because we want them to know they have fans of all ages, from all over the world. And who knows, if they see enough "twitter" URLs, maybe they'll be convinced to join (cough, BIGBANG, cough).

Keep it respectful.



This post is for those of you LIVING in the Phillipines and for those of you who will be ATTENDING Super Show 2 on April 10! If you don't apply to either of those, but you know someone who does, then please pass this link along to them!

I need your help, my dear Filipino readers.

I said yesterday that there is a new rule:
Oh, and another announcement ... if you go to any K-Pop male idols' concert and have seats near the stage and are daring and brave, please inform me and I will immediately mail to you a pair of underwear with the site URL printed on it. Oh, yes ... it's time for these boys to know, love, and potentially hate The K-Pop Addict.

I really do mean that too. I'm not joking around. I'm one-hundred percent serious about this.

If you are going to Super Show 2 and are near the stage, close enough to throw it up there, and are brave enough to do it, then let me know by way of email immediately so I can get it out to you with plenty of time before the concert.

It will have the blog's NEW URL on it, because I think it's time for South Korea to know about me and the mass perversion I've caused.

I am dead serious about this. Hell, I will even send you more than one pair if you're going with friends who are also daring enough to throw underwear at Abmighty Shisus and receive the Holy Bitchface.

You should totally help me out on this. Why? Well, not only because I am awesome and you love me, but also because The Boyfriend is Filipino and one day we will have little quarter-Filipino babies running around. It practically makes us family .... ha, okay that was a lame excuse. You should do it because you love me.

If you aren't going but do have another concert for another male idol group coming up that you're going to, let me know about that too!


A Moment of Silence

Jinon, how I love you ...


I really don't have anything to say, to be honest. I just wanted to post this picture and stare at it. He's so pretty, but like ... manly-pretty.



I Will Accept You, Kan With Blonde Hair


Only because you look so filled with angry-sex that I would be insane not to accept you. Really, Kan, I might hate the blonde on you ... okay, I do hate the blonde on you. Because you were perfect to begin with and your stylists really messed with the perfection that the K-Pop Gods blessed us with.

I don't think any Asian man (besides Master GD) should be blonde. It just don't look right.

But for you, dear Kan, I am willing to make an exception. Again, simply because you look so damn angry and I swear there must be something wrong with me to associate anger with sex.

It took how many days for me to cave and begin to accept "No One" and the ridiculous hair belonging to Kan?





Holy hell, AJ's lips are ...

I mean ...

What the fuck? Where the hell did those come from? Where the fuck has he been hiding those?

Screw Lips of Sex and those Starburst lips. I can't believe I just typed that sentence, but for real ... AJ, where the fuck have you been hiding those babies? I've looked at so many pictures of you after receiving this completely bliss-filled email, and I can't for the life of me figure out why the hell I have never noticed your lips. Your abs? Oh, I noticed those, bb.

I can't get over this. Really, I can't. After I've been going on and on about Lips of Sex and God of Lips, none of you ever cared to mention that AJ is like the Lip Prince

Those lips taste exactly like a cherry lollipop. I bet. How could they not?

This post makes no sense. I apologize. I know I'm a total spaz right now because of this amazing discovery that @KpopxFanatic and @Cosmo_Queen_ were ever so kind to bless the Twitterverse and my inbox with.

AJ, I am making room for you somewhere. You will be featured more and more on the blog now. Yes, you will.


Sex Apprentice Cleans Up Nice ...

VERY nice, actually.


Totally digging the new haircut, Sex Apprentice. I can't believe I'm saying this, and I can't believe this is even possible, but your sex factor just increased by twenty. What makes this new 'do so amazing is that your freakishly big ears are extremely noticeable, but they're no where along the lines of holy-hell-those-are-huge like they were in Ninja Assassin. Another amazing feature is that you actually look clean.

I will be the one to say it and I don't care if you hate me ... but Joon was starting to look pretty scruffy and unclean and his hair was just ...

I'm a hair girl. I love playing with guys' hair. It has to be washed and look washed, because the last thing I want is to run my hands through some dude's hair while in the middle of an intense make-out session and get a handful of grease and oil and ew I want to wash my hands in acid thinking about it ...

Yes, this haircut was much needed as he is now absolute perfection and reaches very high on the TKPA-Picky-As-All-Hell charts.


A Few Changes ...

Okay, okay! Before you bite my head off about how you don't like how the new layout is ... know that I have absolutely no legit reason for changing it other than the fact that I am bored and rest assured that I will get so sick of it by Monday that it will be back to how you love it.


I decided to make everything in this blog official now, meaning I'm trying to make it feel like a legit website rather than a blog where some crazy, rabid fan drools over these K-Pop boys ...

Which is why the blog has a new URL (www.thekpopaddict.com), rather than the koreanpopaddict.blogspot.com. Yep, I'm slowly progressing.

You can still access it from the .blogspot URL, but I just wanted an excuse to make a post, so yeah.

Oh, and another announcement ... if you go to any K-Pop male idols' concert and have seats near the stage and are daring and brave, please inform me and I will immediately mail to you a pair of underwear with the site URL printed on it. Oh, yes ... it's time for these boys to know, love, and potentially hate The K-Pop Addict.

Please be nice when you tell me how much you hate the new way the site looks. Eventually, when I have time and lots of patience, I will redo everything and it will be amazing. I don't have time nor lots of patience so it might be awhile before that moment in time arrives!



BIGBANG Lollipop 2 ... Ohhh, Man

I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my life over a music video, with the exception of "Let Me Hear Your Voice." But oh did BIGBANG's latest MV for "Lollipop 2" crack me up.


Sex God, you and I both know that you love to take a bite out of sweet things. Please make that lollipop last, as I have bruises all over my body and it's getting warmer out so I will be making lots of trips to the pool. We don't want people to think you're abusive, do we?


Ri-Ri, will the lollipop make you calm the fuck down for five minutes? Please remove your shirt while eating, so we can have a nice visual while you're quiet.


Mr. Happy ... you are just so full of win.


Yes, Master GD I am going out with Sex God tonight. I will be back in the morning to make you an omelette. I suck at making omelettes, but at least I came back to you, right?

And if you don't read this blog, then this is what you are in the King of Foreplay's eyes:


Keep it up, BIGBANG. Keep. It. Up.


First the Smolder Stare, Now the Look of Innocence

Oh, I'm onto you, Sex God.


I know what you're trying to do. You're trying to give me that come-hither look because I just wrote about Master GD and his amazing sex factor, and you want to remind me of a few things.

Well, it's not going to work this time. It really isn't. I've been trying to build up a defense against you, and so far it has worked pretty damn well against your smolder stare. But now you've kind of thrown me for a loop with this latest tactic of yours.

An innocent face? Really? It's not all innocent, though. Oh no, I know you far too well to believe that you have the purest intentions. I see the smirk on your face, and I can see it in your eyes that the most wicked, incredibly dirrrty images are racing through your head, all of which involve nudity. And the fact that you've stripped down to only two layers is unheard of and I know you're trying to entice me to see what's underneath.

It's so tempting. But I have to resist. I have to build up some type of immunity against you, Sex God. You and G Baby have entirely too much power over me and damn it, things need to change.

So you can take that innocent-but-not-really stare and ... and ... pick me up at eight.



I Love GDYB And Their Sex Appeal

I love these two. They're just an overwhelming amount of want and talent all rolled into a duo.


Separately, their sex appeal is vastly different.

King of Foreplay has the shy, sweet exterior, true gentleman who will open the car door, put his jacket down over a puddle, even buy you tampons, a gallon of cake batter ice cream, and rent every chick flick imaginable for when that bitch Mother Nature reminds you you're a woman. But KoF also has the savage beast hidden deep, deep, deep within him that only comes out to play whenever the fuck he wants. Right after lunch? Yes. While driving to church? Yes. Whenever he wants it, wherever he wants it.

He's the King for a reason, you know.

Master GD has a whole 'nother sex factor working in his favor. He's cocky, arrogant, knows what he wants and you're absolutely screwed if you don't give it to him. He'll let you take the reins and he'll let you dominate him a little bit, controlling him with your sexual prowess ... but he's the type that will flip it on you in a heartbeat, showing you just who is in control in your relationship and reminding you that you're his.

When you combine these two and put them on the same stage ... holy hell. Words can't explain it, thoughts cease to exist, and your mouth automatically begins to drool. Because Taeyang is the King and G-Dragon owns you.

Don't forget that, because they'll remind you. (If you want my opinion, though ... forget. Being reminded is half the fun).


BIGBANG Captions Part VII


Master GD: I love that they made Ninja Assassin into 3D. This is so awesome!

Sex God: Whoa. Joon's ears are huge.

BIGBANG Captions Part VI


This is just so filled with a double dose of LOL and WTF that I can't even begin to caption this.

Just ... WTF?


T.O.P Moonlights As ...


The Boogeyman.

One creature of the dark that I do not mind creeping into my bedroom in the middle of the night.


BIGBANG Captions Part V


Master GD: You mean, thirty-one times in one night isn't normal for you guys?

King of Foreplay: I've never had a girlfriend, and I know that is not normal.

Sex God: TKPA never does that with me.

Mr. Happy: Are you for real?

Junkyard? Taeyang? I So Would


A long time ago I said that for the one and only King of Foreplay, I would have sex in a rat-infested alley. I still back that statement up one-hundred percent, but there is a new place that KoF can have me with zero complaints.

I know for a fact there are many broken down, pieces of junk that used to be classified as a vehicle, rotting away in a junkyard. And although it might not be the cleanest and most sanitary place in the world, I don't care as long as Tae is looking directly into my eyes (because, you know, we're the same height), and takes off his shirt. The man can get me to do anything if he does that. No, seriously.

And how could you say no to him if he asks for it? What are you going to say? "No, I will not have sex in this garbage dump of a place you brought me to." Yeah, say that and the KoF will have you replaced with another, more loyal subject in two seconds flat. Pick and choose your battles, ladies. He will remember this and be grateful, and if you give no complaints, I'm sure he'll even help you shower later.

So, sex in a shady junkyard and a shower, which if I were to play my cards right I could get him sweat-soaked afterward yet again? Uh, yeah, I so would. There's no question about it. Master GD? Fuck no. He has to book a penthouse suite. Sex God? Okay, he will have to find the cleanest alley possible, but I will give him bitchface Jokwon style were he to even suggest a junkyard.

Only for you, King of Foreplay. You know how much I love taking care of that Royal Scepter of yours. I also know that I am in your top five of women who can polish it to your exceedingly high standards.


Daesung and His Guns


Mmm, I always love it when something surprising is discovered about our favorite idols. I mean, I know we've established that Mr. Happy has guns, but it is nice to be reminded of things like this.

I wonder how he came to develop such amazing arms, though. Lifting weights, maybe? Or lots of push-ups? Of course, the only kind of push-ups that create muscles like that are done in the bedroom. And they're not really "push-ups," more like "hold-ups."

So, if anything ... at least Dae can carry you around from room to room while you're in the middle of having sex. You know he has the muscles to support that kind of activity.


BIGBANG Captions Part IV


Master GD: TKPA, where have you been? I miss you  ......  I didn't think you missed me. What do you want to do to me when you see me?  ......  OH FUCK I WILL BE RIGHT THERE.

BIGBANG Look-a-likes - Take Two!

Yeah, I've been saying it for the last few days. Young Sky from One Way reminds me of our beloved Sex God. Again, not identical or anything like that ... but there is a slight resemblance there.



I apologize for Sex God looking like the Hulk, but the "Number 1" MV I pulled it from sucked in quality. Regardless, I freaking see it. Cheek bones, especially.


Master GD? Is That You?


Oh, it is you!

For a moment there, I thought you were Rihanna. Jacket, sunglasses (I see you've been playing a bit too much with your bedazzler), and that cockatoo hairstyle.

We've been through this scenario so many times, Master GD. It's getting exhausting. Yes, I know, this is our thing. You do something to piss me off, I go bananas on the blog, you do something to make up for it and make me love you again, I go bananas on the blog. Then I mention a certain rapper who cannot dance but is walking and talking smoldering sex, and you do something to piss me off again. I know I should expect it from you, and I know you do it to get a rise out of me.

That is exactly why you own my soul. Because you can control my emotions and love and hate for you in one single outfit change. Well, it's time for me to gain some freedom and show you who is really in control in this relationship.

So, here's what I'm going to say to you right now in regards to this Rihanna Impersonator Pageant you obviously entered ...

You need more bling on your sunglasses.


BIGBANG Captions Part III


Smiling Sex Slave: I can't believe TKPA told me I have to lose my shirt in order to be featured on the blog. How could she be so cruel?

Master GD: Dude, you don't know TKPA-cruel until she goes back and forth between you and some rapper who can't dance worth shit. I cry myself to sleep the nights you're with him, TKPA. Pyragon is a dying breed.

I Want More Shirtless Seungri


Why are you never showing us how sexy you can be, Seungri? Instead you bombard us with annoying and spaztastic energy that makes us want to smack you upside the head repeatedly until you calm down. Little do we know that the repetitive smacking motion only screws up your brain, making you go haywire and even more annoying.


We know you have abs. Yes, we know you have them, so why the hell are you always covering them? You see how King of Foreplay does it, right? He can be a little modest and shy about them, but when it comes time for him to flaunt those beauties, he rips of his shirt with no hesitation. You need to study him and learn from him.

Seriously, the next magazine spread you do, you better be shirtless or else I'll remove you from any future BIGBANG Friday activities until you learn your lesson. Some VIPs already want to vote you off the island, do you really want to be kicked off the blog? No, I don't think you want that.

There's my ultimatum, Ri-Ri. Take it or leave it.


BIGBANG Captions Part II


King of Foreplay: Twenty-seven, twenty-eight ... you guys better not be fucking with my shoe lifts ... twenty-nine, thirty! Ready or not, here I come!

BIGBANG Look-a-likes

I know they don't look exactly alike and I am not saying they're identical twins or anything remotely like that, but you can't deny that they look partially related in these pictures. And yes, I had to stalk the internet to find both to prove that when dressed the same, they look like half-brothers.



I really cannot be the only one who sees it. Especially in Jun Hyung's face and expression, which mimics perfectly Master GD and the pissed off vibe he tends to give the camera in some photoshoots. Mouth and nose especially.

I'm not crazy. I see it. I know there have to be others who see it as well.


BIGBANG Captions Part I


Mr. Happy: It's BIGBANG Friday!

King of Foreplay: Quick! Stop T.O.P and G-Dragon from getting to TKPA!



The Queen of Bitchface

No one can deliver a bitchface like Jokwon.





Congratulations, Jokwon! Your TKPA Official nickname is now "Queen of Bitchface." Own it, bb.