Eli's Dorky Side

I laughed hard when I saw this.


Only because the platinum blonde, luscious K-Pop lovely that I have come to know and obsess over, Eli, looks like a complete dork.

And I freaking L-O-V-E it!

Those big ol' ears and teeth and facial expression ...

Just awesome. Too cute, too cute. Now it's time for me to go watch the "Man Man Ha Ni" video and stare in awe at how angry-sexy he is. Of course I'd close my eyes when Jailbait Dongho shows his underaged, illegal face.

By the way, whether it's legit or not (I've been told it's real), three of the U-Kiss boys are on Twitter.
Eli - @u_kisseli
Alexander - @alexander_0729
Kevin - @Kevinwoo91


Why Do I Love You?


I still don't freaking understand why I love Jun Hyung so much.

Maybe it's his deep, raspy voice. Maybe it's his crystal clear complexion. Maybe it's the fact that his hair looks actually decent in this picture. Maybe it's his Engrish. Maybe it's the fact that his lips sort of resemble Lips of Sex's to me.

I have no idea. But I love him. And while I want him to experiment a little bit more with the hairstyle and figure out what the hell looks jaw-dropping-amazing on him, I don't want him to change his style. I think he pulls it off really well, for whatever reason. Yes, he reminds me of Master GD but not many people can pull off an almost-eccentric wardrobe.

JH has his little fail moments, but for the most part, he can pull it off.

But, no ... seriously ... his hair actually looks really good here. Maybe just trim the bangs a bit, make look like less of a comb-over, and then I will stop complaining.

Well, maybe. You know how those cow Korean stylists are.


I've Missed You!

I know I have been majorly sucking as of late.

Life just decided to become really busy and hectic and just awesome all at once. Major change from how it was the past few months!

My job has been NUTS! Really, freaking insane. It's been so busy and even the management have said that it has never been this busy the days following Christmas. Also, the store I work for has had a high amount of sales on a daily basis, so we've literally been in the top three stores in sales for about a week now. Top three in the whole company, all over the country.

And they have me scheduled five days a week. I want to cry and die from exhaustion after each and every shift.

But it's not all about work, folks. There's another reason that's keeping me from spending the early, insomniac morning hours blogging. Rather than staying up until five in the morning writing, I've been staying up until five in the morning talking on the phone to the most amazing, most perfect guy ever.

Yes, TKPA is disgustingly in love and damn proud of it.

Don't worry, though. He loves the blog and has no problem with K-Pop. In fact, he loves Taeyang and "G.O.O.D Luv" is his song. Does he like me talking about Leeteuk or Master GD? Hell no, but he can deal with it. He really is perfect.

So, there is an hour left of 2009 and I'm going to finish this year off the right way and make my absence up to you all! Because I know you're starting to sharpen those pitchforks. I'll make sure to leave my porch light on for you all.

I love you! Hope you all have a happy and healthy 2010!

The K-Pop Addict


BIGBANG Captions Part VII


Mr. Happy: What do you mean we aren't supposed to be drinking the beer?

Master GD: Can you add a little sparkle effect on my teeth on the final image?

King of Foreplay: Must not laugh at Ji-Yongie's shade of lipstick. Must not laugh at Ji-Yongie's shade of lipstick. Must not laugh at Ji-Yongie's shade of lipstick. Must not laugh at Ji-Yongie's shade of lipstick.

Sex God: You're all a bunch of lightweights. And Ji-Yongie, I really hope that lipstick transferred off onto you.

(Not pictured) 3S: I WANT TO BE FUCKING LEGAL!!!

BIGBANG Captions Part VI


3S: Flex the muscles, show the guns. Show TKPA and everyone else that I'm all grown up now.

Master GD: This is my America's Next Top Model pose. I'm coming for you, Tyra Banks! I'll show you who's the bigger diva!

King of Foreplay: You're ridiculous.

Sex God: TKPA thinks I look like a derranged Edward Scissorhands. Shame she thinks that, but it's a good thing I'm not. I might cut her.

Mr. Happy: My smile suggests innocence, but I know I ended up with a 7 in TKPA's Meat Market. Abs speak louder than words.

BIGBANG Captions Part V


King of Foreplay: God ... why did you make me so short?

BIGBANG Captions Part IV


King of Foreplay: Does my jaw look good? Seriously. Should I tilt my head up just a bit more? Make it pop?

3S: I can't believe this. I'm finally in front and they have me bending over. What the hell is that about?

Master GD: I hate being in the back. I'm starting to get attention-whore withdrawls.

Sex God: They're lucky my brooding, smolder-stare is still effective from a distance. This picture would be significantly less hot otherwise.

Mr. Happy: Look serious. Look tough. Look serious.

BIGBANG Captions Part III


3S: Gotta look tough. Get rid of that maknae image.

Master GD: Can someone help me out and hold this? Just because I'm the leader doesn't mean I have to do everything.

King of Foreplay: Damn eye doctor. I can't see shit.

Sex God: Ji-Yongie, get the fuck over it.

Mr. Happy: Here you go, bro!

BIGBANG Captions Part II



BIGBANG Captions Part I


Master GD: Bitch, please!


Uti's Guest Blog: Baby Daddy Rally

WARNING! If you do not want to have the sudden urge to have children in the near time, I strongly recommend you to not read this. This post is not suitable for those with sensitive ovaries.

Welcome to the Baby Daddies Rally! You’re lucky to witness this, because this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Here I will lay down, one by one, how these charming men will become great fathers. Then you can add in your own thoughts on who is going to be the best Baby Daddy.

We’ll start with the first one, Leeteuk!


I’m sure you’re all taking a moment of silence at the moment to appreciate how loving he looks with that baby. The way he puts his hand protectively on that baby just makes my ovaries twitch out of control and look at his smile! He looks so content just to lay down beside the baby and my God! He looks like he won’t let go of that little angel. That polaroid is exactly the kind of thing you’re going to put in blue album and show around your kids when they’re older. “Look at your handsome daddy taking care of you so much.”

Can you feel it? Have your ovaries started to rebel? Well, you’d better be calm, because this guy is TKPA’s only. I’m sure if she were the one who wrote this, she’d have plenty to comment on the picture. Therefore, keep your ovaries still, because you haven’t seen the rest of the Baby Daddies yet.

Next Baby Daddy, Big Booty Junee.


Now this one definitely got the exact thing I’m craving for in a Baby Daddy. He’s lost completely in playing with his kid! xD Look at him getting all pinky with that little girl. Look at how he holds the little girl’s hand, keeping her safe when she’s about to fall. And the girl looks so happy! I can see him clearly playing with my kids in the backyard. They’d be laughing and having fun, while I’d be on the side ready with drinks and snacks to fill us in the afternoon. He wouldn’t stop throwing jokes, making the kids and I laugh all day. Isn’t that a pretty picture?

Oh, yes. I know your ovaries are starting to rebel. However, let’s move on to the next Baby Daddy, Sir Pops-A-Lot.


Damn, the sensation of looking at that picture is equal to looking at Sir Pops-A-Lot’s chestpops on repeat. It looks like he’s kissing the baby in slow motion, making sure he wouldn’t break the fragile little thing. And the baby looks so peaceful sleeping in his arms… I can hear you sighing in awe staring at this moment. I bet he’d be a very loving father to his kids, always worry, and never let his kids out of his sight. I, being a playful mother, would urge our kids to have some fun under the rain, and he, being a protective father, would get angry at me for not thinking about the kids’ health. Then, he would rush to save the kids and quickly take them to the warmth of our house. *sigh* He handles children like they’re the most precious things in the whole world and nothing else matters.
I can hear some ovaries yelling. I’m not going to stop yet. Please welcome, Nichkhun.
Now that is one rockstar Baby Daddy! I feel like screaming along with my ovaries everytime I see this. Don’t they look cute? I feel like pulling Nichkhun down, no matter the time, no matter where we are. I just want us to make babies in every chance we have. I’ll bear lots of babies just to see Nichkhun kiss them every morning like he kisses that boy. He levels down just so he can wrap his arm protectively and kiss the little prince. Looking at the boy’s expression, it’s as though he’s saying, “Aw, Dad, don’t kiss me in front of these people. I’m a big boy!” And Nichkhun would point at me who was making dinner and said to the boy, “Your Mom never complains when I kiss her every minute of every day.” Then they would laugh at the loving jokes only shared by the two of them.
Darn, my ovaries’ rebellion is starting to get nasty. But we still have Abmighty Shisus on the list.
And now that is one handsome portrait of a daddy and his boy. The kind where you took it candid and then exhibited it in the living room for everyone to see. Abmighty Shisus looks so ready to be a father, doesn’t he? He can provide the best of everything for his kids, thanks to the fact that his family is an owner of one of the three largest department stores in Korea, which already has twelve branches and soon about to add six more. His kids will be the most pampered little princes in the whole world. Look at the boy’s face! “Daddy, why did you buy me this plastic guitar? Didn’t I tell you I wanted a Fender?” the boy said smugly. Then, Abmighty Shisus answered wisely, “There, there, boy, what does the bible tell you about patience? Just be content with your plastic guitar. I’ll buy you hundreds of Fender when you’ve grown to be as gigantic as me.” Oh, yes. They would be the envy of the town. A king and his heir. I, as the queen of the house, would just have to wait nicely in bed. Ready to make more babies with Abmigthy Shisus just because we can afford it.
There, there, calm down, girls. We’ve come to the last Baby Daddy. Here is Manly Minho!
Sorry, wrong picture xD (Totally on purpose. I just can’t help sharing this picture of Minho’s soon-to-be-six-pack-abs and happy trail with you).
Please forgive my bias, but I really can spazz forever just based on this picture only. Do you see what I see? Manly Minho is going to be a man soon and he’s so ready to make many babies with me. I can hear my ovaries screaming hysterically looking at Manly Minho with a bunch of kids. Look at his muscles! So firm, carrying that boy. And the boy looks so happy! The little prince doesn’t need to know that the strong arms carrying him are the same ones that carry to me bed everynight. All he needs to know is how an affectionate daddy Manly Minho can be. Look at him feeding the kid. Look at him playing with the kid. Look at him teaching the kids on how to wash their hands properly. Look at him smiling! He’s happy to be around children. The children are sure happy to have his company. He would take our kids to play soccer everyday, being the great soccer player he is. Our kids would be that kind of kids who brag at school about how cool their dad is. Dear Lord, yes, my womb is ready to bear Manly Minho’s many kids.
And that finally wraps up our Baby Daddies Rally today! Your ovaries won’t be able to handle it if I give you more pictures of Korean men with kids. Who is your pick? Who do you think is the best Baby Daddy? Leave Leeteuk out of it, because he’s TKPA’s. Leave Manly Minho out of it, because he’s mine!

Author’s note: Thank you, TKPA, for letting me guest-blog. Thank you @vanxiaoyi for Nichkhun’s pic ;D

Meat Market


Well, hello there, Mr. Happy's abs!

It's really nice to meet you!

But as nice as it is to know you exist, I have to give you a 4. You must understand it's nothing against you, it's just that I can't look at your owner in a NC-17 way.

1 – Did absolutely nothing for me
3 – Ehh, I've seen better
5 – Definite potential, but not my cup of tea
8 – Jaw-dropping
10 – Self-combustion

You know the deal, either comment or tweet me your rating and at the end of day, Dae-Dae will be judged. You have until midnight!

END RESULT: Mr. Happy came out with a 7! Good job!


BIGBANG Friday: December

I screwed up and lost track of how many Fridays there were this month, meaning that BIGBANG Friday is going to have to be on Christmas Day!

While I can't spend all day long blogging, I also can't skip December and leave you all hanging.

So, here's the deal:

I want you to send me pictures. It's going to consist of nothing but captions, tons of them. Because those are relatively easy for me to crank out and post.

EMAIL me or TWEET me the links. I want tons and tons and TONS of pictures! (By the way, don't email me at the Yahoo email. I don't check it often. Please use the email link on the sidebar).

I'm sorry I've been lagging a bit on the blog. With the holiday season, I have been working nonstop. The only reason I'm posting this right now is because I'm sick and they sent me home. But I do have some ideas circulating in my head and I promise that things are going to be better in the New Year!

I love you all and thanks so much for all your patience and just being awesome :)



BEAST's Stylists Must Hate Them

What is this? Seriously?


I mean, yes ... Jun Hyung is looking damn good and Dong Woon is looking hella hot, and Du Jun has a little brooding, sex gaze going on ...


What the hell is DJ wearing? A poncho? Is that really and honestly supposed to be sexy? Is that supposed to make us drool and want a baby by him? I can't imagine ripping off a poncho with my teeth, though it might be relatively easier. The sex factor just isn't there.


And then there's this:


Again, Dong Woon is looking delicious. Perfect, don't change one thing about that maknae. And a little surprisingly ... Yo Seob looks ... well ... hot. Maybe it's the all black suit he has on, the ticked off facial expression. But the cutest rookie in K-Pop is looking damn hot. Awesome, don't touch one platinum blonde hair on that head. AJ is of course just pure sex.

AND LOOK AT HYUN SEUNG! His hair is amazing and not a total fail. The hat attached to his shoulder needs to go, but other than that boy is looking DAMN good and surely has spent countless hours between the sheets with those cow Korean stylists. DJ is looking massively better in this picture.

JH ... what the fuck did you do to your hair? Why would you sit in that chair, stare at yourself in the mirror, and keep your mouth shut when you saw what they were doing to you? How did you not cry?

BEAST still has a seriously long way to go, even though it's getting slightly better. Employ me, boys. You'd be radiating pure sex 24/7.


Meat Market



Who knew that Leeteuk had abs? Well, I did. I just knew he had to, but I wanted proof. I guess I can cross this off the list of things I need to find out, right?

I wanted to post about this the other day, but this seriously makes an awesome Meat Market post, because a lot of people would not be expecting this.


Future hubby gets a 10 from me. No doubt about it.

1 – Did absolutely nothing for me
3 – Ehh, I've seen better
5 – Definite potential, but not my cup of tea
8 – Jaw-dropping
10 – Self-combustion

You know the deal, either comment or tweet me your rating and at the end of day, Teuk will be judged. You have until midnight!

END RESULT: Aw, my future hubby came out with an 8! Surprising, really!



TKPA Blog Contest - First Place

This was amazing! First place goes to Valeska! Congratulations!

I've always believed that dancers are great in bed. So, within that precious and memorable 24 hours, I would spend some fun activities in bed with Eunhyuk. Aside from doing everything else, of course.

I would start my day in the morning by meeting up with Eunhyuk at a coffee shop. We'd just have a casual chit-chat (about things that we’d love to do later on, at night). I believe that his Engrish has improved these 3 years, so there wouldn't be "nice weather" bullshit in our conversation. And no, no sexual activities would be involved (it’s a public place, remember? I couldn't let him teasing me by kissing and sucking my neck while I drink my coffee since it could cause a chaos beneath my jeans).

After having such a fun breakfast, we'd get a cab to the airport and book a ticket to Osaka right away. Sudden short vacation would be a fun thing to do. And since he'd be spending his time with me, it would be one hell of a vacation.

As soon as we arrived in Osaka (no sex on plane, no snakes on plane too), we'd go straightly to the Universal Studios. It would be splendid to go to the place I've always wanted to go with the man of my (dirty) fantasy. I’m sure Eunhyuk would be enjoying all the attractions there. We could steal a kiss or two (four kisses are still considerable anyway) inside the Back to the Future ride, as long as no little kids around us.

The fun would not end there. Going to Japan would feel incomplete without going to Tokyo. We’d book another flight to Tokyo after done with the fun at the Universal Studios.

We’d go to Tokyo Tower as soon as we landed, to see the beauty of Tokyo at night. Eunhyuk would be hugging me from the back, whispering some Japanese love stories and, of course, Japanese jokes. Even though I might not be getting his jokes all the time, I’d be happy enough to feel the warmth of his cheek. It’d be like an introduction to the warmth of his other body parts (including THAT one, if you know what I mean).

As night gets darker, surely less people would be around. Eunhyuk would grab my hand and drag me to one corner. He’d make sure that we would be invisible from anyone’s sight, then he’d start kissing my lips. This time would be longer and deeper than the one (oh wait, the four..) we had when we were in the Universal Studios.

The night has just begun …

When suddenly an announcement could be heard thru the speakers : all the visitors are expected to leave because it is time to close. I’d smile and tell him that I’m glad we haven’t take any of our clothes off. Eunhyuk would show his gummy smile and respond “I’ll rip your clothes as soon as we have a place to stay for the night.”

I could feel every part of my body squealing happily to hear that.

We’d stay at a motel with a clean room (which would be dirty the next morning...), one small bed (FYI, I can always come up with brilliant ideas in a limited space), and one bathroom.

Eunhyuk would do the thing that he promised me before: ripping my clothes off. With his teeth. He’s truly a man of his word.

He would put Fourplay’s "Let’s Make Love" on repeat and I’d have to admit that it’s the best backsound ever. Eunhyuk would keep telling me jokes that would make me giggling between my moans. I’d make him scream and forget about the proper grammar in return. He’d talk gibberish because of that. All I could hear would be just “fuck…yours….where is…”

Definitely no sleep for both of us.

We’d still have some bread and strawberry milk left for breakfast, so we’d decide to have breakfast in bed, which actually lead to another game…

And there would be a body-heat exchange on our flight back home. Turns out that dancers are also great in passenger seats.

TKPA Blog Contest - Second Place

Second place for the TKPA Blog Contest goes to Uti! Congratulations!

So, if I could spend 24 hours with one male K-Pop idol, that would definitely be Choi Minho of SHINee, or Manly Minho as I’d like to nickname him. Now before you scream my head off that he’s underage, I’d like to remind you that Manly Minho is 18 on the 9th of December. HALLELUJAH! Manly Minho is legal and ready for some action with Noona (that’s me)! You have no freaking idea how much I waited until that date.

Anyway, when I meet him, I’d like the two us to get a room. Just a nice cozy place, like SHINee’s dorm maybe. The others were doing their schedule and whatever, while Manly Minho and I probably would get steamy. I’d make sure that I’d lock the door so Taemin wouldn’t get in, since he’s the only underage member left in SHINee.

No, Taemin, Noona doesn’t want to corrupt you (yet).

I’d get Manly Minho to show me around the dorm, and eventually to the bedroom that he shared with his four other members. We’d make ourselves comfy on Onew’s bed, because his bed was in the center and easiest to get into (Minho’s was a bunk). Then, Manly Minho would pour his heart and confided in me. He told me how he got into this stardom so early that he lost most of his childhood and adolescence to endless training, recording, and shooting. Aaaaw, don’t be sad, I’d say, you’ve got Noona here willing to catch you up on everything you’ve missed out. The minute I said that, he would lighten up and look at me brightly with his big puppy eyes. “Really, Noona?” he would say excitedly.

Since he was always busy with SHINee, I figured out that he never got the chance to date or even flirting around. So then I’d kiss him and he was excited because that was his first kiss and he just wanted to know more, more, more, and more, being the curious man that he was. I, being a good teacher, would show him what an older and more experienced lady can give. Manly Minho would be overwhelmed, but he could handle it. When second base was done, he would ask to continue the lesson, but I’d say stop. Even though he’s legal, he still has some baby fat left. His eyes twinkle like a five year-old and I’d feel guilty for corrupting him too fast :( I’d say we should take it slow and lead him out of the bedroom into the kitchen to have some dinner.

I’d cook something steamy for him, just like how steamy I was for him. He was probably starving, but not for food. Instead, he was starving to give away something he’d been waiting until he turned 18. Once again, he gave me those puppy eyes and started to sing and dance “Noona, Neomu Yeppeo.” I could feel my defense was starting to get weak. He definitely didn’t miss that one out. That was when he took his chance. Even though I was the Noona, he’d got up and threw me on the table, towering over me. Yes, Minho, you succeeded in showing Noona who was the boss. I gave in. He surely knew what he wanted. We only had 24 hours anyway. Why didn’t we just use the best of those freaking hours?

Shit. I’m a totally desperate noona fan.

TKPA Blog Contest - Third Place

Third place for the TKPA Blog Contest goes to Amy! Congratulations!

Why would I spend a full 24 hours with Junho? Do I really have to state why? I mean, look at his build! His arms, his legs, his body, and his glorious behind are just so irresistible. His body is just begging me to touch and skim my fingers all along his body, exploring every nook and cranny of his perfect body in the bedroom. And it’s just a plus that he looks like Rain, just younger. Junho’s smile and eyes are too adorable, as Rain’s are as well, but I’m not writing about Rain ... I’m writing about his look-a-like twin.

I almost forgot Junho’s perfect lips. I noticed this during an episode of Idol Army I was watching that he has the most perfect lips. Not too big and not too thin. He just has really, really perfect lips. Even so, hearing that his ideal woman is someone he could settle down with and have kids just makes my ovaries ache. You do realize that when he meets me there is a possibility he could not just let me go, because I’m amazing and one of a kind deal?

He would want me to be his baby mama and marry him, even though my heart solely belongs to Master GD. So, I would have to reject his offer about marrying him but it’s all good because we would have the cutest baby in the world.

Now the day I would spend with him would consist of … let’s face it, I want him so bad.

So of course, without a doubt, first we’d head for the bedroom and start getting freaky in the sheets while the other 2PM members aren’t there because that would be just awkward. And in my imagination I believe that he would have his own private room and in it a bed that is a king sized, not that twin uncomfortable size so we would have enough room to roll all over. Anyhow, I would already have my legs wrapped around his waist and his strong arms supporting me (I’m not that tall so it would work just perfectly) while he swings the door wide open and settles me down on the bed. We start making out hardcore while our hands roam all over each other’s bodies. With an occasional nibble here and there on those perfect lips of his. And that … would obviously lead to something more that I don’t think would be appropriate to be posted on your blog. Also, writing (extremely) dirty is TKPA’s thing, not mine.

The love-making sessions would last for half the day while the other half would be just us doing stuff together. Stuff as in, we would be in bed, watching television and eating potato chips. I don’t know why I think potato chips, or maybe because I can totally see Junho placing a potato chip right into those perfect lips of his. He would then try his best to charm me with adorable fail English. Then I would correct him; see if he can say it correctly back to me then he would get a kiss from me.

After a while (after we’re dressed, I don’t want to give anyone the wrong idea) we would go walking with our hands intertwined, just because. And have dinner somewhere nice while we sit and talk. Oh and why would I rather have him in the morning? It’s because, I find it hotter? Sexier? Might be because the sun shines in the morning right when I’ll be right at the end of the "road?" Considering we’d be doing the freaky stuff from midnight until noon.


Say Whaaat?


Eli: Just close your eyelids a little bit more, give off that sexy, bedroom eyes look. TKPA won't be able to resist you.

Jailbait DongHo: Like this? What are you going to do to make TKPA crazy?

Eli: Oh, I'm giving her my angry-sex face.

Damn you both.


Sir Pops-a-Lot's Angry-Sex Face


I was going to put this on Twitter, but I decided that it's too damn good not to write about.

Sir Pops-a-Lot sure does have quite the angry-sex face going on, doesn't it? And with how hard he's hitting those chest pops, it might as well be his hips thrusting. It's a preview of just how fierce sex with him is going to be.

Too bad he doesn't believe in premarital, which is why dear Hyukie has been in my BFF category. If anyone can disprove that, though, he will definitely find a new home.



Introducing Kan ...

I think I speak for all of us when I say that Sex Apprentice is going to have some major competition when new K-Pop idol group F.Cuz debuts.

Because Kan is fucking gorgeous!


I cannot wait until the newest unbearably sexy rookie debuts. What's he going to tease us with? What's going to be his little signature move?

Will he be cute and cuddly like Yo Seob or Mir? Will he be laughably hardcore with horrid Engrish like Jun Hyung? Will he lick his lips like Lips of Sex or flash his abs like Sex Apprentice?

Kan, we can't wait to see what you're going to make our ovaries explode with! And I just know that even the mere mention of your name will make girls swoon and go into a total state of baby-making-mood. That's if it hasn't already.

It's already like that for me. Anyone else?


Eli Looks So Sexy with Black Hair


Eli, boo ... please dye your hair black.


I want to cry knowing that such natural, radiating sex is diminished by a cow of a Korean stylist.

And the shades? You can keep them on at all times. ALL TIMES. Even when I'm measuring how wide your hips are with my thighs. Especially then.


Joon is Corrupting DongHo

Why would you do this to me, Sex Apprentice? You know that I (along with 99.9999% of the female population) am in love with you. You know I will watch every clip and show and performance of you.
Which is why I am a little disappointed in you, boo. I mean ... I watch every clip. And while everything was nice and just DAYUM (especially at the end!) ... you know how I feel about Jailbait DongHo.

And why you felt the need to egg him on and encourage such horrible, horrible, corruptive dance moves when he's only fifteen ... it is borderline unforgivable.

Ugh, I'm so going to and rotting in K-Pop Hell for even glancing at Jailbait at the end of that.

Thanks, Joon. Now go make it up to me by flashing your abs and doing a nice little seductive slither. Chop, chop. As for you Jailbait ... ugh, fifteen, fifteen, fifteen!



I just exploded. Literally.


Lips of Sex knows -- he just knows -- that I love those pink, juicy, Starburst lips of his. He knows that I have built a shrine to them in the form of a folder on my desktop containing any and all pictures I can find of him licking those beauties.

It just makes me want to lick his lips to see if they really do taste like pink Starbursts. If I were to bite into them gently, do you think some juicy goodness would flow out?

Why do you tease us so, Lips of Sex?! It's just unfair.

Sidenote, how many of you would line up if SeungHo started and operated a kissing booth to help end world hunger? Fifty cents to suck on his lips for a few seconds? I'll give you my entire life's savings and sell my kidney on the Black Market.


Jonghyun is Just ... Mmmmm


I love you, Jonghyun.

I love your teeth. I love your hair. I love your face. I love your mouth. I love your jaw. I love that freckle on your chest. I love how you're demonstrating to the audience what it's like when I rip your shirt off.

Can you keep the tie on, though? You can be completely naked, just leave that tie on.

To be honest ... I stared at his teeth for a good five minutes before looking at the rest of him. I don't know why, but those big, pearly whites are calling my name and I just might have to answer.



Say Whaaat?


Sex God: Do you think TKPA is going to be pissed at us for this? Seeing us both with another girl?

Master GD: Yep. She needs to know that we'll both go elsewhere if she won't choose.

Sex God: Good. The make-up sex with me will be fantastic.

Master GD: Does she tie you up too?

Skankoid: Please don't kill me, TKPA. I didn't sign up for this!

As long as you kept your hands to yourself, Skankoid.



Three Ovary Explosions

I'm not really going to talk dirty in this one. The men in motion pretty much sum everything up all on their own.

My three favorite boys from BIGBANG really know how to get my mind thinking dirrrty and know how to make me want them and to have all of their babies.

First up is the King of Foreplay.


I want to become his mistress, bow down to him and worship him and the Royal Sceptor every night, and have every illegitimate, bastard child this man will give me. I mean, come on! The way his body rolls and the way his hands are lying flat on the floor ... damn.

Then there's Sex God.


It's just so unfair. I want him and his deep, raspy, sex-laced voice in my ear whispering obscenities and talking dirty. Him and his Concealed Weapon just look so ... forceful. Don't they?

And what would a post about thrusting and pure want be without my Master GD making an appearance?


I fucking want this man's baby. I want the One-Eyed Dragon to give me his baby. The way he bites his lower lip and just has that oh-my-God-so-fucking-fantastic sex face ... I'm having multiple ovary explosions watching this. I think I can stare at it all day long. I pretty much have, actually.


Meat Market


I love this. I know some people don't like the Smiling Sex Slave maknae but I do.

It's just surprising to me. On the surface, he's hyper and all over the place. But underneath that annoying exterior awaits this sex-machine-in-training.

Seungri, you get an 8 from me today.

1 – Did absolutely nothing for me
3 – Ehh, I've seen better
5 – Definite potential, but not my cup of tea
8 – Jaw-dropping
10 – Self-combustion

You know the deal, either comment or tweet me your rating and at the end of day, 3S will be judged. You have until midnight!



This Is What God Sees

When he looks down from Heaven and sees Pyragon in the middle of some mind-blowing, body-numbing, howling-filled sex.


I mean, it isn't exactly what God sees. Because that's Aimee Lucas, and not me. And plus, Master GD and I would not be clothed. And we would not be on stage in front of thousands of people. But you get the idea.  The position is similar and the whole being tied-up thing is definitely very similar.

You know what they say ... life imitates art.

But I just want to mention, for all the people throwing a shit fit about Aimee and Ji-Yong doing that performance ... get the fuck over it. It was a damn performance. It was acting, basically. Accept the fact that the man is a man and is a very sexual person. It radiates through his performances and through his lyrics.

Get over it, people. There are more pressing issues in the world.


G-Dragon Was #1!

You all seriously never fail to impress me when it comes to showing your love for all K-Pop idols!

You did it again! G-Dragon made it to the top spot on Twitter's trending topics list in the early hours of Saturday morning!

Truthfully, I thought this was going to fail and I expressed that on Twitter. Because I didn't whore this out as much as I did for T.O.P and I didn't really cram it down your throats this time around. I don't even think I emailed any K-Pop site or forum with helping promote this. Actually, I didn't email a single one. Major thanks goes out to BBVIP for approaching me in wanting to help and for also spreading the word.

Thanks also goes out to @aa_chan, @laydeehvip, @marsh_harsh, @bruneihottest, @AsianPopAddict, @twelfs, @projecthottest, @Music4UrSoul, @EmpireChildren, @YGLadies@KaraTweetholic@B2STrising, @twooneday, @allkpop, @4minutesforum, and several others who continually retweeted and spread the word about it. I lost track of just who helped out exactly, but if you want your recognition, just shoot me an email/comment and I'll add you to the list.

But the major thanks goes out to all of you who trended for him! It took him forty minutes to appear, hitting number six.


I was so damn happy, I was near tears. It felt good knowing that a lot of you were supporting him and celebrating his first ever solo concert.

Unfortunately my night took a little bit of a downturn and I missed seeing him at number one. Yet @Bunniness sent me a message on Yahoo Messenger saying that he made it. By the time I got to my computer and back online, he was at number two. Thank you to those who screen capped it and sent it to me.


This makes me incredibly happy. Really, it does. But what makes me even happier is that all fandoms came together once again to show support for a K-Popper. And what makes me even more happy is that G-Dragon's concert was amazing, so I've heard.

Like we really expected anything less from him.

Thank you all so much once again! You're amazing and you continue to amaze me each and every day! I love you all!

The K-Pop Addict


Say Whaaat?


Dirrrty Geek: Come on, fangirls! Throw me your bras!

Sir Pops-a-Lot: Hey, hey! You gotta share, man!

Ryeowook: I want one too, Kyu.

Kangin: Fools. Lingerie is better.

Thanks to @nengvaleska for sending in the picture and caption!



First EVER TKPA Blog Contest

I mentioned last week via Twitter that I was thinking of holding a "contest." It took me a while to figure out just exactly what I wanted to do, but I have it all figured out.

Since this is a blog, and since I am a "writer," then it's only appropriate that the contest be about writing, right? I know that might make some of you nervous, but never you worry. It's solely based on how well you entertain myself and The K-Pop Junkie. I love creativity, you know that. And I love to laugh and have fun with you all. I think this will be incredibly fun for everyone.

What I Want You to Write About:

If you could spend a full twenty-four hours with any one (only one) male K-Pop idol, who would it be and what would you do?

Should You Keep It Clean or TKPA-Dirty?

Okay, I don't want to read smut. It can be dirty, if you wish, but try to leave some things to the imagination. It can be entirely clean, it can be dirty, or it can be a good mixture of both (highly recommend the last option as that'll entertain me more).

How Long Does This Have to Be?

About 500-700 words long. That might seem like a lot, but really, it isn't. I can write 500 words no problem once I get into the groove of my storytelling, and I always go over the word limit when writing papers. That's why I'm being nice and allowing an extra two hundred words. (By the way, I will be placing this in Microsoft Word and reading them, so I'll know if you go over or not!)

If English Isn't Exactly Your Native Language ...

Don't worry, I understand. Yes, I am a bit of a grammar freak. But, I am willing to overlook it for this. I'll just fix the grammar myself so it's easier for me to read. (No, really. I actually do that mentally).

When Do You Have to Finish This By?

You must EMAIL me by 11:59:59 PM on Thursday, December 10, 2009. That gives you five days to write something, leave it alone for a while, then go back to it and fix anything or add any new ideas that popped into your head. Really, it's plenty of time considering it's not that long of a "writing assignment."

So, What are the "Prizes?"

Considering that I have like zero access to anything remotely awesome and K-Pop related, the "prizes" aren't anything spectacular. I'm going to choose three winners.

Third place: Yay! You get your story posted on the blog!

Second place: Yay! You get your story posted on the blog AND you get to do a guest blog!

First place: Yay! You get your story posted on the blog, AND you get to do a guest blog AND you get this:



An insanely expensive scarf ($145) that is 100% cashmere and incredibly gorgeous and so soft it's almost freaking orgasmic. And it was ridiculously cheap for me because of my employee discount. Like ridiculously cheap. It's my Christmas gift to you. Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, I do so it's still a gift. If you're thinking, "I don't really need a scarf where I live." It's freaking cashmere. You can always use cashmere in your wardrobe.

The colors, if you're wondering, are navy blue at the ends and it fades into a bright blue in the center. (TKPA colors, anyone?). Seriously, it's gorgeous.

What Your Email Should Look Like:

Subject: TKPA Blog Contest


Write a few sentences about you. Meaning, where you're from and your name. Don't tell me your age, because I don't want to know. Make sure you tell me your Twitter name, as well. Oh, and if you want to flatter me or TKPJ, now is the time to do it. It will butter us up before we begin reading and we'll like you more.

Your story, however long it may be (but under 700 words, okay pumpkins?).

That's it. Simple.

DO NOT ATTACH THE FILE! Please copy and paste it into the body of the email, because sometimes Microsoft Word likes to be picky and not open certain documents. It's too much of a hassle to email you back and try to work something out on how you can resend it, so let's just bypass all of it and paste it in the body of the email, okay? Make everyone's lives easier.

Not entirely sure on when I'll be able to announce who wrote the best. It depends on how many of you actually do this. If you are chosen by myself and TKPJ, then I will email you back and tell you. If you won "first place," then I will need your address (not a crazy psycho, I will not stalk you).

If you have any questions, ask below in the comment section. I can't always respond right away, but I do read them right away and I will answer as soon as I can. So check back on this post regularly to see if I have answered them. I won't answer them on Twitter, because if someone else has the same question, I don't feel like repeating myself.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and talking to me on Twitter! You all are amazing! It's been a great two (and a half) months with you all so far!

Now get to work!!

The K-Pop Addict


What the Fuck is This About, Taekyeon?


I'm not even going to refer to you by your TKPA nickname. I'm pissed at you. I almost didn't even want to post your damn picture, but you're too damn fine not to marvel over.

That's beside the point.

What the hell is this news I'm hearing that you ripped off your shirt and exposed your abs for a girl who is not me? That is like an immense slap in the face! Seriously, that shit isn't even tolerated, Taekyeon. Not at all. Because it was me who demanded that more Hottests and other K-Pop fans put the word "sexy" in front of your "Beast Taekyeon" nickname. It was me who has made countless K-Pop fans drool over you and want you to RIP YOUR CLOTHES OFF on a nightly basis. It was also me who said that you'd totally bust our headboards and also probably bust a damn hole in the wall because of your excessive force.

AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY ME? By showing your abs, by acting all pure, raw, angry-sex for another woman? Seriously?

Fuck you, Taekyeon. I'm not going to write about you for a week as your punishment. I know my normal punishments involve you being sent and confined to my bedroom, but you crossed the line.


Heechul: Manly or Pretty?

I know both of these are old, but I can't help but feel disturbed by it. We all know that Pretty Pretty Princess is well ... pretty. Too pretty. Disgustingly pretty for a man.

But ... the manly, unwashed, unclean Kim Heechul? Uhhh ... ew.

Manly Heechul

Our Pretty Pretty Princess

Which Heechul do you like better?

Personally, I'd rather deal with the envy of having a man more beautiful than I am. Because manly Heechul, facial hair and all ... well, he's a bit fug.



Maknae, Maknae, Maknae ... What Am I Going to Do With You?


You have certainly stepped up your game as of late. I think with the absence of Eight Pack Abs Jay, the beastly-sex factor decreased, so the men of 2PM have working overtime. Their hard work is definitely appreciated and has not gone unnoticed.

I am very, very glad that I put you, Beastly Maknae, in a category a long time ago. I think you really love your category. You love being my Strictly a Dirty, Dirty Fantasy. I love you being that, truthfully, and the above picture has only solidified that love.

What kind of role playing is this, Maknae?

Oh, I know!

This is the game we play where we treat each other like total strangers and then go have wild, uninhibited sex. Right? Why else would you be wearing that mask? To hide your identity so I don't "know" that it's you, boo!


This is Why You're Purely Animalistic, Babe

Did anyone else just die when they saw him strip? Seriously.


Damn boy! Are you reading this blog too, Sexy Beast Taek? Why the hell else would you pull your tie off and rip open your shirt in such an angry, sexy way?

I can't speak. I can't formulate sentences. I just want.

I want. I want. I want.

You can have your own damn dirty thoughts in the comment section. My brain is too fried to even begin to conjure up some dirrrty talk about SBT.


Meat Market


Damn, damn, damn!

SEXY BEAST TAEK HAS ABS! And not just any ol' ordinary abs. Like hardcore ripping of abs. That's the best kind. (Are those some outer abs too?)

You know my rating. And you know I have to do it. C'mon ... shipjeom manjeom shipjeom!

1 – Did absolutely nothing for me
3 – Ehh, I've seen better
5 – Definite potential, but not my cup of tea
8 – Jaw-dropping
10 – Self-combustion

You know the deal, either comment or tweet me your rating and at the end of day, SBT will be judged. You have until midnight!

END RESULT: Again, I am closing this early. Why? Because Sexy Beast Taek has a freaking perfect 10. There's no need to keep this open any longer.



If Only He Knew ...


Could you imagine the chaos and the all around world panic that would happen if the King of Foreplay realized that there is a dark side, if he became a man-whore?

Girls will be lined up on the sidewalk in front of a five-star hotel, security guards screening them and picking a few lucky ones to head on up to have one fantastic night with the King and his Royal Scepter. Those lucky bitches. Whenever the King passes by a church -- even if he's in the backseat of the car being chauffered and having a lucky skankoid polish his Royal Scepter -- the building will instantly ignite in flames. Because he used to be so good, so pure, a child of God ...

I kind of want the King to cross over to the sexually corrupt side of things. It's much more fun over here. I've already corrupted you all (or so you say, but I call bullshit on that one), so it would be fantastic if I could somehow corrupt him without directly having any influence over it ... you know?

He has to be willing to cross over. And I cannot and will not touch him until he does. I will not corrupt a pure person. When that happens, though ... you can be damn sure that I will lay claim to that walking, talking, living, breathing sex machine and the Royal Scepter.


I Can't Get Enough of Jun Hyung's Voice

Seriously, it's so damn amazing. And deep. And raspy. And sounds like rough, primal sex.


I kind of don't care that his Engrish is something awful. I mean, it's really awful. For the longest time I thought that in the beginning of "Bad Girl" he said this:

We got a loose cruise sound / Now we teck this on / So BE!

When he really says:

We got a new school sound / Now we take this song / So BEAST!

His horrible Engrish is overlooked, though. Because with a voice like his, do you really think I'm going to be conversing with him? All he has to do is just speak in Korean and I will fall to my knees and beg him to have his way with me. It doesn't matter what he says. He could say, "My favorite color is blue," and I'll want him.

As long as he's talking (or swearing) in my ear in that raspy, raw sex voice, I will be a very, very happy woman.

But can we please work on the hair, boo?



I'm Telling You, It's Fate

Master GD and I are meant to be together. Really, we are. It's just a matter of time before it happens.

I've posted before how astrology is on our side, saying that we make an excellent love match. Apparently I am also the GD Whisperer.

But there are two more little tidbits of interesting information that further prove that we're meant.

In "V.I.P.," Ji clearly says my name. Yeah, it might sound like he's saying "Seungri's V.I.P.," but if you listen closely, that's not what he says. Okay, I know that is what he says. I don't honestly believe he says my name, because the song is like two years old and unless Ji has been online stalking me for the past few years, I know it's purely coincidence. But it sounds incredibly similar to my name and therefore I'm just going to pretend that he does say my name.

Listen to "V.I.P." It's right after the 2:23 mark.

Another little interesting tidbit of info ... see that little freckle on his right cheek?


See it?

Did you know that every single guy I have ever dated has that freckle? In the same location on the right cheek. Every. Single. Guy. Not saying I've dated a bajillion guys or anything like that. I've had two long term relationships and a few in betweens, but the point is they've all had that freckle.

I told you. It's meant to be.

And you know that today is the last day for the BIGBANG "Let Me Hear Your Voice" campaign on YouTube. Which means that within the next few weeks, the guys will be watching all the submissions, (which also means that Sex God will see your birthday tweets!) and in the info on the video I submitted [on behalf of you all] there is a link to this blog and to my Twitter.

You think they'll click those links?

Hmmm ... maybe it'll be sooner than later that I'll become the most hated woman in the entire K-Pop community. It's only a matter of time.


Hello, Leeteuk's Pecs!

I am so glad some of the Super Junior boys decided to strip you, babe, and hose you down with water at Super Show II in Thailand.


Leeteuk, why would you cover those abs? I need to see them. I know they exist. They have to. Because you have pecs, babe. And if you have pecs, you most definitely have abs. It's like the rule of body building, just common knowledge.

Why are you teasing us? You know we want to see them. We need to see them. Well, I need to see them. Everyone else just wants to see them.

You know what? When we're married, once every few weeks, lets have a water gun fight. Because not only will it be fun and produce mass amounts of laughter, but we can use our marital bedsheets to dry ourselves off.

I don't know how well that'll work, though. We'll no doubt get sweaty and I don't think the sheets can soak up that much liquid.

An endless cycle.


Say Whaaat?


Mir: I'll show you cute, TKPA!

Thunder: Whatcha guys doin? Oh, look! A camera!

Lips of Sex: Thunder, bro ... you're a bit too close. Personal space, man. Personal space.

Antonio Jung: Mir, why are you so fucking weird?

Sex Apprentice: Is my hair okay? Believe it or not, this isn't my good side. I still look fucking amazing, don't I?



Here's the Deal

I'm fucking tired.

I'm mentally and physically exhausted. I worked thirty-six hours this past week. I worked the midnight/early morning hours of Black Friday. I had to deal with family this past week. I had to go through my second Thanksgiving without my father, so it was a very emotional holiday for me. It has been an incredibly rough week for me and I do not have a day off until Wednesday. All I want is to cry and pass out, that's how drained I am.

I know that pretty much everything I posted earlier in the week has sucked. But I warned you about this. I told you that until I become adjusted to this new schedule of mine, things are going to suck but I'll post the TKPA-styled entries you love when I can. You all have been completely understanding of this ... but again, there's an issue with commenting.

Last night I posted nine entries. Nine entries that I had been mentally preparing during the week, jotting down little, barely legible notes on my neon green post-it notes while I was on break at work. It's not like I just sit at my computer and come up with all of this off the top of my head. The general idea and topics I think of beforehand. So even when I'm away from my computer, when I'm doing my "real life" thing, I think of all of you and I try my hardest to come up with posts that you'll love.

The comments you all left last night were great, really ... but did you know that collectively there were 454 link clicks, yet there were only 76 comments?

Do you see the problem there? Do you see how that's kind of like a little slap in the face towards me and the hardwork I put in this past week for the blog?

Yes, I do know that some of you read it on your phone and cannot comment right away. I understand that some people cannot comment as soon as they read it. I'm not expecting a mass flooding of emails in my inbox notifying me of new comments. There is no rush on it, but I am tired of people reading and not commenting, not talking to me via Twitter.

So here's the deal ...

Every time you read a post (and I mean every time, no matter who you are), leave a comment. If I don't start receiving more comments, I'm either going to stop writing completely or I'll just disable all comments for all future posts.

I am not some random, faceless person. I love writing, in general and about these K-Pop men. But as much as I love it, I will give it up if the hardwork isn't appreciated.

I do want to say thank you to all of you who do comment on a regular basis, who participate and send me emails with pictures for certain blog features, and who talk to me via Twitter. Thank you to all of you who say that reading my posts make your day and that this blog is your favorite K-Pop blog. Really, that means so much to me and I want you to know that you are excluded from this post. I know who you all are and I love you just as much as I love my K-Pop boys.

This post is dedicated and directed toward all of you silent readers out there. 

Oh, and comments for this post are disabled. Go find another post to spam.

The K-Pop Addict