This is Awesome!

Thanks to blogstalker KiKi for making this and emailing it to me! Had me cracking up!





Happy Blogiversary!

The blog is one year old today! Isn't that exciting? I know you're thrilled, who the hell wouldn't be? This is quite the long post, and even though I'm sick and feeling like garbage today and should be in bed sleeping this off, I just had to get on here and write this for you all.

First thing's first ...

Back in April, I created a list of goals that I wanted to achieve by this date. Only two goals were met (I suck).
1. 6,000 followers on Twitter did not happen. Five months ago I had a little over 2,000 followers, and now I have barely over 3,000. It took me seven months to gain 2,000, and only five months to gain 1,000 more. That's an accomplishment, so even though my goal wasn't met, I accomplished something.

2. 2,000 posts ... PSH! I knew from the get-go this ambitious goal was going to fail, and it did. Standing count (including this post) is 566.

3. However, I did have an idol tweet to me. Peter finally put aside his hatred for me and responded. (Kidding, he doesn't really hate me). You can relive that moment by clicking this link.

4. But no idol has tweeted to me about the blog yet. Partly my fault, because I haven't sent any of them links. BUT, they do know I exist. And that's the important part.

5. And 2PM received some lovely TKPA boxers with the site URL on them. You can relive that moment by clicking this link and then watching the video of Chansung holding Junho's boxers. Simply amazing!
I want to take moment to get all sentimental and thank all of you.

When I started this blog, it was because I was bored and had a lot of free time on my hands. I know it sounds cliche to say I never expected anyone to read it or for it to become as big as it has, but it's the truth. I truly never thought this blog would gain such a following, that I would become friends with people from all over the world. I never expected to have such an influence and such support.

We have done a lot of things together. T.O.P's birthday trending topic was a success. G-Dragon's solo concert trending topic was a success. Throwing boxers to 2PM was a success. Helping out for Super Junior's 4jib album was a success. Giving BIGBANG anniversary gifts was a major success. And most recently sending the petition to SBS was a success. Although we don't know the results of that, and I am not sure what the future brings with that situation, the fact that all fans from all fandoms put aside their biases for two minutes to spread the word and at least try to change the situation at hand, speaks volumes. The entire K-Pop fandom is one big family. Although we might not all get along nor support each other all the time, when it truly counts and matters, we're there for one another.

I have met some really awesome people over the past year, people I have connected with and became very good friends with. Of course, I've met a lot of people who have also disliked me, but I still want to thank them for at least coming onto the blog to read it before deciding they didn't like me.

So here is a little list of people that stick out in my brain among others. Remember, I love every single person who follows me on Twitter, comes onto the blog, reads the blog, leaves comments, email me, etc ... You're all so important to me and I greatly appreciate all of the love and support you give me. Just there are some people who have been there from the very beginning, and I need to give them the proper credit they deserve.

The K-Pop Junkie (@koreanpopjunkie), you've been MIA from the blog and my life because we've both been so busy. But you're the greatest friend I could ever ask for and I miss you a lot. We need to fix this current situation, so if you see me calling you, answer the phone! :)

CJ (@cjcdae), you and I quickly became friends and not only talked about K-Pop, but our "real life" situations as well. You really did help me a lot with an issue I had been dealing with, accepting me into the club. You have absolutely no idea what your friendship means to me and I will be forever grateful to you for all the things you've done for me. There is a reason you're my #1 Personal Blogstalker. I really have no idea what this blog would be like without your perversion influencing mine.

Mas (@Bunniness), you are the first person who ever contacted me on MSN messenger, I remember. And you're also one of the very first people to comment on everything that I posted. I miss talking to you and I hope everything is well in your life.

Jenny (@jennykoi_) Thank you for all of the emails and support you've given me over the past year. You are such a sweet, caring person, and I promise you when I come to the Philippines, I will be crashing at your place and I can annoy you in real life rather than through the internet.

Arick (@F2Arick) Not many guys would support their girlfriends in writing dirty about other men, but you always tell me you're so proud at everything I do on this blog and you encourage me to write more. I don't have to tell you here what you mean to me, because I tell you that every day. But thank you for never making me feel ashamed for writing this or getting too upset when I cross that line.

And a big thank you to: Asian Pop Addict, TwELFs, BBVIPForum, 21BANGS, Displaced Korean, K-Pop the World, SeoulROKs, ELOSOUL, fangirltainment, AA-CHAN, Music4urSoul, and many, many others who have helped me in some way, shape, or form in the past year.

Of course, thank you again for everyone who has read the blog, left comments, followed me on Twitter, emailed me, and shared your lives with me. I truly appreciate everything you have done for me and I hope that you let me repay you by entering the blog's contest for a $50 gift certificate to YesAsia. (Click here! The deadline is October 2nd!)

Now for the two big announcements I have had in store for a little while for you all ...

I know a while ago I created a little shop on Zazzle so you could buy shirts or whatever. Well, they contacted me saying I couldn't use peoples' names without copyrighted permission, so they deleted everything. I just reopened another store with Spreadshirt, and I thought I would share some of the designs with you:

"No Free Ride for Jay"

"Fair Trade Off"

"Piano Keys"

"Banana Trail"

You can check out all of the designs by going to

And now for the second announcement ...

You know how I have been hinting to my Filipino followers that I would be coming to them soon? Well, I am ... in the form of a magazine.

An upcoming magazine (published by Summit Media) will be featuring a one-shot special on everything K-Pop from the top idols, to the lifestyle, to the top blogs to read, and yours truly was interviewed for it. It should be released in mid-November, so only two more months!

Be sure to pick up a copy when it comes out!

I love all of you and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for everything we have experienced, good and bad, throughout the past year. Here's hoping to many more years together!

Thank you!


The K-Pop Addict


Inati ... You Have Competition

Because now I have seen Day Day's abs and only one word comes to mind:



However, as much as I want to marvel in awe over this picture, and possibly adjust the brightness on my computer screen so I can actually see the abs in the semi-dark bathroom, I need to draw attention to the fact that he's in the bathroom.

And there's a camera in the bathroom.

And you can see the toilet to the left of the picture. Meaning, when the members of Dalmatian use the bathroom, they're being filmed.

Um, South Korea ... isn't that like ... illegal?


I'm sorry, Day Day. You can flex those muscles all you want, but your moment was ruined by the completely creepy, voyeuristic factor surrounding these photos. But the bright side is that you have shown me you're worthy of being featured on the blog, so there's your silver lining to the creeptastic bathroom camera.


Men's Health Did It Again

Am I really seeing this? Is this happening or am I just hallucinating and imagining Jokwon in these pictures? Because for people (like myself) who do not find him sexy and appealing on a daily basis, this photoshoot with Men's Health is a total mindfuck.

And here's the real kicker ...

He's not even shirtless. He's completely clothed. The boy makes clothes look sexy. I mean really, I don't think many other idols can be featured in Men's Health covering up practically all of the good, drool-worthy stuff, and not have us say, "I wish he was shirtless." While Jokwon being shirtless would have just catapulted these pictures into I-need-him-now and resulted in South Korea's tourism to boost, it wasn't necessary.


A man in a suit ... always a very, very, extremely nice sight for the eyes. And the way he still has his bitchface in full swing while taking off that tie ... it makes me forget that he's the size of a toothpick. Toothpicks are now sexy.

I just can't get over the fact that this is JO-FREAKING-KWON. Why can't all of the evil cows take a note from the all-knowing-in-what-fan-girls-want stylists at Men's Health? This is what all of the idols should look like on a regular basis. All the time, 24/7.


They know what they're doing. Look, they even put a pair of handcuffs on him, but left one vacant. So the race of who is going to get to him the fastest and handcuff him to their wrist is on, but please don't kill each other or rip out any hair or break a nail, okay? You have to look decent for Jokwon, because no matter how manly and sexy he looks, he will totally judge you on what you're wearing and the biggest diva in all of South Korea cannot be hanfcuffed to a hot mess.

It just won't happen.




I need to go swim in the Arctic Ocean right about now. Major thanks to Anonymous, whoever you are!



Blogiversary Giveaway!

Most of you know that next week, September 23rd, is the blog's one year anniversary. I'm incredibly excited for it, but also cannot believe that I have been doing this for a year!

I will do the sappy, emotional post next week. For now, let's just get down to business!

Want to win a $50 gift certificate to YesAsia? Well, you very well could if you enter the Blogiversary Giveaway!

And it's as easy as one, two, three to enter! All you have to do is leave a comment below with:

Your Name
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That's it! You don't even have to suck up or use flattery, because I will be using RANDOM.ORG to choose the winner (though, you know ... flattery is always nice to read and still welcome even if it is not necessary). Please only enter one time, keep it fair!

The contest will end on October 2, 2010 at 11:59:59 PM EST (so if you're going by Korean time, that would be 12:59:59 PM on October 3rd).

If you're the lucky winner, I will contact you on Twitter sometime on October 3rd letting you know you've won!

Good luck!



The Petition to SBS

Here is the letter, directions to send are below. Please read everything very carefully (read it three times, if you must).

To Whom It May Concern,

As a citizen of a foreign country, I am saddened to hear of the news that Seoul Broadcasting System will no longer allow their programs to be exposed on the global website, YouTube.  I thoroughly enjoy the programs you broadcast, from dramas to variety to music.  While it is understandable that SBS wants to protect their copyrighted programs, it also is highly unfair to a large overseas fan base.  Viewers from all continents search for your programs online, as this is the only way those who are not presently living in South Korea are able to enjoy what you have to offer.

You might be shocked to learn that there are thousands around the world who adore your programs, many of whom do not speak the Korean language. So many of us relate to the characters in dramas, we can feel every emotion the actors portray in such dramas like Oh My Lady and Coffee House. We love seeing clips of our favorite musicians opening their hearts to their fans on shows like Strong Heart and making us laugh to the point of tears on Star King.

Where will we watch such shows when you completely remove them from the internet? Please remember that, although you might not know quite how many of us there are outside your country's borders, we do exist. Please do not forget about us. We are your loyal viewers as well.

I request that the Seoul Broadcasting System create their own YouTube account, much like the entertainment companies YG Entertainment and SM Entertainment have done. On this account, you will be able to please your international fans by uploading episodes of the latest aired drama and variety shows. Not only will you please us, but you will also gain our respect and appreciation for listening and catering to our needs. A person should not have to be a Korean citizen in order to enjoy a program broadcasted by SBS.

On behalf of your international fans, we hope that you consider our request carefully and hear our voices. Thank you for your time.

(First and LastName)

Please READ ALL OF THIS BEFORE DOING ANYTHING! Follow the directions very carefully for this!

If you choose to send this letter via mail, copy and paste it into a blank word document (Microsoft Word, Works, whatever you have). Please type your first and last name along with your country. This is extremely important! When you paste the letter, it might look all jumbled. Please refer back to this post to check the format. There should be a space between each paragraph! Other than that, you do not need to edit or change anything in this letter (please don't).

Mail the letter to:

Mr. Yoon Se-young
SBS Broadcasting Center
920 Mok-dong
South Korea

(This is the Chairman of SBS).

If you choose to send this letter via email, copy and paste it into the body of an email (no attachments). Please type your first and last name along with your country. This is extremely important! When you paste the letter, it might look all jumbled. Please refer back to this post to check the format. There should be a space between each paragraph! Other than that, you do not need to edit or change anything in this letter (please don't).

Email the letter to:


(This is the man in charge of International Relations). The subject should be "Petition to SBS" or something along those lines. No "PLEASE READ" or anything, because I can guarantee you, he won't read it.

Please do this as quickly as possible and please pass this along to as many people as you can! Once you've sent it, let me know by leaving a comment or telling me on Twitter.




DAMN DAMN DAMN is all I can say!!!
Wait I can also say: HOLY FUCK !
I guess my Dae Baby was getting a little jealous over all of my recent LUST/LOVE for my #2 Tae Baby.
His response to that???
GETTING TOTALLY FUCKING RIPPED & putting on some Zorro/S&M mask to make me only want him MORE!!
DAMN DAE you are killing me & I love it!
Here is how it would go down:
I just had an amazing night with #2 Tae Baby. First we had a well balanced low fat healthy meal (of course with a blessing to God before consuming the vittles). Then we would sit in front of the fire listening to old school R&B music as he sings & slowly grinds to each song for me.
Damn those arms, those shoulders, those abs, THAT JAW LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tae whispers in my ear that he is tired of being in 2nd place after Dae & wants to know when am I gonna give him the chance to become my #1.
OOOOH DAMN Tae you are so tempting...hmmmm get up & dance to I Need A Girl again & take that fucking shirt off.
(I cant have him nude - no to me Tae is sexier with pants on - I love Tae to tease me with what I cant see)
Ok now let my run my fingertips across that faux hawk baby (sorry a little fetish of mine - bahahaha). DAMN he almost has me!!
Tae Baby pulls me in real close for a sexy slow dance as he sings "My Girl" in my ear.
DAMN my head is spinning, I look around the room & my framed pic of Dae Baby is looking back at me. Awww my Dae Baby smiling at me with pink cotton candy in his arms. My Dae Baby is so sweet. We have so much fun together. He makes me laugh all the time & .......hold on wait a minute....did Tae just nibble on my ear???? WAIT he is sliding down to my neck......HOLY FUCK he feels good! 
OH NO I can feel Dae slipping away, I can barely see him now - his image is fading into the mist of cotton candy......DAMN TAE FEELS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!
Then all the sudden BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The door busts open & there is My Dae Baby!
Tight ass black pants! One leather glove (that I know will feel amazing when he lightly slaps it against me)! Some rhinestone studded arm ummm thingy - what the fuck ever - but it's fucking sexy!
Tae steps back just as confused as I am...."what the hell" he says in adorable Engrish. 
Dae doesn't say a word he just steps up to me & slowly pulls something from behind his back. OMG!! I am so mesmerized I cant move I cant think, I cant even breathe!
He slowly moves the object to his face & places on a mask. I cant even put into words this mask...all I know is I am about to FUCKING MELT ON THE SPOT!!
With mask in place Dae finally breaks his steady lock on my eyes & looks directly at Tae.
In a quiet yet strong deep voice he utters 2 words to Tae................"Get Out"
OH FUCK that's it! My knees are about to buckle under me as wave after wave of ecstasy travels through my body.
(Damn some people claim to be had at "hello" well I was fucking had at "Get Out.")
I slowly turn to Tae & said "ummm well bye. I will call you later."
With that Tae Baby gathers up his R&B cd's & with the quickness heads to the door. He turns back one last time as he watches Dae approach me. From behind Dae I hear Tae's soft voice yell out "Call Me!" as he shuts the door.
Dae pulls me closer to him & looks down at me & whispers, "You're not calling anybody tonight except my name over & over again."  "Now tell me....who is your #1??"
"DAE BABY, DAE BABY" I scream!
**By the way, needless to say, I did not call Tae that night....but the next night....well......BAHAHAHAHA!!


Chance and Junsu ... Mmmm


The only way this picture would reach a level of amazingness is if they were both shirtless. I wouldn't question why the two of them are working in the studio shirtless. Hey, whatever gets the creativity juices flowing! With that in mind, has Chance ever flashed us those beauties before? I don't think so ... that's something he needs to work on. I think we'd all like to see some of that, right? I know I sure would.

But this is just lovely, with two of my bbs sitting there, deep in concentration.

I have to draw attention to Junsu's fingers. Look at how long and slender they are. I wonder what I would have to do to make him play the piano on me BIGBANG-style. What do you think? Is he more of a "thigh player" or a "torso player" or maybe a "back player"? Maybe a good combination of all three? Hell, I will paint keys on my body and just lie there completely still while he plays Mozart on me.

He could use this as a reward method. When he comes home from work and there's the most delicious dinner waiting for him on the table, piano time. When I don't go over our credit card limit and receive a gigantic bill in the mail, piano time. Oh, he'll train me to be a Stepford Wife very quickly.


Say Whaaat?


Eli: Would you like to be my lab partner when we dissect frogs? Frogs are my favorite amphibians. I love playing with them and catching them. I just caught one in the pond behind the school, and it made me late to class so I put him in my backpack and ran all the way here. I didn't even have enough time to wash my hands, but I guess they're okay. Not too smelly ... would you like a piece of gum?

If only he had a pocket protector in this picture ...



Junsu, Where Have You Been All My Life?

I knew this day would come. I knew one morning I would wake up and just feel an automatic, irresitible attraction toward you. You should feel proud of yourself, bb. I've completely ignored Master GD all day, and from previous experience, that's very hard for any idol to accomplish. Like, ever.


Do you ever wear the boxers I [and my readers] gave you? I hope you do, and I hope you think of me when you do. I'm pretty sure you've at least once run out of clean underwear, and on laundry day you're left with zero pairs of underwear. Not really feeling like going commando (because you're famous, and one wardrobe malfunction and money shot could get you exiled from Korea), you remember our present to you. You put on those white boxers with "TKPA" in nice, big letters, covering your muscular thigh. "Vocal Sextasy" written across your glorious ass. And I hope that after you've put those on, you decide to check in and see if anything new has been written about you.

So you sit on your bed, laptop in front of you, wearing nothing but those boxers ... and look down at your thigh so you can get the URL correct. And that is when you see this post. This post written and dedicated entirely to you and how fine as fuck you are. It's okay to be cocky, Junsu. None of us are blaming you or thinking negatively about you. Like my favorite movie The Producers says, "When you got it, flaunt it." Junsu, bb ... flaunt that shit all over the world.

I want to go back to you being practically naked on the bed. I really like that thought. Tremendous amounts. I only wish that I was there in person, with you in South Korea, to take in that beautiful sight of muscle after muscle, hear your ridiculous yet oddly knee-weakening slang, smell your freshly washed skin from that hot, steamy shower, run my fingers through that slightly damp hair, and of course taste those luscious lips.

Sight. Sound. Smell. Touch. Taste. Ignite those senses, bb. Make them go haywire. Over and over. I promise I will return the favor. As many times as you want, wherever you want. In bed, in the shower, in the hallway, in the kitchen, in the elevator, in the stairwell, in the car, in the back of the 2PM while the rest of the members are sleeping or listening to their iPods, in the dance studio in front of that mirror-lined wall, in the recording studio so we can have some audio souvenirs for later. Anywhere you want it, bb.


And I promise, I will not blog about it. No, what happens between Junsu and TKPA, stays between Junsu and TKPA.

Also, on a sidenote ... now that you are injured and will need to recooperate for a few weeks, it looks like I will be catering to your every need. I will gladly do this, whether it is by making you all sorts of fantastic dinners, or baking sweet treats for you, or even cuddling up at night and being your own personal teddy bear that hugs back. Even if you want nothing but sex for the next five months. Whatever bb wants, bb gets.



My Mind Hasn't Been This Confused ...

Since I watched "Rokkugo" for the first time. And that's a lot of confusion, folks.

I just watched for the first time Dalmatian's MV for "Round 1" and I feel so sorry for those boys. They are talented, no doubt. Their voices are great and they all blend well together. But what the hell is up with the concept? What the hell is up with the group name? I feel like I should be making sexual inuendos about this group but I won't because I'm trying to keep it clean.


Let's just start from the beginning with these boys. I don't know all of them (yet), but I know half of them.

And I have to start with Inati because he is one giant mindfuck to me. Yes, I just posted a blog wherein we will rate the newbie's magical washboard abs, but that picture was a little dark. Hell, it was more than a little. I couldn't properly see his face. And his face is a tricky one. Sometimes he looks amazing (like the picture below), and other times ... well, his ears are really big. Like, freakishly big. I know Joon has some big ass ears on him, along with Taekyeon .... but seriously, Inati's are gigantic (check out the group picture above).


So, I'm a little thrown by him, but as long as he keeps flashing those pearly whites of his, and of course those abs, I can deal with the confusion his face gives me. Because it all seriously depends on the angle, the lighting, and of course if his hair or hat is covering those ears. Also, Inati is like ... old. He'll be THIRTY next March. Again, just keep those abs perfect and I won't mind at all. Age is just a number.

Out of the three rappers (Inati, Day Day, and Dari) ... can you guess which one is my favorite? Here's a hint, it isn't Inati because I just talked about him. Here's another hint: he's the taller of the remaining two.

Ladies and gentleman ... introducing Dari.


Oh, man ... Dari is going to cause me some trouble with two other rappers that maintain a permanent residence in my heart. I don't understand why I usually go for the rappers ... but I can't help it with him. He's pretty, but kind of in an odd way, you know? In the above picture he looks a little like ... oh, I don't know ... an asshole? Yeah, just a bit. But then when you watch the MV ... he smiles and is goofy and uh ... yeah, I kind of done for.

You can check out the rest of the boys and get all their info here.

As for the video ... I'm not sold. They could have done a lot better, and I know this is their first single, but still ... they have a whole crew working to make them look amazing every second of every day, and they incorporate barking into their lyrics?

We have some work to do, newbie babies!


Meat Market

Remind me to pay a little more attention to newbies Dalmatian. Because if any of them have what Inati has ... oh there will be some serious rearranging of ranks in my heart.


What can I say except for ... flawless. Simply flawless.

I know it's a little dark, but with abs like that you do not need to see anything. You treat those marvelous little mounds of solid muscle like Braille. Feel your way toward euphoria.

This newbie receives a perfect 10. Welcome to the blog, Inati. You'll fit in quite well here!

1 – Did absolutely nothing for me
3 – Ehh, I've seen better
5 – Definite potential, but not my cup of tea
8 – Jaw-dropping
10 – Self-combustion

You know the deal, either comment or tweet me your rating and at the end of day, Inati will be judged. You have until midnight!



Aww, a New Bromance


This is just so cute. Taeyang and Se7en spending so much time together, little BFFs, strengthening their bromance.

Just look at the way they affectionately gaze at each other while posing for a picture.


I half expect them to go out and get matching tattoos or wear one of the necklaces with a charm that matches perfectly to another charm. Best Friends Forever.


And look at the two of them play video games!


So freaking adorable, you'd think they were both ten rather than grown men in their twenties! Do you think after they finished the game they went into the backyard and had a water gun fight? Played cops and robbers? Tae-Tae already has the bandit-like bandana thing going on, Se7en just needs some chaps, a cowboy hat, a shining silver badge, maybe a few tumbleweeds added into the mix, and they're all set for an afternoon of fun.


Somewhere, far away in the distance ... G-Dragon is bawling his eyes out. Don't worry, Ji. You'll always have "Korean Dream."


I'm in Need of Pictures

Many types of pictures, and I know you have a plethora of them saved on your computer. Currently, my laptop is completely dead so all of my pictures aren't accessible.

Which means I need your help!

Here is the list of pictures I need for upcoming blog posts:
  1. T.O.P crossing his legs
  2. MBLAQ (specifically Thunder, Mir, and G.O)
  3. SHINee (specifically Onew, Key)
  4. Super Junior (any member!)
  5. BEAST (specifically DuJun, AJ, Yo Seob)
  6. U-Kiss (any member!)
  7. F.Cuz (if you have any, I greatly appreciate it!)
  8. 2AM (any member!)
  9. Any new group that I have yet to write about. Just make sure to tell me who is who!
I really appreciate it! The more pictures you send, the more I will blog!

You can EMAIL all pictures (whether they be links or attachments) to tkpa [at] live [dot] com. Please DO NOT tweet me the pictures, as I might not have the opportunity to save it right away and it might get lost.

Oh, and you can send as many as you want.

Thank you!




This is for all the people who made a big fuss out of the back of Taeyang's shirt ...


Really? It's a phrase. They're just words. They mean nothing if you don't give them power. I honestly don't see what the big deal is.


See? We all say it. Don't deny it. We all curse and swear like a sailor in our own language from time to time. It's okay to admit that you've let that F-Bomb slip every now and then.

I really want to know what the big deal is about it, but I don't want to hear anything about how Koreans have morals and blah, blah, blah. Because not only is that stereotyping that all Korean citizens are well-behaved and practically perfect (although their crime rate is low, there is still a crime rate which indicates not every Korean is "perfect"), that's also really offensive to those of us who are NOT Korean. When you say that Koreans have morals and that's why it's a big deal, you're implicating that the rest of us don't have morals.

Is it because it's Taeyang that wore the shirt? Is it the shirt itself? Is it a mixture?

I will admit, seeing that on the back of his shirt did shock me a little bit, because it's Taeyang and I bet anything he did twenty Hail Mary's after he took off that shirt. But what I focused on when I watched his performance was his performance. I'm sorry, I could care less what the man is wearing.

Oh, and about that whole thing where Taeyang doesn't have a great voice and it's easy to be a better singer than him ... shut the hell up. Unless you're a professional singer and you can prove that you sing better than him, your opinion is irrelevant. And as far as Daesung being a better singer, you have two men with two different styles of singing, two different ranges. You can't compare the two. That's like comparing G-Dragon and T.O.P in who is the better rapper of the two. They both have different styles. You can't compare.

Anyway, the performance is what truly matters at the end of the day. So enjoy it and quit complaining about what the shirt says and about the "too much autotune" in his songs or else we'll have yet another depressed BIGBANG member on our hands.