Happy Monday!

Well, as happy as any Monday can get, at least. 

All morning I have been printing out tons of documents for the new semester (which starts tomorrow and that means no more summer) and I needed a break for my mind. So after watching a few kpop videos, I had a strong desire to watch the MAMA performance with G-Dragon, T.O.P, and Taeyang. I just wanted to start my week right, you know?

And it was so amazing and made me all giddy and excited as if I was actually, physically there to witness this in person. And it made me happy.

So I'm passing on the happiness to you!

It's going to be a good week! But if for some reason you start to feel yourself slipping in the aggravation that the week plagues upon you ... just come back here and watch it again. I know I will surely be grateful for my YouTube app.

For those of you going back to school, good luck with all of your studies! 

Also, for those of you who live in Puerto Rico, I'm very glad there was no extreme damage due to Hurricane Irene. If you're in the Bahamas or the east coast of Florida, please be safe! 



Boys [in Leather] Over Flowers

I'm really late to the game on this, but since I've recently discovered that Boys Over Flowers is now available to watch on Netflix, I've become addicted. This is why I don't watch Korean dramas. If the music was like kimchi laced crack, the shows are going to be as well.

And I swear if JoonPyo and JanDi don't get together soon I will lose all faith in love.

Just kidding, I'm not that dramatic.

In sort of a Twilight saga, way too drawn out love triangle situation, I am totally against JiHoo and JanDi. Totally against it. Like dude, you see she's totally in love with your boy but yet you still try to wiggle your way into her heart thinking that one day she'll have this big epiphany and realize you're the one she wants to be with. I'm sorry but you're worth way more than to sit around waiting all the time for someone who can't even realize they love you enough to make you their first and only choice.

Okay, that rant is over.

Another thing I really, really hate about the show is that they always leave off right when it gets good. I know all shows do that, but sometimes it's nice to end on a good note and make you feel happy and positive about life, rather than leave you dangling from the top of the Empire State building with just a crappy bungey cord to hold onto. I don't know how many times I've cursed the entire Korean nation because of this stupid show that I can't stop freaking watching because I have to know what happens.

Second rant is over. There is no point to this post, it seems.


If JiHoo looked like this:


Rather than this:


Um, JoonPyo who?



... or they could have just kept going and forced him to do all the scenes shirtless. Like he could literally just stand there, with that stupid song where the only words I can understand are "Almost Paradise" that they play every ten minutes, and he could be in one of those slow motion montages, blinking, licking his lips, scratching his nose. Just be shirtless and wear those "Break Down" leather pants.

I'd watch for that.


Where's the Simple Part?

I finally had a chance to watch Super Junior's new MV for "Mr. Simple" this morning, and kind of having mixed feelings about it. I love seeing my first k-pop love again, seeing new things from them ... but at the same time there was no much that I felt wasn't "new."

It threw me for a loop in the beginning of the MV, when Siwon is focused in on and then Heechul walks by and then Kyuhyun is standing where Siwon should be. To be honest, I looked away for one quick second and the next thing I know Kyuhyun was there. Then I couldn't believe that I mistook Kyu for Siwon and I honestly thought I was a bad fan because I didn't recognize him -- my favorite maknae of all-time (shhhh, don't tell P.O!).

And then Donghae walks by and again, I was so freaking distracted by watching Eunhyuk's jacket fly through the air and magically glide up his arms and onto his shoulders that I didn't notice after Hae walks by the Kyu turns back into Siwon. So at the end I just see Siwon standing there and I'm like "WTF NO YOU WEREN'T THERE!"

SME, why you making us fangirls feel like we're losing our minds?

Then again I have a crappy attention span.

The video starts and I have to admit ... not much of a giddy, excited reaction this time around. Although I did have to replay the beginning a few times because I swear as soon as Leeteuk says, "Hey, I'm Mr. Simple," there is a sound-bite of the Facebook chat notification, that "pop."

But once everything starts and the lights are flashing, distracting you from their choreography -- which is absolutely plain in comparison to previous MVs -- I can see where a lot of people have compared it to "Sorry, Sorry" and "Bonamana." It's the same beat, same sound. And I think because of the fact that "Sorry, Sorry" was such a massive hit, they want to try to duplicate that success, so by making their first singles off these last two albums sound identical to the beat of "Sorry, Sorry" they think they'll have another hit on their hands.

The choreography is really good in some parts, like I love the "x dance" as some of you are calling it. But as for the chorus, it truly is like the "da da da da da da da da da" circle motion in "Sorry, Sorry," only they are standing still and doing it slower.


It's a new song, a new album, a new look for every single one of them ... give us something fresh and exciting.

As far as look goes ... perfect. No complaints at all from me (which you should all know by now is seldom).





And as far as Leeteuk goes ...


Yes, please.

Like I said, I like the song a lot, not particularly crazy about the video, but I'm really happy that Super Junior is back once again and I'm so excited to see more from them.

And if I'm not mistaken, I think one of the producers that took part in that atrocious ELF anthem called me out via Twitter and said he'd really like to hear my review for "Got Your Number."

Oh, bring it.

Check out the new MV for Super Junior's "Mr. Simple."


Fill in the Blank!

Let's play a little game on this Fun Friday. I'll post a picture, start a sentence, then you finish it in the comments below. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!


"Taeyang looks like this because ___________________________."

I say: "Taeyang looks like this because the front of his faux hawk is leaning and that's throwing off his balance."

Your turn!


The Butterfly Effect

You know how there is that common theory called the butterfly effect, where if a butterfly flaps its wings in Africa, a hurricane will affect the Caribbean? An unfortunate chain of events, basically.

Well, the "butterfly" is the electric razor. The "hurricane" is TKPA.


This picture makes me so sad. I loved his hair. I secretly liked the thrill of seeing all the crazy shit he would do to it, and I guiltily looked forward to bitching and complaining about it, even though on the inside I felt like a ridiculous tumblr "secret," too scared to let you all know how I really felt because I have a freaking rep to protect.

And even though it makes me sad, I kind of can't help but smile and part of me really really really ridiculously abnormally likes this. Okay, I love G-Dragon's new hair. One hundred percent in love with it.

At first I was mad, like how the hell could he just SHAVE it off? How the hell am I going to make fun of him now, when there's no hair to make fun of?

Now I'm cool with it, because it looks so soft and fuzzy. I just want to rub the crown of his head and sing, "Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear. Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair. So Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't very fuzzy, was he?" only cute-like and make him laugh and we'll both giggle and it'll become "our thing" and he'll keep shaving it so we can continue on with our stupid little giggle-fest for all eternity.

That's why I'm cool with it. Because I'm a perpetual child.

In all seriousness, it's just hair. It will grow back. More than likely, GD had to shave it because his existing hair suffered damaged to all the crap he's done to it. And he's done so much to it that I'm surprised it hasn't just fallen out completely.

Just think, when his new hair grows out, it will be soft and silky and it will totally give us all complexes that this dude has prettier hair than us.