Fund the 2PM Boxer ..."Project"

I am seriously hating writing this right now, but I feel like I have to. Funds are very tight right now, and the boxers designed for 2PM will cost around $116 for all six pairs. I've already pushed back the TKPA stickers so I can afford to order the boxers, but I'm a little worried that I won't have enough time to collect the spare money for the 2PM "gifts" before I need to get them to their desired cities.

With that being said, I would honestly appreciate it if any of you could donate some amount toward this, that way it will be a gift from us all rather from just myself. I'm not asking for a lot, even if you want to donate $1, that's still one dollar less I have to pay. I have no problem picking up majority of it and whatever is left over. I'm not asking for you all to donate to cover the entire expense, only a portion of it.

If you could, that would be so amazing! If I can't pull the money together by the end of next week, I'm afraid I will more than likely have to cancel this whole thing. Which completely sucks and is a really big downer, so I'm kind of bordering the line of "severely bummed out."

You can use PayPal. Don't worry, it won't take anything away from your donation if you select "Personal" and "Other." The email address is kpopaddict@live.com or you can just click this link right here to go directly to the page.

Whatever you can give is greatly appreciated. Let's make these boxers from ALL of us!

Thank you!

PS -- If for some reason the amount goes over what I need to pay for the boxers, that will be saved until the next big boxer project or whatever. I'm not going to go on a shopping spree or anything like that.

PPS -- Thank you to those who donated! Collectively, $98.17 was received and will be put toward the boxers, with me making up the difference. You're amazing :)



I'm Just So Damn Excited!

You can ask The Boyfriend that when it comes to things that excite me, I lose any shred of patience and I just want it all to happen now. I hate waiting and I want everyone else to be as excited, as happy, as obnoxiously impatient as I am. My enthusiasm makes him laugh, but it also sucks because I cannot for the life of me keep secrets when it comes to giving him any kind gift, and I always end up telling him exactly what I got him before he even has a chance to open it. I don't think I have kept one thing a secret from him. Wait, no ... the glass litre filled with watermelon and green apple jolly ranchers (his favorite) I gave him was a surprise. Everything else has been revealed.

I'm such a little kid.

And because I am such a little kid that gets all bounce-happy over things, you're getting yet another preview of the 2PM boxers.



I really, really am ridiculously excited about this. You all should be on the same page as me right about now.



A Little Preview

I have not yet ordered these, but I will be within the next week! It takes about 1-3 days to be made, a few days for shipping, so we're looking at least two weeks here before they are all safe and sound with me, and then they will go directly into packing envelopes and be shipped across the country to various locations.

I'm so freaking ecstatic about this. You have no idea!!!!

But here is a preview of what the design will look like:



You like?

Thanks to Beki, Cheryl, Rebecka, Sabrina, and Kiara!


Birthday Spotlight

Well, well, well ... if it isn't Mr. Happy's birthday today!

I know he made it onto the trending topics this morning on Twitter. I don't have a screencap of that, but seriously, job well done for whoever tweeted their little fingers off to wish this man a happy birthday! We all know that BIGBANG would be far less entertaining and definitely lacking tons of talent if Daesung was not involved.



Happy birthday, Daesung! Hope your day was as fantastic as you!!



Junsu Finally Has a Nickname!

Thanks to @KRBekimon_SHOCK, Junsu finally has an official TKPA nickname. I know, the keyword is finally. But isn't it better that I take my time and consider this carefully before giving him something stupid that he is stuck with?


Junsu's nickname ... Vocal Sextasy.

Very fitting, isn't it? Yeah, I thought so when Beki suggested it.

Now that he has been named, it is time I start working on those boxers. I still need some people to throw Taekyeon's, Chansung's, Nichkhun's, and Wooyoung's in ANY city besides New York.

If you love me and the dirty things I write, you will do it. If you love 2PM and the pure sex surrounding them, you will do it.

Guilt trip, guilt trip, guilt trip.



Introducing: Idol v. Idol!

Let's see who is truly the best of the best! Vote for only one idol in each category. In about two weeks time, we'll see who really has the best abs and who is really our favorite maknae!

Who has the best abs?
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Who has the juiciest lips?
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Who is the biggest diva?
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Who has the best (raspy) voice?
Jun Hyung
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Who is the best leader?
Du Jun
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Who is the best maknae?
Young Sky
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Voting ends May 8th!



Okay, I Really Am Sick

And not in a good way sick. I think there is literally something wrong with me for finding this so damn hot and just pure fucking sex.

I'm talking about the "She's Gone" MV from the Shine a Light DVD. Oh, I know you've all seen it. And I know you all thought it was strangely hot too, which makes you just as fucked up in the head as I am right now.

I really am not digging the whole The Cure hairstyle he has going on, but for the sake of the atmosphere of the video, it works beautifully. Do I want to see him look like that in public? Uh, hell no. But I will fan girl a decent amount over it, because it adds to the whole bat-shit insane theme. And let me just say ... I don't necessarily find smoking attractive, but I'm not one of those who completely dismisses someone because they smoke. It isn't really a major factor to me.

In all honesty, I have never ever EVER been slightly turned on by seeing a dude light up. Until now.


Especially all the smoke clouds he blew out ... why that's so sexy is beyond me.


Of course, Master GD isn't just any ordinary dude on the street. I said I hated Asian men with blonde hair, then I wanted him to dye his hair back to blonde. Rules don't apply to him. He knows this. Not just my rules. Any girl's or gay man's rules. He is the exception to everything. And this is exactly how he can get away with making me feel completely all-sorts of screwed up.

If you haven't seen it yet but know what "She's Gone" is about, then pretty much think The Shining meets Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with a little bit of Johnny Depp circa Sleepy Hollow, and then with the ending of "She's Gone."

You know how the girls in horror movies run ridiculously fast and the killer just walks so slow behind them yet somehow seems to catch up to their new victim? He does that, stalking her through a maze, while looking incredibly demented, like he should be wearing a straight jacket and running into a padded wall repeatedly.

Oh, and then he pulls a knife out of his coat. Yeah ... that should actually kind of freak me out but it doesn't. And when he runs the blade underneath his lips ... yeah, still doesn't freak me out.


I'm so all sorts of screwed up. I need therapy. Really, this is just wrong on so many levels. That demented look should not be a turn on for me. What the fuck is this about? Am I the only one feeling this way? Feeling like you should be attracted to it because it's G-Dragon and the man can do no wrong and everything he does exudes sex, but at the same time you shouldn't be attracted to it because he's a fucking murderer who gets off on stalking pretty girls through a maze and then stabbing them?

And if you missed the really quick, insanely creepy, I-will-probably-legitimately-have-nightmares-from-this smile he gave while covered in spattered blood, here it is:


Seriously, what's wrong with me?

Click here to watch the "She's Gone" MV. Hurry up before it gets removed from YouTube!

For the record, I'm definitely not into the whole kinky-shit-with-potential-weapons kind of sex. No way. Call me a prude, but there will never ever be a knife in my bedroom. Fuck that.


An Apple a Day ...


Hell, if Sex God fed us all an apple every day, no K-Pop fan would ever have to visit the doctor ever again.

Okay, you know what ... I'm just going to get straight to the point on this. I'm tired, I've been thinking and writing incredibly dirty for the past six hours, and I just can't skirt around this issue. Not this time.

I cannot help but think ridiculously perverted thoughts seeing him hold that banana. I mean, really ... what the hell else am I supposed to think or write about this picture? Yeah, I could say how I'd love for him to feed me some of his banana, but you and I both know I wouldn't be talking about the damn fruit. Because seeing him hold that so firmly in his grasp makes me think of something else he holds firmly, something that we have all come to know and love as his Concealed Weapon.

Really, I think the only way to end this post is to say that I hope T.O.P busts out the banana flavored lube and takes me into the bedroom to feed me some more of his banana.


BIGBANG Captions Part XII

BIGBANG Friday is almost over ...


3S: Whatever. I'm excluded from them, anyway. Not like I care or anything.

Master GD: What? Really? You're joking, right? But ... but ... I was having so much fun! And you didn't even talk about my "She's Gone" video!


Bring Back the Muscles!


Ji Yong, why on earth did you stop working out?

You were looking so buff, so toned, so less stick-figure-like. You had muscles. YOU had MUSCLES. I honestly never thought that would happen. Sure, I could see a little definition but nothing major. You have never had anything like the above picture, and I am sad that that is all gone now and you are back to being a little scrawny.

It was that whole stupid controversy over your solo concert, wasn't it? We all know it made you a bit bummed and maybe even a little depressed, but to lose those beautiful muscles-in-development makes me hate the stupid fucking Netizens even more.

I want this back so bad. More than I wanted the blonde back. The thing that is killing me the most about this picture is your back. I know I'm so weird for finding a toned back sexy as hell, but DAMN boy, it is driving me nuts.

Please bring back the muscles, Master GD. I know most, if not all, of VIPs will agree with me on this plea.


BIGBANG Captions Part XI



Because I know I can easily get into your pants, GD.


He Might Have His V-Card, But Phone Sex Isn't Technically Sex

Well, it isn't! He could have a tight grip on that V-Card and still be a pro at phone sex.


Sure, if you want to be all pure minded, you could say that phone sex, like oral sex, is a form of sex. But technically it isn't, because no bodily fluids are being exchanged and you're not directly engaging in anything other than some highly erotic, obscenity-filled conversation.

King of Foreplay has phone sex down to a science. Sticking true to his name, he'll start off with some phone-foreplay, telling you how he'll brush his lips against yours, then pull away. He knows you want to kiss him, but he's going to make you wait. He will tell you that the tip of his tongue will trace your bottom lip as you feel his hot breath hitting your mouth, making you want him. Then he'll say he will kiss you gently and softly, sticking his tongue in your mouth and parting your lips.

Hot and bothered yet? Because he isn't done. Oh, no. That's just the warm up.

It's not just talking that he does. It doesn't matter that he isn't there with you physically, his body still goes through the motions of it, as if you were actually there. You've seen him roll his body, so you know exactly what he's doing. Yes, he's butt ass naked on his bed, just like he'd be if you were there with him. And you can hear every grunt and groan and growl that he lets out, matching the rhythm his body is making.

Things get intense. And I mean, INTENSE. He takes the dirty talk to another level. He'll ask if you love his Royal Scepter. And you will answer, "Fuck yes." He'll ask if you want someone else's Royal Scepter. And you will answer, "Fuck no." He'll ask if there could be another Royal Scepter that will make you feel as mind-blowing, body-numbing amazing as you are feeling right this very moment, and you will answer, "FUCK NO."

You know why?

Because the King of Foreplay isn't indulging in physical sex, but mental sex. And you have not had sex until you've had amazing mental sex. Phone sex with the King of Foreplay will be the best kind of sex you will ever have. Poor guy just might hang onto that V-Card forever.

I have to thank The Boyfriend for inspiring this post. Yes, I really do. (Back the fuck off, skanks).


BIGBANG Captions Part X


King of Foreplay: TKPA, I can't wait to sneak a call to you later. I'll call once I'm sure Ji Yong and T.O.P are asleep.

Hmmm ... I wonder what we could talk about in a clandestine phone call.


BIGBANG Captions Part IX


3S: Which member of BIGBANG would I want to date if I were a girl? Ummm ... I guess I'd have to go with Young-Bae.

Master GD: That's not what you told me last night.


You Always Throw Me For a Loop


It really is once a month that I question my feelings for you, Mr. Happy. I know it's because I try to find a picture of you looking like pure sex for BIGBANG Friday so you don't feel left out with all the dirty talk that goes on.

And it usually kind of backfires on me, because I end up seeing you as hot and sexy, and quite honestly ... that freaks me out. I shouldn't be seeing you in that light, Dae. You're the one that makes me laugh, I can chill with without any type of sexual tension appearing. You're actually the only one that The Boyfriend has given me permission to have a sleep over with. (Well, and the Queen of Bitchface, because he doesn't necessarily have to worry about anything sexual going on between us).

But once a month, I have to question my feelings for you. I feel that sexual tension rising, and I know I have to cram it back down within a millisecond because we can't change our relationship. And like I said earlier, I value my life and I don't want to die just yet. I know if I have any feelings toward you other than friendship, CJ will kill me. I know she will.

So I'm just going to end this post with this:

You look damn good on BIGBANG Fridays.


BIGBANG Captions Part VIII


Sex God: What do you mean you won't have sex with me? I rented this hotel room for us and everything. Don't tell me you'd rather have sex with that toothpick Ji-Yong. He might be able to howl, but baby I grunt and I'll bust this iron bed frame into pieces .... You sure you don't want to have sex with me?


BIGBANG Captions Part VII


King of Foreplay: I'M TIRED OF HOLDING MY V-CARD!!!

I wonder how many comments this post will receive.


The Schizo Badass: Taeyang

I believe that the King of Foreplay can't really make up his mind as to whether or not he wants to be a complete and total badass. He flip flops from being sweet, innocent boy next door, to the dude you're only interested in having casual sex with and who you know won't call you back for at least two weeks, maybe one if he really likes you.


Usually, when he's performing, he exudes the tendencies of being a badass. I mean ... he looks like not only he knows what the hell he's doing in between the sheets, but he's practiced his skills time and time again. You know you've questioned whether or not he for sure has that V-Card of his every time he chest pops, pelvic thrusts, or rolls his body. And you know that you've thought to yourself time and time again that there is absolutely no way this man has never had a girlfriend, and that he just has to have some skanks on speed dial for a booty call.

Don't deny it.


But then, when he's off stage, he's this lovable, sweet-tempered, shy, good little religious boy that blushes at having an unholy thought of a sexual nature. And you have to wonder where the hell that animal that was on stage went and when he will come back. Will he come back on stage again, or will you be the lucky skank girl who seduces the charming, sweet, Bible-carrying boy and corrupt him?

I've corrupted enough people, thank you. I will not add him to that list. That's up to you ladies.


BIGBANG Captions Part VI


Mr. Happy: Hey, I have a nice ass! TKPA, why don't you ever blog about my ass?

Because, Dae ... someone will kill me and I value my life a bit more than I should. (Really, she will kill me).


The Original Badass: T.O.P


I'm sorry. Jun Hyung might be a badass and all ... but he has nothing on Sex God. No one does. Just like his smolder sex stare, his badass image cannot be duplicated. Imitated, definitely. Duplicated? Hell no.

Do you see any other idols pulling off the role of a sadistic assassin? I don't think so. And if you bring up Rain ... well, he wasn't necessarily an assassin, more like a ninja seeking revenge. And he definitely was not sadistic. T.O.P ... yeah, dude was fucking nuts in IRIS.

I can totally see Sex God showing up at my house because he felt like it. He doesn't care what I have planned for that night, he's taking me out anyway and I better fucking go with him or else I'll never see him again. And face it, he could make me do anything with that voice of his, so it's not like I'm going to put up a major protest.

He'll take me to some nasty, hole-in-the-wall, you-might-contract-an-STD-by-standing pool hall, where there will no doubt be some skeezy looking dudes that probably own a motorcycle and have more than ten tattoos. And of course, these dudes will hit on me relentlessly, whistling whenever I bend over the pool table.

Yeah ... badass T.O.P won't handle that very well. Sure, he'd keep his cool for a little bit so as not to make me upset (because even though he's a badass, he isn't a tool), but eventually his patience will vanish and the fucking nuts, sadistic assassin will surface.

And oddly enough, the sight of him kicking someone's ass would more than likely be highly erotic and I would take him home, nurse any wounds or busted lip he may have, and then show him my gratitude.

Five times, to be exact.


BIGBANG Captions Part V


Sex God: Figures that Ji-Yongie just had to wear red to stand out from the rest of us. Such a diva.

Master GD: Bite me, T.O.P.

Mr. Happy: Both of you just shut up. We all look ridiculous.

King of Foreplay: Dude, watch the hand!

3S: I just wanted to know what TKPA's fuss was about.


BIGBANG Captions Part IV


Master GD: I ran out of the house this morning a little late. TKPA woke me up with her mouth on a very interesting place. One thing led to another ... and well, anyway, I didn't have enough time to put on deodorant. Do I smell?

3S: You smell like sex and cigarettes.

Master GD: I had to have my morning cigarette after my morning sex.


Seungri + BIGBANG Friday = NOPE


I realize that I only post pictures of 3S from his "Strong Baby" days. I said last month that homeboy needed to step his game up and start walking around the streets of Seoul shirtless, abs exposed for everyone to see. No doubt the Korean paparazzi would snap those glorious ripples in a heartbeat, and within hours, it will spread like a nasty STD through the internet and find itself on Twitter.

But Seungri hasn't done that. No, he hasn't done that at all. This makes me really sad, as I am tired of posting old pictures of him.

And I'm sticking to my threat, damn it. I said if there were no shirtless pictures of him soon, I'd remove him from all BIGBANG Friday activities until he snapped to his senses.

Yep, he's hereby removed from BBF until I see those abs of his in all their glory.

Unfortunately this will start next month, considering I already have everything written out and he is involved in several BIGBANG Captions.

LEARN YOUR FUCKING LESSON THE FIRST TIME, SEUNGRI! Just because you're one of my favorite maknaes does not mean you can get away with disobeying me, all right?


BIGBANG Captions Part III


3S: I don't understand how TKPA doesn't find me sexy all the time, but yet she worships the ground you walk on even though you look like an idiot and people think you're gay. How the fuck is this fair?

Master GD: I howl in bed.


BIGBANG Captions Part II


King of Foreplay: Part of being royalty is the right to grab anyone's ass I choose.

3S: I'm keeping a straight face, but I know you can see in my eyes that I am thoroughly enjoying this.

Sex God: Please don't grab mine, your Highness. I don't like to be touched unless it's by TKPA.

Mr. Happy: Why did I have to stand in the middle?

Master GD: I can't believe TKPA said I didn't have an ass. I have an ass. It is little, but it's still there, damn it!


Sex God, WTF?!


I truly have no words. Just laughter. Endless and endless amounts of laughter. Really, all that is coming to mind is those cat macros.

Someone macro this. Please. I beg you.


To Get You Through the Weekend

Behold the most awesome, drool-worthy, ovary exploding, need-to-swim-in-the-Arctic-Ocean gif of the King of Foreplay.


You're welcome.

Have a great weekend!


BIGBANG Captions Part I


Master GD: Finally, it's BIGBANG Friday. You know what that means, right? It means TKPA is in for one wild night with me later, complete with lots of howling. I even have my breath spray ready. Bring it on, TKPA!

I Love It When Idols Get Dirty

And not like sexually dirty, because rarely ever happens unless it's BIGBANG. I am talking about filthy dirty. It feels like 2PM has been doing that a lot lately. (Remember this? And this?)

I'm late on everything now, so I know you've all seen, spazzed, and drooled over 2PM's new MV "Without U." Oh, I love the dirtiness of it all. The black rain, the soaking wet clothing ... it really is the perfect male idol music video.

I take that back. It'd be perfect if they were all shirtless. Or naked, but beggars can't necessarily be choosers. So, I'll take a little half-naked in the rain action if it is ever offered. (Hint, hint JYP!)

Before I continue, I have to take a moment to say DAMN, JUNSU!!!!!


Oh, bb. I never knew your arms were so ripped. It kind of surprised me, to be honest. Seeing the agony/anger in your face as you sing your little heart out, in the black rain, soaking wet in a black tank top ... D-A-M-N. I am really glad I stuck you in the Friends With Benefits category forever ago. I knew that eventually I'd have some lustful feelings for you, where you just do it for me for a short period of time. And on another note, there is a TKPA nickname for you now. Stay tuned for that.

And WooyoUNF. Your arms are pretty damn sex too. Where have you been hiding those babies?




Are you orgasming or about to go into battle?


Men's Health Should Be Renamed to "Half-Naked Idols Monthly"

Thank you, Men's Health magazine, for stripping down Beastly Maknae, oiling up his abs a bit, and then taking endless amounts of high-quality pictures, making them available to way-too-sexually charged people like myself.

Really, you're amazing.


Oh, damn ... I love you, Chansung. And by you, I mean "your hip-dips." And by love, I mean "want to suck on." That sentence should really read like, "I want to suck on your hip-dips, Chansung." Are we clear on that? We really need to be on the same page in regards to this issue. I'm not by any means professing my love for you. I'm not implying that we run off to Vegas and get hitched and have fifteen babies and spend the rest of our lives together.

No, I'm simply saying I want to bite those hip-dips. Hard. So hard to where you have purple TKPA bruises for a few weeks afterward.

Are you cool with that?


Imagine Beastly Maknae walking slow and sexy toward you, and as he is approaching you, you're backing away. And then there's a wall right behind you. And then he comes closer and closer and closer. And then he puts those arms on either side of you, making sure you don't go anywhere. Why the hell would you want to go anywhere?


Oh, and credit goes to The Boyfriend for inspiring the wall-pinning scenario. Thank you ;)



Boxers for 2PM ... (Insert Evil Laughter)

Earlier I tweeted this:

Someone offered to throw boxers on stage during the 2PM show in NYC. I am thinking of putting "Sexy Beast Taek" or "Thai Me Up" or "Beastly Maknae" across the ass. Question is, who should be the lucky idol to receive it? Taek, Khun, or Chansung?

Khun actually received the most votes, but it will make me sad to know that the other five boys might possibly feel left out and unloved by this mystery TKPA-person. And I can't have that. I can't have those luscious men thinking that I do not love them as much as I love Khun. They're all equal in my eyes, in my heart, and in my ovaries.

With that being said, I need five more people to step up to the plate right now. And I mean NEED. If you're planning on attending the Wonder Girls concert with 2PM as the opening act, or you know someone who is going, and wouldn't mind throwing a pair of boxers with one of the boys' nicknames on the back, then let me know.

The reason I'm asking for five different people? Because I want them to think that the person throwing the boxers is a crazy stalker, who is following them around the country. Well, no I don't actually want them to think that, but I can't have someone throwing six pairs of boxers on stage. I mean, if you're brave and willing, the most you could do would be like two.

They'll be in Washington D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, Anaheim, and San Francisco.

Any takers? Know anyone who'd be willing? Seriously, time is crucial on this one, so let me know ASAP.

Across the ass of the boxers, it will have their TKPA nicknames. In case you've forgotten, Taekyeon = Sexy Beast Taek, Nichkhun = Thai Me Up, Wooyoung = WooyoUNF, Chansung = Beastly Maknae, Junho = Big Booty Junee, Junsu = Vocal Sextasy.

On the front leg/thigh area it will read in b-i-g letters "TKPA" and then on the crotch/fly it will read www.thekpopaddict.com, because that is one place they will be absolutely sure to see it.

I'm making my goals happen, damn it!

EMAIL ME if you're interested!

EDIT: Junho's and Junsu's boxers will be thrown in NYC by @KRBekimon_SHOCK. Wooyoung's will be thrown by @kiwichan08.

EDIT: Chansung's and Nichkhun's will be thrown in Dallas by @HitoriCrow and @dark_faery_gyrl.

EDIT: Taekyeon's will be thrown in San Francisco by @ButterflySnrida.



TKPA's Goals ... Yikes

Tomorrow makes the blog seven months old. Holy cow.

With that in mind, it's only going to be a short amount of time before the big one-year sneaks up on me, and well ... I have a few goals I want the blog to reach before September 23rd.

Goal #1 - I want 6,000 followers on Twitter. I know that is a huge stretch, considering I'm barely past 2,000 right now after seven months ... but still ... it is a goal. (So, uh, spread the word!)

Goal #2  - I want to have 2,000 posts. I'm only at 416 (including this post). I have some major work to do, I realize this. But I figure if I average about 325 posts a month, I will be okay. Meaning, I will be even more obnoxious. Sorry.

Goal #3 - I want one idol who is on Twitter to reply to me. THIS WAS ACHIEVED AUGUST 8, 2010!!!!

Goal #4 - I want one idol who is on Twitter to reply to me in regards to one of my blog posts.

Goal #5 - I want at least one idol to receive a pair of boxers with "TKPA" and the site URL printed on them. THIS WAS ACHEIVED JUNE 6, 2010!!!!

I am also thinking of doing a few more contests/give-aways between now and then, and then a really "big" one on September 23rd. I'm not sure exactly what I will do for that one, but I have a little time to come up with something.

So, do you think I can do it?

I sure as hell hope so.



Master GD, You Know Exactly What to Do

I am going to refrain from criticizing Sex God and the recent unfortunate mishap those evil Japanese cows bestowed upon him. It just looks like cheap paint that you spray in your hair for Halloween. That is what I am telling myself, anyway.

But in light of all the horrendous hair choices (i.e., Leeteuk and Heechul), Master GD has truly come through for me in this time of need.


See, you do things that piss me off, but when other idols piss me off, you're right there to make it all up to me. Seriously loving this new hair, please keep it for a while. (But if you want to go back to the blonde, I'm cool with that too. Just no more Three Stooges look, okay?)

However, it still makes me sad that you have no ass.


None at all. It's really unfortunate. I like my men with a little bit (okay, a lot) of booty.

That's okay. You totally make up for it with the cocky-as-all-hell factor.


Say Whaaat?

Normally, "Say Whaaat?" is reserved for Mondays and Thursdays, but I seriously could not wait until Monday to do this so you're getting it on a Friday and you'll like it!


Leeteuk: I'm on a boat motherfucker, take a look at me. Straight floatin on a boat on the deep blue sea. Busting five knots, wind whipping out my coat. You can't stop me motherfucker 'cause I'm on a boat.

Yesung: Take a picture, trick. I'm on a boat, bitch. We drinkin' Santana champ 'cause it's so crisp. I got my swim trunks and my flippy-floppies. I'm flippin' burgers, you at Kinko's straight flippin' copies.

Han Geng: I'm ridin' on a dolphin, doin' flips and shit. The dolphin's splashing, gettin' everybody all wet. But this ain't Sea World, this is real as it gets. I'm on a boat, motherfucker, don't you ever forget.

Donghae: I'm on a boat, and, it's going fast, and, I got a nautical themed Pashmina afghan. I'm the king of the world, on a boat like Leo. If you're on the shore, then you're sure not me-oh.

Eunhyuk: Fuck land, I'm on a boat, motherfucker! Fuck trees, I climb buoys, motherfucker! I'm on the deck with my boys, motherfucker! This boat engine make noise, motherfucker!

Siwon: Shisus does not approve.

And for those of you who have lived under a rock, you should watch this.



Nichkhun Finally Has a TKPA Nickname!

Yes, I know. FINALLY being the keyword. There was nothing worthy for Nichkhun, though. Nothing that stood out and made me think, THAT'S IT!!!

Well, that was up until yesterday when @oneherowildsoul came up with Thai Me Up.



So, dry those tears, Thai Me Up. You officially have a TKPA nickname.

Now all we need to do is find one for Junsu ...



A Few Announcements

Kind of tired repeating myself on some of these things, so let me get the "bitch" out for just a second here.

1. I don't know how many of you have actually taken the time to read the "disclaimer" on the sidebar, if you've even read it at all. So take a second to read it now. Embed it into your brain.
The Dreaded Disclaimer

This is not a gossip blog and it is not a news source. It is simply a place where fan girls who are "too old" to gush and fawn over these male idols in a PG way can express the adult thoughts we have.

A lot of the blog entries you will read are of a sexually-charged nature. Rest assured, it's all in good fun and I am not [completely] serious about any of it. With that, I do not talk about female idols. Sorry, I just don't.

95% of the things I write are a JOKE. I will no longer explain my sense of humor, because it takes all the fun out of everything. Either you get it or you don't.

I am a very nice person and I promise you that I will never criticize or mock you for voicing your opinion. As long as you respect me, respect those who comment, and most importantly as long as you respect the hardworking male idols, I will respect you.
2. Voting for Cervix Punchers is closed and will not reopen until May. Meaning don't post your picks on February's or November's posts, because by the time May comes around, I will not remember your picks. Just be patient.

3. BIGBANG Friday is not every Friday. It happens once a month.

4. What the hell happened to all the people who commented on the April Fool's post? All you new people who appeared out of the woodwork? Where are your comments now?

5. Meat Market is about the physical aspect of the idol. If he has great abs but a not-so-great face, then take that into consideration. It's the total package.

6. Do you honestly and really think I care about their hair? Not really. It's for entertaining purposes only. Will I stop listening to them because I don't like what they're wearing or what they look like? No, I am not shallow and for you to even make comments like "it's just hair" is stupid. I really don't care.

7. I write perverted things with profanity. As it says in the disclaimer, this blog is intended for those fans who are older. If you don't like the way I write, then don't read it. It is really that simple. I will not censor myself because you have a problem reading profanity.

8. You can email me any time. I mean that. Any time. If you want to tell me you love the blog, if you have pictures to share, you think I need to see a video, have a project you want me to help spread the word on, or you want to suggest I write about something you want to see on the blog. Seriously, anything. I've been slacking on replying back as of late, but that's changing now. Email: kpopaddict@live.com.

9. If you see me online, feel free to talk to me. MSN: kpopaddict@live.com, Y!M: koreanpopaddict@yahoo.com, AIM: thekpopaddict.

10. I love you. Thank you for reading. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for putting up with my insane tendencies. You all are amazing and I am grateful!

The K-Pop Addict

Thank You, Khun!

Thank you for tweeting this picture at some point last night. I am in love with it, and I am also really, really, insanely glad that The Riddler is no more. Thank you, bb.


The 2PM boys are looking super delicious in this. I don't know why K-Pop groups always have to have one blonde member, but considering Nichkhun's hair is not orange, I will put aside the fact that I don't necessarily like blonde hair on Asian men and be grateful for this. Because, in all honestly, it doesn't look half bad on Khun. He looks really good.

Sexy Beast Taek is looking ... mmm. (By the way, you know he has a Twitter?)

But you know who stood out the most to me? WooyoUNF. DAMN HE IS LOOKING SOOOOO GOOD.

2PM, please have your comeback now. Please. Please.


Key is SHINee's Jokwon


Bitchface to the max. Though it doesn't quite have the "diva" factor that the Queen of Bitchface himself delivers. It's more of a you-better-run-before-I-punch-you-in-the-kidneys-repeatedly bitchface.

Still ... it's there. Practice, bb. Practice.

I love you, Key.


Jonghyun, You May Have Some Competition



Okay ... I know I just said that Jonghyun was number one in my newbie SHINee lovin' heart ... but ... well, he might have competition now.

Onew, I apologize for not paying you and your manhood any attention before this. If I had known what was underneath those pants ... rest assured you'd be talked about more than Sex God and his Concealed WeaponMaster GD and his One-Eyed Dragon, King of Foreplay and his Royal Scepter, Rain and his Lightning Rod, and Lips of Sex and his Chapstick. You get the point here ...

(If you're wondering about Lips of Sex ... totally just created that one).

You know what would be perfect? Jonghyun's face, Minho's voice, and Onew's junk. Perfect SHINee member.


Hi, Minho! What's With the Voice?


Okay, this whole getting more into SHINee thing has been very beneficial. Simply because it has given me new things to write about, new subjects to lust over/talk dirty about.

Like Minho's deep voice. So yummy. I am extremely happy he is eighteen. And I mean extremely. It's even given me a teeny crush on him. I say teeny because Jonghyun is number one in my newbie SHINee lovin' heart.

Minho is a close second, though. I don't want to say a very close second, because Jonghyun has him beat simply because ... well, there's no logical or legitimate reason as to why he is first. Only because I said so.


Jonghyun ... Mmmm


Why do you have to be so delicious, Jonghyun?

I finally (yes, finally) watched the first episode of Hello Baby yesterday, and aside from the fact that he repeatedly apologized in English and that he could potentially be the worst father figure ever ... I love him.

Don't spoil anything for me! I'm committed to getting more involved (read: obsessed) with SHINee.

But this is the most priceless facial expression:




Leeteuk, You Have Some Splainin' to Do!






Sorry, I felt like typing this in all caps.


Getting Better, But Still Hag-Like

Heechul, what the hell is going on?

This is just ... no. Pure and simple.


It's actually more like a HELL NO.

Your hair looks like a cheaply made, synthetic wig. Such a far, far, far, FAR cry from how gorgeous and beautiful you used to be.

I'm sorry to do this to you, but I must revoke your official TKPA nickname. You are no longer Pretty, Pretty Princess. Simply because you are no longer pretty. No, instead you shall be called Ugly, Ugly Hag.

Hopefully soon you will regain your former title. And I mean soon because Super Junior is just not as pretty and "flower boy" with you now. You're fuggin' up the whole line-up.


Meat Market


Oh, sweet mother of God ...

Why is it always the Christian, no-premarital, tightly-wound-with-morals men that have the best bodies? I mean, really. If you think about it, it isn't very Christian-like to go around, parading your rippling abs and rock hard pecs, making girls think unholy, all while giving a brooding, sexy-laced stare that is guaranteed to send anyone who lusts after it condemned to eternal damnation, complete with fire and brimstone.

I'm going to K-Pop Hell, anyway, so I will be giving Abmighty Shisus a solid 10 and I will also bring this picture along with me on my journey to my jail cell in Hell.

1 – Did absolutely nothing for me
3 – Ehh, I've seen better
5 – Definite potential, but not my cup of tea
8 – Jaw-dropping
10 – Self-combustion

You know the deal, either comment or tweet me your rating and at the end of day, Abmighty Shisus will be judged. You have until midnight!

END RESULT: Shisus ended up with a 9.57 ... which rounds up to 9.6, which rounds up to 10. If he received anything less, it'd be blasphemy.