We reached our goal! Actually, we went over it, raising $243.29! Thank all of you who donated to this project! You're amazing!

Anyway, there's been new people interested in this project, and I am thankful for that! I've received a lot of questions on how to participate, so I thought I'd just do a really quick and simple explanation so everyone is clear on this.
  • If you send postcards, they do not have to be store bought. If you're creative enough in Photoshop, you can design it there, just make sure that it is the standard postcard size (I think it's basically 4x6).
  • Birthday cards for G-Dragon do not have to be store bought, as well. You can make them by hand or in Photoshop.
  • Postcards and birthday cards can be funny or heartfelt. Whatever you want! You have no limitations on how creative you want to be!
  • Everything must be written in ENGLISH! (If it is store bought, obviously the writing on the card itself can be in your native language, but your message must be in English!)
  • You must include your name, age, country, and your twitter and/or me2day on each one.
  • All cards must be placed in a larger envelope and mailed to me.
  • You have to email me asking for the address! tkpa [at] live [dot] com. In that email, tell me your name, your country, and your twitter name. This way I know I should be looking for yours in the mail and if I don't receive it I can contact you.
  • NO GIFTS! We've already decided on what to give the boys. No small gifts. I'll mail them back to you if you send them. If you insist on giving the boys extras like candy, then donate so we have enough funds to pay for it.
The maximum number of postcards you may send is six (6). Either one for each member and then one to the group, or all six to one member, a few to one and a few to another, whatever you want! The maximum number of birthday cards is two (2). If you live outside the United States, I seriously and highly recommend that you send them immediately. Depending on the postal service you choose, it could take up to a month for me to receive. Please send them out as soon as possible so I receive them in plenty of time. If you live in the United States, your deadline is July 10th.

Now, we reached our goal for the gifts, but we still need a bit extra so I can properly (meaning, nicely) wrap them and then ship them out. Whatever you can give will be greatly appreciated, and any amount is needed. Even $1 helps! Just click on the donate button at the top of the sidebar! Please choose "Personal" then "Other," or else Paypal will deduct fees.

You do not have to use PayPal in order to donate! You can use Western Union or do a bank transfer. Please email me tkpa [at] live [dot] com and I will get back to you quickly with the info!

If you're new to the game and are wondering what gifts we have decided for the boys, then here you go:

For T.O.P

For G-Dragon

For Seungri

For Taeyang
We are doing a custom embroidered hat with "SOL" on the front at a diagonal angle. The hat will be black and the stitching will be white.
As soon as it arrives, I will be posting a picture, so don't worry!

For Daesung
Okay, we don't have anything for him yet, but I have the biggest Daesung lover on top of it, so rest assured, it will be taken care of!

So get your postcards and birthday cards in the mail as soon as possible and spread the word! If you and your friends want to mail them all together, that is okay too! Tell all your friends about this! Deadline is approaching FAST so let's try to include everyone, okay?




My Bad!

When adding up the calculations for the total cost of the gifts, I completely forgot to add Daesung's gift into the mix. I really don't know how I did it, and I don't know why it's taken me this long to realize that I did it ... but regardless, it's about time I figured it out, right?

Rather than the $210 amount I said it was going to be, it's actually $235. Not that big of a difference considering ....

WE REACHED $208.26!

Exciting, right?! A little bit more to go until we're able to purchase all the gifts, and of course, once they're arrived safe and sound I'll post pictures so you can see them!

However, we still need a bit more just so I can wrap these nicely and then have enough money to ship them to Seoul! So whatever you can give will be amazing! Even if it's just $1, a little goes a LONG way!

And you don't have to strictly resort to PayPal, either! If you'd rather do it by bank transfer or through Western Union, please email me and I will email you back with all the info you need.

Also, you don't have to donate in order to participate in sending the boys postcards and sending G-Dragon birthday cards! This is open to everyone! (Oh, and yes, if you have a me2day, you can add that link to the postcards and birthday cards!)

Deadline for sending them to me is July 10 if you live in the United States. If you live outside the U.S., I highly recommend you send them as soon as possible so I receive them in time! (Again, email me asking for the address).

One more thing ... sorry I bailed out on BIGBANG Friday yesterday. My laptop battery died after running like a land tortoise, so I decided to just skip out on the frustration. I'll make it up to you (I always do!).




Mmm, Dae Cakes!


Okay, not many of you know this ... but I love to bake. And, not to get all egotistical or anything, but I'm pretty awesome at it. I'm always looking for new things to bake and try and if I see something that makes me start drooling just at the name alone, I have to bake it immediately.

Anyway, I came across this one recipe for cotton candy cupcakes. Yes, you read that right.

Cotton. Candy. Cupcakes.


But I am renaming them Dae Cakes. All you have to do, really, is just print out little pictures of him and stick them on top (replacing the pictures of the cupcakes). And even if you don't want to use pictures, they'll still be Dae Cakes, simply because I said so.

I haven't made this yet, but I'm seriously tempted to make them this weekend. You can find the recipe here (along with tons of other really, really, sinfully delicious things ... this website will cause me to gain five hundred pounds, I just know it!), courtesy of CakeSpy. They look really simple to make and aside from the insanely cute factor (just like Daesung himself!), they have one important thing that makes me want to have these every day for the rest of my life:


Enough said.


BIGBANG Captions Part I


G-Dragon: We have the same hairstyle, Tae!

Taeyang: Why does he get to stand on the box?

The G-Dragon Influence is Worldwide

Yes, that's right. G-Dragon is influencing artists from around the world. I know you've probably seen it and thought the same thing.

Remember this monstrosity? Of course you do.


How could you not forget this horrible thing? Proof that G Baby should always have some sort of styling product in his 'do in order to maintain that unnatural sex appeal.

With that in mind, behold Exhibit B:


These men are Lady Gaga's backup dancers in her music video "Alejandro."

Purely coincidence, maybe. But I find it humorous that GD is practically the male version of her with his outlandish style, and yet here is a bit of his style popping up in a LG video. Nice, GD.


It's BIGBANG Friday!!

A few things first and foremost before we kick off all the fun today ...

The deadlines for the BIGBANG Anniversary Project is approaching! So far, a total of $151.00 has been raised. I know I've been absent from spamming you all and annoying you and reminding you to donate and participate, so it's greatly my fault we're so short of meeting our goal.

Here's the deal:

If we can at least hit the $210.00 mark by July 1st, we will be golden! That way we can order the gifts for the boys and I can make sure they're all arrived to me in plenty of time. After we reach that goal, I will still push for small donations in order to wrap the gifts and send them to Seoul, but there will be no set amount. The more money there is in the "pot," then obviously the nicer I can wrap them and I can also include extras (like candy or whatever).

SO PLEASE! WE NEED ONLY $59 IN ORDER TO PROVIDE THESE BOYS WITH GIFTS! If we can't reach that goal in a few short days, then we'll have to find other ideas for them!

And as far as the birthday cards and postcards go, I highly recommend that you send them now. I did have one blog-reader mail hers from Indonesia at the beginning of June and it just arrived Tuesday. Please, if you live overseas, send them ASAP that way I have them in time!

Just send me an email asking for the address and how many cards you're planning on sending! The last possible date you can send them if you live in the United States would be July 10th, but just get it done and over with already and send them!

I really hope we're able to do this, and I am sorry that I haven't been around to pay attention to this project.



Oh, Look! A New Layout!

There are a few things that are a little messed up with this new layout (like pictures being way too big and going into the sidebar).

But patience, grasshoppers ... it will all be fixed soon enough.

I'm also going to working on an easier way for you to go directly to all the posts on one group (Super Junior, BIGBANG, 2PM, etc...) rather than scrolling all the way to the bottom and trying to sort out the group in that mess of tags. See, I'm making your addiction to this blog a little easier!

Bare with me :)

(Oh, and you know ... feedback is also greatly appreciated).



A Moment of Silence for This 12 Pack


I just ...

I ... I ... have no words.

You're not even reading this. You're just doing a total right-click, save as move right now. I know how you all operate. I know because I did the same exact thing.

So it truly does not matter what I say here, because you're not reading it. You'll just comment below with a whole bunch of "dfbndjbntjbnjrenbjrbrjubvwwuiei!!!! XDDDDDD" and then say you could not properly formulate thoughts, much less a sentence, upon seeing the above picture. See? I know you all so well.

And the only reason why I am coherently typing these sentences right now is because I cannot see the above picture with the 12 pack abs. But upon thinking about it ... I have once again ... lost all words.

Thank you, Beastly Maknae and Sexy Beast Taek. You've made me speechless, but at least I have refrained from spazzing and sounding like a complete moron (does the Joon post ring a bell?).


This is Just ... Ultimate Win

It has everything.

Thai Me Up being slightly pervy. Huge sexual references. A complete Chuck Bass nature. The fact that it just sparks so many Mad Men era fantasies, complete with red lipstick and a strand of pearls that just so happen to get broken and pearls go flying everywhere, rolling around on the floor, and ... I bet his breath tasted like cold vodka with a hint of lime.


This is just win, Khun.

Will you please continue to do photoshoots like this more often? They complete my life in the most shallow way possible. I enjoy it immensely.


Um ... Jay ...

Okay, let me just say, first of all I am very glad that you decided to not name your fan club Bumblebee because that's just ... well ... very preteen. Job well done for having the entire new fandom be called the Jay Effect, with each little member within a Jaywalker.

Did I contemplate crossing over and abandoning 2PM because I am totally liking the fact of being called a "Jaywalker?" Yes, I did. Then I saw a picture of Chansung and I came back to my senses. I support you both in all your future endeavors (whether it be separately or as a reunited group), but my love for the six boys is collectively bigger than my love for you.

However ... just because I love you slightly less does not mean you can go about looking like a fifteen-year-old.


What happened to our beastly idol who would rip off his shirt and ... and ... not look underage while doing so?

This just breaks my heart. You're no longer the sexy, mega Korean idol. Now you just remind me of the kid who aced every math test sophomore year in high school. There was nothing sexy about that kid, Jay. Nothing sexy at all.

Do whatever you need to do in order to regain your former ultimate hotness. Shave something into the side of your head, if you must. Shave that damn new logo with the cross-walk stick figure posing like a "b-boy" you were talking about in your new YouTube video. Whatever you need to do, I support it.

Just ... stop looking like a fifteen-year-old and maybe, just maybe, I will consider sending you a pair of TKPA boxers.


Am I really not allowed to post anything pertaining to Jay without someone bitching about it? Really? He's not God, people. Have a sense of humor.


I Like This Luke Duke Look


Really, SeungHo ... you're looking good.

Hair? Check.

Lips? Check, check, check, check. (Multiple checks because those Starburst lips are so big).

Luke Duke red checkered shirt? Well ... check.

Normally I don't really go for a guy wearing a checkered shirt, much less a red one ... but hey, at least if we want to have a picnic we can take off your shirt and it will double as a picnic blanket. We're saving money and picnics are much better when the guy is shirtless.

If for some reason the Asian entertainment industry wants to give the rest of the world a complete WTF moment and remake the Dukes of Hazzard but you know, only Asian ... I will campaign for Lips of Sex to play the role of Luke. He already has the shirt, and he's the leader of MBLAQ. Luke was the "brains" of the duo. Perfect.

And as for you, Thunder, you have not gone unnoticed. Not anymore, anyway. My days of overlooking you for the other members in your group are over, for you have come into your own and you are starting to look really, really sexy.

Show me that chest flesh, bb!


Taeyang's New Album: Release Date


We've been waiting for months. Finally, there's a light at the end of the dark, depressing, covered-ab tunnel. There's a lot of speculation that the King of Foreplay's album will be released on June 25th, but then again it is only speculation.

You know how Papa YG likes to switch everything up on us and just at the very last minute, without any proper warning to get ourselves together and composed so we can fangirl and not die from a heart attack, release something. He's done it before, and he'll more than likely do it again.

I don't think you should worry too much about not enough promotions for Tae-Tae and his latest album. He's certified gold and he'll bring in the numbers, regardless of the amount of press he receives.

Patience fan girls (and boys) ... those glorious abs are about to grace the K-Pop world once again.



Rain is the Biggest Badass

Well, duh. Anyone who listens to K-Pop can tell you that. We know what power our men possess.

Last night at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, our luscious Rain took home the award for Biggest Badass Star for his role in Ninja Assassin. So happy for him! If anyone truly deserved it, it was him.

His acceptance speech was so awkward and adorable, and I still am not sure as to why he didn't take of his shirt and give everyone a little ab flash when talking about how he had to work out. His Engrish made up for it.

Oh, and the fact that he looked absolutely gorgeous too.

What is not cool is the little write-up Adam Rosenberg did on Rain's win. Quite frankly, it ticked me off just a bit.
Before I sign off for the night, I want to give a shout to one of the big surprises: Rain, who won Biggest Badass Star for his unbelievably physical performance in "Ninja Assassin." The movie isn't great film or anything, but it's a seriously good time and that's largely due to the great helpings of beatdown Rain passes around throughout. His acceptance speech falls a little flat, but give the guy a break-- he's a HUGE superstar in Asia, but English isn't his first language. I think he came off as totally affable and appreciative for the honor he received.
Um ... okay, I want to kick this person for saying it isn't a great film. Sure, it won't be grabbing any Oscar nominations, but I think the plot, as well as the acting, was entertaining and it was a legitimately good movie. He redeems himself a bit by acknowledging the fact that Rain is an Asian God, but dude ... no one can make fun of nor touch upon an idol's Engrish except for their English speaking fans.

Got it?

Congratulations to Rain!


Twitter is No Longer Lacking Chiseled Cheekbones


And the K-Pop Twitter invasion continues!

Lovely, gorgeous Kan is on Twitter now. He hasn't tweeted anything yet, but it's the simple fact he is on Twitter, and he will tweet something, and we will all go insane over it when he does. Plus, you know, I needed to write something about him. This blog is majorly deprived of chiseled cheekbones, so naturally when I need to fill that void, I look to Kan.

Twitter was lacking those cheekbones, and now it isn't.

He's just beautiful. Plain and simple.

I need to boost my number of F.Cuz posts around here. (Oh, and the group has their own Twitter too).


Totally Spazzing Right Now

Yes, that is exactly what it looks like!

Chansung is holding Junho's TKPA boxers!

I'm just ... totally ... HOLYCRAPIAMFREAKINGOUT.

I had to remind force myself to breathe earlier this morning when I stalked YouTube to find the fancam of last night's show in NYC. So amazing, so amazing, so amazing!

On another fancam the girl was a lot closer to the stage (which means all you can hear is screaming), but it also means that you can see their faces perfectly clear. And maybe I'm crazy, but I swear there's a little bit of a smile when Chansung realizes that it's a gift for Junho.



UPDATE: Even though Junsu was not with the boys last night, his were also thrown as well, shortly after they finished their introductions. Also, Wooyoung's were given to a JYPE staff member, who promised to give the "gift" to him. Thanks to Beki and Kiara!

UPDATE #2: Due to the recent blog layout, I had to take down the video that was originally posted. You can find it here!



Leeteuk, You Make It Hard to Defend You

I know today is supposed to be reserved for 2PM, but I need to take a moment to touch upon this subject. And the subject being it is incredibly hard to defend Leeteuk's manliness and sex factor when he does the following things:

Yes, it is ... um, artistic? ... and I am having huge GD flashbacks right now, but really ... this isn't necessary. This is never necessary.


Just like the shower cap is not necessary. And neither is this five-years-too-late-Myspace-default picture.


AND THIS IS NOT EVEN FUNNY. I mean, cool, you get facials and you relax and whatever ... I don't judge. If a guy wants to get all that done and pamper himself, then whatever. The guy works hard, he deserves to relax. But do you really have to put a picture of it on Twitter and make it nearly impossible for me to convince people that you actually are sexy?

Thankfully, pictures like the following surface, and people believe me.


It is still those few moments where people look at me as if I'm completely delusional and insane, when we all know that I am only partially delusional and insane.

C'mon, Teuk. Make it easy for me a little bit, okay? That's all I ask.


Aw, Poor Junsu


Poor Junsu won't be receving his TKPA boxers tonight!

It's okay, though. Our Vocal Sextasy needs to rest as much as possible so he can join the boys when they make their way to the west coast of the States.

Soon enough, though, he will get them, and here is to hoping that Thai Me Up tweets about the boxers in the meantime!

Good luck to Beki (who will be throwing Junsu's and Junho's) and to Kiara (who will be throwing Wooyoung's) tonight! You ladies will need it!


Charlie's Angels or ...

Neapolitan ice cream?


Three good looking top-secret spies with glossy hair, using the cover of Korean male idols so they can easily go from country to country under a work visa and not be interrogated like any ordinary traveller.

Or a delicious dessert topped with hot fudge abs, whipped cream pecs, and cherries in the belly button?

Well played, evil cow stylists. Very well played.


Cervix Punchers - May

All I can say is ... what the ...?

#5 - Taekyeon - Poor babe fell one position. Well, it's the third time he's graced us with his presence, so don't feel too bad for him!

#4 - Joon - It is about damn time he made his way up here!

#3 - G-Dragon - Not in the least bit surprising!

#2 - T.O.P - Yes, you read that correctly. T.O.P is number two. HE IS NUMBER TWO.

#1 - Taeyang - Am I a little bitter and shocked that Tae-Tae grabbed the crown? Well, just a bit, yes. But I couldn't think of anyone else more deserving than him to be number one in our hearts and ovaries.