Taeyang's Abs: Then and Now

Which do you think was the better time period for Taeyang and those ... drool worthy? Delicious? Scrumptious? Wash board? Divine? God-like?

There are so many synonyms for Tae's abs.

Here are his "Prayer" days, which you can clearly see were very gracious to him.


Just look at all those ripples. Broad shoulders forming into narrow hips. The man even has side abs, not to be confused with outer abs. Outer abs are little abs that surround the Holy Grail of abs, kind of like worshippers at an altar. But side abs are a rarity and should be treasured and lusted over and exposed for all the world to see. They are like the four-leaf clover of muscles, okay?

More recently ...


Well, nothing has changed. Thankfully. And I am happy to see that those side abs are still there.

Really, I just wanted to post two pictures of a shirtless Taeyang. Simply because I can and I know you will not complain.



  1. This is Cheryl and I approve of this post.

  2. GAWDDAMN. this jbae is happy :)

  3. LOL there is not a better reason, really.

  4. This is why I like your blog!
    Those abs...omg...'nuff said.