What the Ink?!

G-Dragon has two new tattoos, bringing his grand total up to six now if I am not mistaken. That we know of, obviously. Boy could have some stashed away in private areas that only God, the tattoo artist, and whoever the hell he is dating would know about. I like his other tattoos, with the exception of the dragon ball. Why on earth he would get that permanently on his body is still lost on me, but hey if it means something to him, who am I to judge?


I like this one. I am not crazy about it, because it's too much like a white boy who grew up in the suburbs trying to be hardcore ... but more importantly I don't hate it. Do I understand the meaning of it? Yes, I will eternally be a little kid myself, so I get that the mind is what keeps you young. Could he have listened to too much Rod Stewart while thinking of what to get? It is possible. Is it much too big for his skinny body? Oh hell yes it is. GD, you need to eat ... like, severely need to eat. And then once you've gained about ten pounds, then you need to get your newly chubby butt into the gym with Daesung and then I won't mind so much the second tattoo you got.



Again, not judging ... or, trying not to judge ... but this is gross. I know this has to have some sort of significance to you, because you are the type of person that doesn't do something just for the hell of it ... but you could have chosen a better font than that. The font throws me off but whatever ... not my body, not my problem.

But please let's just chill on the tattoos for a bit, and let's put some more thought in the execution of any future ones. 

Please don't end up like Jay Park and his plethora of fug tattoos. Just remember, you WILL get old eventually, your "forever young" tattoo is only for your mind, not your body. Eventually it will be all saggy and wrinkled and it will not look cute or sexy. So if you want to be an old cute Korean man with "hardcore" tattoos, then follow Jay's footsteps.

On the other hand ...



I love this. I don't know what took him so long to get it but I am eternally grateful that he did. I do think it is a little big, but faith in God isn't meant to be small so I get the size of it. Now we need to get him back into the "Prayer" ab days and this will look AMAZING. 

For real, imagine this tattoo all rippled and cut with his many side-abs. Oh ... dear sweet K-Pop Gods you blessed us indeed.

Oh and still totally bouncing over the fact that I called this side-tatt. I must have saved starving children in a former life.


Mind BLOWN Over Fantastic Baby

This past weekend I came down with some sort of cold and partially lost my voice, so I couldn't exactly scream with the overflowing excitement that BIGBANG deserves for the newest MV off their Alive album, but there will be sufficient amount of CAPSLOCK typing in this post to make up for it.

Oh, and you know ... I'm like severely kissing BIGBANG's ass in this post, so if you aren't a fan of them, I suggest you don't read.

I have to say that "Fantastic Baby" is my favorite off of the album and knowing that Papa YG is giving us a video for every song, I dreamed of the possibilities that they could do to this song. Could they make it an outrageous club party-atmosphere type of video? But that is too much like "High High," so that wouldn't work as it's been done before. Maybe it will be like an exclusive, sexy half-naked people only club that would somehow end with the overhead sprinklers going off and we'd have half-naked, soaking wet BIGBANG jumping around acting all crazy? 

While, personally, I love my version (though it's been done millions of times over by artists all over), what they came up with blew my mind. 

This is a concept video. You either get it, or you don't. I had a discussion with one of my friends about this video and our take on the video was the "oppression" that BIGBANG has had to face in the media the past year. The marijuana scandal that G-Dragon went through, the horrible accident Daesung was involved in, people saying that this would be the end of BIGBANG and they couldn't come back from this ... even the guys feeling that way. All of that negativity is portrayed by the "STOP MUSIC" signs, the guards with the shields trying to destroy what BIGBANG is doing and tear them down until they are nothing.

The people wearing the gas masks can be seen as VIPs or anyone who has supported BIGBANG, fighting against the criticisms and all of the negativity to fully back and love this group. The way Daesung is falling and caught by the VIPs, after a tremendous effort to show him that he was still loved after that tragic accident. And at the end, when they pull off their masks, it's to signify that they can "breathe easy" now that BIGBANG is back, they're still Alive after all of the hardships they've endured and they are grateful for their fans, the people who have worked with them and believed in them, for continuously supporting them and defending them against "the guards." The last shot of the five of them, sitting on thrones, with crowns on their head is so powerful. They're here to stay, whether you like it or not.


This speaks volumes to me. You all know how I love myself some G-Dragon and how he is, basically, King. He is untouchable. No one in the K-Pop industry can compare to him, so for him to sit on this throne is not only genius, but the truth. 

Now I don't particularly like the hair ... but it was pointed out to me that the exaggerated length of it could be a little dig to those who shunned him for his marijuana incident. We all know he shaved his head shortly after that, whether as a sign of remorse or because he didn't want his hair tested, so this could be a statement that that incident is in the past, it's behind him and he's free of it now, able to grow his hair as long as he wants. 

Or he could just be pissed at me for the "comb-over abomination" comment.


And only GD could pull off sitting on a throne, rapping, while a civil war is breaking out below him. It would look silly if others tried it, but he makes everything look cool.


OH YES. Taeyang covered in frost is ridiculously sexy to me for some reason. I kind of feel like if I were to stick my tongue on him, that it will stick and I will forever be stuck to Tae-Tae. 

I took Frosty Tae to signify that he has been frozen as this image for so long and now that  image (the ice) is melting away to reveal his true self. He's thawing and essentially, becoming more Alive. Yes, we all loved that shy, slightly dorky, pure Christian Taeyang that never had a girlfriend and probably couldn't speak to a girl without stuttering. Recently, within the past two years, we've seen a much more ... happier Taeyang. He's silly, flirty, spazzy ... and I honestly believe he came into his own and became comfortable with who he is. (Plus, you know, I think Lydia Paek has a lot to do with that too, but that's for another time).


AND HOLY SHIT DID I CALL IT OR WHAT. Last week, at the end of the "Bad Boy" review post, I asked, "And does anyone else think Taeyang would look hot with a tattoo? Not to Jay Park extremes, but like maybe one on his back or like on the side of his rib cage? Mmmm."



Now, logically speaking, Tae-Tae got this before I made that post. I understand that I did not actually "predict" him getting a tattoo on his side, and I am fully aware that he did not read my blog and get the idea. But I still said it before it was confirmed to be real so BOOMSHAKALAKA!


The only symbolic meaning I could possibly interpret from this is that T.O.P is so beautiful, he's like a work of art. If T.O.P were alive in the 1500s, Michelangelo would have painted him on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and then Leonardo da Vinci would have used him to paint the Mona T.O.P. He's one of those pieces in a museum that you just look at and can't help but cry because he's just so beautiful, it leaves you speechless. 


I really should stop being creepy about T.O.P before they ban me from their world tour. 


CJ ... how did your home movies get into this video?


I do like how they interpreted Daesung's part. Solitary, chained and forced to be in a miserable situation. What happened with Daesung was purely an accident that we all know was of no fault of his, yet he blamed himself for what happened. He spent days in his room, alone, confined, sinking deeper into a depression. It represents that he chained himself to that horrible situation and the aftermath that followed. The flexing of the muscles represents him trying to break the chains, break free of the depression, and the guilt that the media has shoved down his throat.

And can I just say DAMN? Someone has been working out and has actually surpassed Tae-Tae in terms of best abs. Never thought this day would happen, honestly. Dae, whatever it is you're doing, can you teach it to T.O.P? Thanks!


Even though it took you almost three years to show me some flesh, Seungri ... it has been well worth the wait. Our little maknae is not so little anymore! Seriously, what better way to signify that you aren't a kid anymore than to surround yourself with girls in black latex and have them rub all over you? Bow down to you and your in-your-face approach to those haters. Major applause from me and again, you just keep doing everything you are doing because you are on fire and it's severely working!

Four last things:


1. Only this man can wear something like this outside of a Tim Burton film and pass it off. 


2. This owl is creepy as fuck and literally scared me.


3. Taeyang's and T.O.P's faces are hilarious.


4. They're back :)

Check out the video for "Fantastic Baby" and have your mind BLOWN!