Cash or Money Order Donations

I'm not going to do the P.O. Box, but I do have an address for you to send your cash or money orders to that will be easier for me to keep track of. ALL instructions (and address) are included on the donation form, which you will have to receive by EMAILING me.

In the subject line, simply type, "Donation Form Request." I will get back to you within twenty-four hours with a PDF file attached to the email. I would upload it onto here, but it won't let me so we'll just do it this way.

Please, please, please fill out this form in its entirety. I like keeping records. I am very, very detailed when it comes to things like this (you have to be) so please fill out all the fields. Generally, I am asking for your name, your address (I won't stalk you), your email address, your Twitter account, how much you're donating, what the USD currency of that is (obviously for those outside of the States), if you prefer any specific organization we will donate all of it to, and your signature and the date.

There are instructions if you are sending concealed cash. If you wish to send a personal check, please tell me in the email that you'll send requesting the form that you wish to do that, so we can come to an understanding on why I am very hesitant on that. Also, if you want "proof" that I received your donation, there's specific instructions on how you can receive that.

It's all VERY easy and will take less than three minutes to fill out. Make sure you are able to open Adobe PDF files, as well.

So, EMAIL me right now and I will be replying back with the attached donation form!




Yesterday was a pretty epic day on Twitter, guys.

We've ALL come together (all fandoms, all K-Pop and J-Pop lovers) to figure out a way on how we can help support the disaster victims of Haiti. There are many ideas circulating, some amazing ideas that I know are going to be successful and heartwarming. I know for sure that the wonderful ladies at @AsianPopAddict have a lot of light bulbs flickering above their heads and I can't wait to tell you all once everything is finalized!

For now, though, @projecthottest, @twelfs, and yours truly have banded together to start up a donation fund in which ALL proceeds will go to the Haitian people. KPOP Helps Haiti is something we need all fandoms to participate in, all fans to donate anything that they possibly can. Whether it be a small amount or a large one, whatever you can do to help will help the Haitian people tremendously.

We have set up a PayPal account (link at the end of this post), and we encourage you to give what you can. If you are unable to donate anything personally, try to encourage those around you to donate. That is also doing your part in helping our fellow human beings who are in dire need of help at this time. I don't know how long we're going to keep this open for, or how much we plan on raising. At this point in time I will just be thankful for any amount raised.

You do have to be a registered PayPal user to be able to donate using the link at the bottom of the post. If you do not feel comfortable registering with PayPal, then we will be accepting "snail mail" donations. I will be setting up a P.O. Box within the next few days, so if you are interested in that, email us and please include in the subject line "Snail Mail Donation." As soon as I get the P.O. Box set-up, I will email you back with the address, as well as post it on here. I will document every piece of mail that comes in, how much you donated, who donated, when it was sent, and when I received it. If you want "proof" that you received it, then be sure to include enough postage for me to send you an invoice/statement saying that we did receive it.

We're devising a list of organizations we're going to donate this to, but we're leaving it all up to you to decide. Should it all go to one charity, like the American Red Cross? Or should it be divided amongst multiple charities? We're sticking to the big, reputable organizations to avoid all the shady people out there who would use a time like this to scam kind-hearted people. Let us know (in the comment section or through email which charities you think and suggest we donate it to. If you do email, please place in the subject line "Charity Suggestion").

I will continue to annoy the daylights out of you all and urge you to do what you can to help. And you know, I'll also continue to keep you updated with everything that's going on!

We have created a Twitter account, @Kpop4Haiti, which we highly, highly, highly suggest you follow as that will be the easiest way to get ALL the information firsthand!

Thank you all so much! Let's do this!


Whoops! Where's the link?

Well .... we're working on a new and BETTER alternative. Bare with us. I will be setting up a P.O. Box soon, so in the mean time, hang onto that donation and we will definitely let you know when we're back up and running again!


Haiti and K-Pop

No doubt you have all by now heard of the devastating earthquakes that hit Haiti, destroying an already impoverished nation. The numbers of people who lost their lives has reached 200,000, and many bodies are still lying in the streets or under heavy piles of concrete, trapped.

To get the full effect of just how devastating this disaster is, please take a few moments to click here (open in a new window). Pictures speak more than I could possibly begin to describe.

Being K-Pop fans, we sort of pride ourselves on coming together and supporting different fandoms and artists. We've made our favorite idols trend countless times, being successful each time. And while all of that is quite an accomplishment, I think we can do better.

I am asking you all to help donate in any way you can. Unfortunately, because the damage is so great, it's hard for supplies sent from around the world to reach those who truly need it. A lot of organizations like the American Red Cross, Goodwill, and the Salvation Army are not accepting clothing at this point in time as it is extremely difficult for clothing articles to be distributed right now. I plan on regularly checking in with those organizations to see when they will begin accepting, because I have mass amounts of clothes that I no longer wear. If you'd rather wait to donate that, then that's completely up to you. As long as you donate!

I know money is a hard thing to donate for some of you. Goodwill has created an amazing list of organizations and relief efforts all in need of monetary support for Haiti. I have already donated by texting "Yele" to 501501 ($5), "Haiti" to 90999 ($10, American Red Cross), and "HAITI" to 864833 ($5, United Way Worldwide). Those charges will be added to your phone bill, so if you cannot donate by form of an online payment, then that option is available to you. If you cannot do either and you still want to donate any amount, each organization does have the option of "snail mail."

Other organizations I have donated to have been the Catholic Relief Services, Compassion International, and UNICEF. You can send small amounts to multiple, or one amount to one organization. All that matters is that you donate in any way possible and you're doing your part in helping people who truly need it. Like I mentioned earlier, if you'd rather donate things like clothing or old books or toys or blankets, check in regularly to these charities and see when the appropriate time to donate it to Haiti will be.

Thank you all.



It's Been So Long!

I won't make excuses. I really won't.

But here's a way where you can still get some TKPA-dirrrtiness without me blogging ... formspring!

Here are some of the good ones I've received so far:

T.O.P's smolder stare or his sexy voice?
SMOLDER STARE!! Because the whole IRIS assassin/badass thing he did completely owned and from now on his voice will always lose when it comes to the stare. Smolder stare FTW

Because you've had a lot of T.O.P questions, how about G-Dragon, do you think he has a sexy voice?
Yes, I do. Especially when he's speaking Engrish.

One night of hot passionate sex with? choose one: GD, TOP, SeungHo, Joon, or Leeteuk? AND why? (by cjcdae)
Damn you, CJ. Really? REALLY?! Okay, okay, okay ... I would have to pick ... SeungHo. Because he's gorgeous, his voice is beautiful (so imagine some sex noises from that mouth!), and he looks like he has A LOT of tricks hidden up his sleeves. Plus, you know ... those Starburst lips all over my body? Helllll yeeeaaah!

T.O.P or GD?
I WILL NOT ANSWER THIS QUESTION! I would much rather listen to "Chu" on repeat than answer this question.

MBLAQ OR BIGBANG? (by Lovesample)
Why do you hate me?

Name four different idols as different candies and explain your reasons. SeungHo's starburst lips are already one. ;)
Heechul is like a Warhead. At first it's sour and GOOD-GOD-WHY-DID-I-EAT-THIS?! but then it's sweet. Heechul is a little cynical and an ass on the outside, but he really is sweet on the inside. G-Dragon is like a bunch of Jelly Bellies. You can mix & match them to get different flavors, and GD is always changing his style to create different looks. Jo Kwon is the aftermath of eating the whole freaking candy store and the hyperness you get. Yo Seob is like a chocolate Easter bunny. So damn cute and adorable, and even though it's precious, you still want to eat him up.
Start asking me questions! I won't post them ALL on Twitter, only the ones I think are just pure amazing. But really, I will answer every single question.
I miss you all! There's so much I know I need to catch up on! I'm trying my best but real life is currently my priority at the moment. Don't worry, though. I'm never too busy to listen to my K-Pop lovelies.


Valeska's Guest Blog!

Super Junior Sex, The Latest Subgroup of Super Junior

Author’s note: 99% of this story was written before Han Geng requested for termination of his exclusive contract. I don’t take sides in this case. However, Han Geng will forever be my favorite China man. No matter what.

Hallelujah! A new subgroup has been added to Super Junior family and this subgroup is called SJ-S a.ka Super Junior Sex.

Why Sex?

Because instead of targeting the Chinese market like Super Junior Mandarin (SJ-M) or even the elders like Super Junior Trot (SJ-T), SJ-S is targeting the sexually-frustrated girls (*cough*including me *cough*) market. Sex is what they show us and sex is what we aim for.

SJ-S is a 4-members group, consisted of Han Geng a.ka Chinese Thrust Machine, Eunhyuk a.ka Sir Pops-A-Lot, Siwon a.ka Abmighty Shisus, and Henry a.ka Juicy Angel Lips. These are the four guys that can make you forget the threesome concept, as you will welcome the fivesome concept, which sounds more awesome.

The upcoming promotional single will be a catchy song which is full of groans, moans, and all the sexual sounds that can turn you on. You can imagine Siwon's bass voice singing some R&B tunes or Henry's rap in perrrrfect English blend together beautifully. The single may not be suitable to be listened to at night times (alone in your room and listening to some sexy creatures singing sexy tunes? That's frustrating), but who cares? We enjoy our frustration of sex.

Well, at least I know I do.

As I've mentioned before, sex is what they show us. I expect that the MV will be freaking hot as hell, 10 times hotter than "Sorry Sorry Answer" MV. You do realize that Chinese Thrust Machine looks so gorgeous with a prestigious Jaguar in that MV, right? In this upcoming MV of SJ-S, he will once again drive a Jaguar and probably will make love in the backseat of the car.

No, not with this woman. I can ensure you that he won't make love with this woman.

Speaking of hot Chinese men, I won’t leave Juicy Angel Lips out of the talk, of course. His transformation from a cute, innocent boy to a damn hot and tempting man has amazed me. Juicy Angel Lips has officially become The Canadian Sex Symbol. He’s a multi-talented guy. He speaks four languages, he can play the piano very well, he can sing, he’s also a dancing-machine, and everyone knows about his incredible ability in playing the violin. In conclusion, he’s more amazing than the Niagara Falls.

Pretty Pretty Princess: Let me tell you something, kid. Show ‘em your angry-sex face. They’re gonna love it.
Juicy Angel Lips: Will do, Your Majesty.


I also expect to see SJ-S doing some irritatingly inviting dance moves that will trigger my primitive lust to raise. Since chest-popping will be so 2000 late, I hope Sir Pops-A-Lot will come up with a brighter idea for the group, like crotch-popping, for example. I love it when Sir Pops-A-Lot puts his hand on his crotch and pop it like crazy.

Damn, you can thrust it into me, love. You are most welcome.


Last, but not least, the Abmighty Shisus. I have no idea about his image in SJ-S. He is sexy, always has been and always will be. Maybe he will show a much sexier image that your brain will explode once you see him dancing, half naked.


SJ-S has to be on numerous of variety shows. They will be epic. Sir Pops-A-Lot will be the spotlight of the show (Hyukkiegayo, anyone?) while Abmighty Shisus will show his legendary Shibrows here, there, and everywhere. I don’t know what you think of Shibrows, but I think they are amazing.


Now, if you excuse me, I will buy a one-way ticket to Seoul. Soon I will hijack SM Entertainment office and become the new CEO of SM Entertainment. You will be grateful. I’ll send SJ-S to America and Europe for world tour. Happy?

I bet you are. Even Chinese Thrust Machine is happy.


TKPA Endnote: This. Was. Fucking. Amazing. Thanks Valeska!

Really, South Korea? REALLY?

I really am not understanding why that stick is shoved so far up your ass right now. Are you really investigating Kwon Ji-Yong and threatening him with jail time because of his solo concert performance? Do you understand how ridiculous that sounds?

True, some of the stage acts were not suitable for a young teenage audience. But didn't you already deem his album unsuitable for anyone under the legal age to listen to? So shouldn't you have taken more precaution when selling tickets and shouldn't you have enforced parental guardians to accompany anyone who even looked underage into the stadium that night?

Kwon Ji-Yong is a musical artist. He envisions things and makes them happen. He is one of the top entertainers in your country, in the world, bringing you money from overseas. And yet this is how you thank him? By creating laws that inhibit an entertainer from having any amount of freedom in the form of a personal life, and protecting the record companies, and then completely disregarding the fact that not only is he an entertainer that makes you money, he's a human being.

I really don't believe that this has anything to do with the "unsuitable material" displayed at his solo concert. Entertainers have done crazier things before him and have only received verbal criticism. Lady Gaga at the VMAs this past fall faked her own suicide on stage. Did you see the American police threatening her with jail time? No. Even though it was broadcasted on national television, and no doubt there were "young teenagers" watching, legal action was not threatened.

The famous Super Bowl incident, where Justin Timberlake ripped off a piece of Janet Jackson's clothing, revealing her nipple ... yes, there were fines from the FCC for not having the proper time delay during a live performance and fines for multiple other things ... but neither of them, nor the network producers, nor the MTV producers in charge of running the show were threatened with jail time.

As I said, it has nothing to do with the material of the performance. This all reverts back to that group of people we've all come to know as Netizens.

They sharpen their claws, they attack, they bitch and moan and complain about anything and everything. They are a group of people who spend their lives on the internet, typing out ridiculous and hateful things. You're listening to these people. Netizens are saying jump, and you, South Korean government, you're answering, "How high?"

Since when does a government accept heat and criticism from a bunch of teenagers or young adults in the form of internet commentary? It's absolutely mind-blowing how it was all acting, it was all for the sake of art ... and yet some people have the audacity to shred it to pieces. You're shredding his creativity to pieces. By placing all the blame on him, by reprimanding him, you're limiting his future self-expression, his future projects, his future revenue. And that really does seem to be all you care about, right? Making money off your faithful, devoted citizens?

There's also the comments from "parents" floating around that it was not something they wanted their child seeing. I'm sorry, but don't they speak Korean? Haven't they heard the lyrics before they purchased tickets or accompanied their children to the concert? Haven't they read a newspaper or watched TV and shouldn't they have known that his album was labeled not suitable for minors and that if he wasn't allowed to perform certain songs on television, then more than likely his live performance would include something "not suitable?" That just makes sense to me.

Kwon Ji-Yong is a gifted artist. He's creative and he's driven and he has not stopped working since he was thirteen-years-old. He gave up having a normal life to pursue a dream, and you're doing everything you can to crush that dream. I really hope you feel proud of that, feel proud of taking an issue that a group of bitter internet users blew extremely out of proportion and running with it, making it unnecessary and absolutely pointless.

Don't you have better things to do with your time?

The K-Pop Addict