I Love You, Park Jungsoo (aka, My Future Husband)

Even though the Super Junior list of future baby daddies is quite competitive, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind the man I want to marry. And that man is none other than Leeteuk.

I don't care if you're sometimes feminine. Still love you, boo.

He grew on me, though. It was not love at first sight for me. As I’ve mentioned before, I was initially attracted to Ryeowook and his cute little five-foot-six, pocket-sized self. But after watching his brief appearance in Full House, in which he says in perfectly-Asian-accented-English, “I love you,” I was hooked. Not to mention his hilarious slash embarrassing display of entertainment in the last episode.

I don’t think life would ever be boring with Teuk around. This boy constantly makes me laugh, regardless of what he's doing. Whether he's demonstrating his wonderfurr Engrish, hogging the spotlight on Star King, dressing up and dancing as a dinosaur, his inability to drive, his wicked virtual piano playing skills, his antics with Boom, and especially all of the Sukira videos. Even his laugh makes me laugh, because it is the greatest laugh to ever have been laughed in the history of all laughs. (How many times did I write "laugh" in that last sentence?)

Seriously, I have so many videos on YouTube marked as favorite of this man. I can't get enough of him. I am fully aware that it sounds totally stalker-like and absolutely insane, but it's true.

And I think that Teuk would make a fantastic husband. He's sweet, incredibly caring, warm-hearted, with a great sense of humor. All of those are excellent qualities for a future husband. Plus, Teuk totally looks like the type of hubby who will bring you home flowers at the end of the day, just because he felt like it. When you're sick, he'll do his best to either cook you chicken noodle soup (or the Korean equivalent) despite the fact that he can't cook well. Granted, he'll probably hover over you while you're lying in the comfort of your marital bed in a state of near-death, and you'll probably become very annoyed by it. Because the last thing you really want so close to dying is someone coming in to check on you literally every two minutes. It's just because he cares, though, and you'll have to tell yourself, "At least he's here." At the end of his long, long, LONG work days (because he is a work-a-holic and somewhat of an attention whore), you can be waiting with a bottle of wine and warming massage oil to help him relax, and then proceed to strip his clothes off with your teeth. Because if you're married to Leeteuk, a nightly stripping session is mandatory. Just think of how he'll repay the favor.

I want ten of your babies. Let's make it happen.

And, unlike certain others in the K-Pop world, I do not have a love-hate relationship with this man. It's pure love, folks.


The K-Pop Addict

Lee Hyuk-jae is a King

I don't know what I love more. The fact that Eunhyuk clearly transported himself back into the 1940s and picked up a few fashion tips:

This makes me believe that he could play Noah
in the Korean version of
The Notebook.

Or that he is indulging in the greatest beverage-chain-to-ever-grace-the-planet, Smoothie King:

He looks like a Green Tea Tango man to me.

This definitely gives him some bonus points in the baby daddy department, as I am addicted to Smoothie King. There was a period in my life where I would go there twice a week and get a 32 oz of the Light & Fluffy. It's like slurping Heaven through a straw.

Currently debating on if driving twenty minutes across town to purchase one of these divine treats in a styrofoam cup is worth it ...


The K-Pop Addict


Baby-Daddy-To-Be List: 2PM Edition

Although there are six of them, I had a relatively easy time picking which ones I’d have a baby out of wedlock with. If Jaebeom was still an active member in the group, he would throw a monkey wrench into the whole situation. Thankfully (in this case only) he is not in the group, so the decision has been narrowed down to two men.

First up is the delicious Taekyeon (or Taecyeon as it is also spelled, but I tend to gravitate towards names involving a "k" in the spelling), or as I like to refer to him as the Korean Cristiano Ronaldo. (They have the same teeth and inability to keep their mouths closed at all times).

I love it when he says, "Somebody hurry and please tie me up somewhere."
Will do, bb. Will do.

At six-foot, Taekyeon leaves me speechless during his rap of "Again and Again." As The K-Pop Junkie said last week, "His voice is like sex." Yes, yes it is.

Reasons why Taekyeon has made the Baby-Daddy-To-Be List:
  1. He’s six foot. That is in no way a stereotypical remark toward Asians as a whole and their "lack of height," but I do actually like tall guys. I’m average height (5'5"), but having a baby daddy with some height will somewhat guarantee a tall-ish baby. There are a few tall genes tucked away in my DNA strand (one of my great-grandfathers was 6'4"), so there very well could be a Korean Yao Ming on our hands down the road. Is it just me, or does he also look exceptionally taller than the others in "Again and Again" video?
  2. Even though he was born in Seoul, he moved to Massachusetts for seven years with his family. Thus, this is one Korean who speaks fluent English, and that automatically gives him bonus points in my book. Although I do enjoy broken English with a heavy Asian accent, it’d be much easier on the bastard-baby-in-question if both parents spoke fluent English.
  3. He has a ridiculously goofy personality that I don’t think I’d ever get tired of. He seems like a big kid who wants to play all the time. I just want to hug him endlessly, and then strip his clothes off with my teeth. I don’t think he’ll mind too much, even if I am what he describes as a rabid fan.

The other member of 2PM that I want to become my baby daddy is Nichkhun.

I love you. Infinite, infinite amounts.

The K-Pop Junkie always says, “He has weird eyebrows.” She’s right; he does have weird eyebrows. But that doesn’t detract me from his face.
  1. Khun was born in California, making him an American citizen, and he is of Thai and Chinese descent. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to know he’s an American by birth, because we can completely bypass the hassle of trying to get him a green card to live and work in the States. And since he lived in the States for a portion of his life, he, like Taekyeon, also speaks English rather well. I cannot stress enough how much of a bonus that is, something that none of the Super Junior members that made the list can claim.
  2. He is a complete natural when it comes to being on television, and his comedic timing is impeccable. This clip from Star King (undeniably the funniest show I have ever seen) had me chuckling. [Unfortunately it isn’t subbed, but you don’t have to speak Korean to figure out what’s going on—I’ll tell you anyway, because I’m a nice person! The setup is that Khun has to get ready and eat breakfast in under three minutes, and he chooses to come home “the night before” drunk].
  3. He is a fierce dancer, and I swear if he were to ever dance with me like this, conception will immediately follow. (Also featured in this video is Sungmin from Super Junior, whose dance moves are equally impressive).
Tell me, which members from 2PM make your cut as potential baby daddy? (For the hell of it, Jay will be accepted).
The K-Pop Addict

An Open Letter to G-Dragon

Before reading this entry, you should probably check out the first blog I wrote in regards to him. This will make a lot more sense.

Dear Kwon Ji-Yong,

I am writing this to inform you that you win. You win, damn it. I'm not going to fight it anymore.

I tried so hard to keep you in my "rainy day" box, shunning you to the deepest depths of my mind. Yet you somehow snuck out of the abyss, hitting me with such a force, wherein it truly makes me believe I never even had a chance when it came to you.

Your songs have been stuck in my head for the past five days. Yes, five days. It doesn't matter what else I listen to, you're still there. Your sex voice is like an orgasm to my ears, and I cannot listen to "Breathe" without cursing your name. Why did you have to say, "I know you want it, baby," Ji-Yong? Did you realize that it would send dirty-minded girls, like me, into a total state of baby-making-mood? I think you did realize it when you wrote it, and I think you get some sort of sick pleasure from the whole thing. You're quite dirty-minded yourself, love.

I tried fighting the attraction I felt toward you, toward you and your male-Korean-Lady Gaga ways that you ever so proudly flaunted in "Heartbreaker." I tried resisting the urge, the need within me, to look past your platinum, bleached hair. I am a firm believer that Asian men should never ever EVER have blonde hair ... but you seem to be the only exception. I am fully accepting of your insanely-bright-hair-color. It puzzles me endlessly, and I am convinced that if you were to ever return to your natural, dark roots, your sex appeal would diminish. Secretly, I want you to keep the blonde. And I hate myself for that.

I kept telling myself, "No, don't go there. Just leave it alone." I can't do that, though. You should be proud of yourself, as I am, self-professed, the most stubborn person on the planet. Your conquest over my willpower is admirable, yet I loathe you for the absolute control you have over me by the utterance of a few English words.

I am a sucker for English in Asian-based songs. You, my dear Ji-Yong, have a plethora of that. Every time I hear you rap in "What's Up (The Leaders)" I have to stop what I'm doing. I cannot handle your perfectly-accented-English. Really, I didn't stand a chance against you. I shouldn't have even listened to your songs to begin with, I should have said no. Just like I would say if I were being offered drugs. Because you are a drug, Ji. I was already addicted to K-Pop, working on overcoming it. Congratulations, you single handedly destroyed that goal.

If I sound bitter, it's because I am. I have such a dislike toward you, but at the same time, I am totally in love with you and your bizarre, unexplainable power over me. It is a love-hate relationship that I feel toward you.

I love you when you say amazing things in your songs, lyrics that make me wish that I was born a Korean citizen so I would be living in South Korea and I could stalk you and obsess over you properly, rather than doing it from half a world away. But I hate it when your words repeat over and over in my head throughout the day, literally driving me insane and taking over my mind. I hate how your sexually-charged lyrics pop into my mind, making me think wickedly dirty thoughts in what can only be classified as the most inappropriate times during the day.

"Love it or hate it. You hate but you love it."
You're absolutely right.

Even though I said I wasn't going to compile the BIGBANG edition of the "Baby-Daddy-To-Be" List until Taeyang's single was released, I feel extremely confident in saying that you will be the only one on that list. Congratulations, Future Baby Daddy.

Kwon Ji-Yong, I love you ... but, understandably, I hate you all at the same time. You win, I fail. I fail miserably.

Your Future Baby Mama,

The K-Pop Addict

Jay, I Hope You Feel the Love.

Because your fans have totally gone above-and-beyond to let you know just how much they want you back where you belong, bb.

I know I said that I wasn't going to post about Park Jaebeom any more, unless one of three things happened. This is too juicy not to talk about, so I just had to do a post on it. (I can justify almost anything. It's a gift).

Seriously, if I was Jay, I probably would've cried seeing this.
Photo courtesy of JaySkyMsg over at Twitter

Congrats to all of the Hottests who successfully pulled this off. I really don't think I've ever seen a group of fans this dedicated. It's truly an overwhelming sight, and I know that right now in Seattle, your beloved 2PM leader is feeling all of your love. And pretty much all of Seattle is feeling it too.

Next I think you need to fly a banner over NYC or wherever the hell JYP is currently at and tell him what a douchbag he is. I kid, I kid.

Hopefully, we can all see this once again in the future. Sooner than later, preferably:


The K-Pop Addict


Birthday Spotlight

Major birthday wishes are being sent to Shindong from The K-Pop Addict. (Like he'll ever read this).



Happy 25th (24th here in America) birthday to you, lovely. Hope it's as fantastic as you are!


The K-Pop Addict

Someone Please Explain ...

Why is Kim Heechul so disgustingly pretty?

Seriously, no guy should be that pretty, that delicate looking, as it gives women all over the world complexes. As much as I love him (and I really do love him), I would hate to be his girlfriend. Not only would I be insanely self-conscience about my appearance whenever we had a date night, but I probably wouldn't even be able to set foot in the bathroom, as I can safely assume that the entirely-too-pretty-for-his-own-good singer/actor will be firmly planted in front of the mirror, preparing himself for the night's events. (You can see it too, can't you?)

If I ever had a daughter with him, she'd be the prettiest child ever. Hands down.

Oh, Heechul ... I think you'd be the perfect friend for a girl to have. You would make a fantastic buddy to go shopping with, as you're not going to lie to a girl and tell her to wear something that makes her ass look three times its normal size, nor will you sugar-coat your words when telling us that that those pants clearly do not do our bodies justice. Also, because of your dainty hands (which look like you've never had to do a day's work of hard labor in your life), you probably dig manicures, and girls love manicures. Essentially, you are the gay best friend every girl needs to have in her life.

But you aren't gay. Well, at least, I hope you aren't, but your guy-on-guy kisses have made plenty of people think otherwise. You are [presumably] hetero, and you could potentially end up as a friend-with-benefits after one drunken night out at the club. Even though you look dainty, that temper of yours suggests a lot of pent-up aggression that will no doubt surface during a round or two creating the beast with two backs. And hey, even if you are gay, that's okay too. I will still love you regardless. Besides, you weren't on the "Baby-Daddy-To-Be" List, anyway.


Ugh, I loathe you and your perfect, milky white skin.


The K-Pop Addict

The K-Pop JUNKIE Makes Her Debut: "Oh, Siwon."

Like any good college student, I am procrastinating doing my homework by writing this for The K-Pop Addict. By good fortune, I was assigned to live with The K-Pop Addict last year. We became pretty darn good friends by the end of the year. It wasn’t until over the summer that she became a K-Pop junkie turned addict. At first when she sent me the videos of Super Junior, I thought, "What is wrong with you?" Well, really, I was like, These are catchy! I soon became a junkie pretty fast.

As I sit here, writing this and listening to their music, I think about what first turned me on to Super Junior? I think it was when I went to visit The K-Pop Addict for the weekend over the summer at her house, where she quizzed me on who was who. I started to tell them apart and learned all about them as individuals. That is when I first decided that I really did like their music and I did enjoy all of the random shows subbed in English. That weekend was the breaking point. (Oh, and since then, I've tried to master the dance moves to all of their songs. Pretty hard, I must say).


Now that I have filled you in on whom I am (interesting, right?), I will tell you why I love Siwon. Siwon at first stuck out to me because of his nice face, which I now describe as handsome; with his smokin' eyes that could make me do anything when directed at me (this I know will happen if I ever meet him). But as I looked him up, I saw that he has a kick ass body due to that black belt of his. His abs look amazing and I swear he has some extra muscles in there somewhere. I mean, look at his arm muscles! How many Koreans have that definition? He would be perfect to cuddle with when he wraps his strong arms around you!

Oh, and did I mention that with his hot body he is SIX FOOT! Yes, he is super in shape, too hot I can’t stand it, and he is a giant. Ahhh, what is there not to like? (Besides the fear that he won’t do the dirty deed before marriage. I guess I can wait, since he is my future husband).

Besides the physical part of his awesomeness, he is a sweetie and is really good with kids. He doesn’t live with the other members of Super Junior because he would rather spend the time off with his family. Which I think is super adorable. Also, children love him and who can blame them? All of this adds up to him being a great dad and a family man. Oh yeah, pretty much perfect! But don’t try to steal his soda, unless there is a camera around …..

Siwon, why can’t you live in the U.S.A.?


The K-Pop Junkie

Reason #1 Why I Love Super Junior: They're Camera-Seeking-Fame-Whores

No, really. They are. I say that out of love.

Over the past few years, Super Junior has partaken in television shows, variety shows, guest spots on Star King, performing MC duties on their own shows as well as music shows, radio shows, and they’ve even acted in commercials and movies. Wikipedia isn’t entirely accurate with their filmography, since there are plenty of shows missing from it that I loved watching (Intimate Note is one of them).

I wish that when I was a teeny-bopper and obsessed with *NSYNC back when I was twelve, that those boys did as much fame-whoring as Super Junior does. Sadly, the only thing remotely close to that kind of camera-loving on *NSYNC’s part is the home video DVD that I have. I still watch it for nostalgia reasons.

I’ve watched several of their shows (the ones that I can find subbed, obviously) and aside from laughing hysterically, as all of the boys know how to act to bring in ratings, I think it made me like them even more. I was already beginning to dive into full-on obsession with them, but once I watched Explorers of the Human Body, I was hooked. This is the show that actually helped me learn all of their names, seeing as how all thirteen of them were active in the taping. Not only did they show me that I can kick my older brother’s ass when it comes to arm wrestling, but it really showcased each of them individually, glimpses of their individual, quirky personalities shining through with every episode.

(Side note: If any of you have a link to Leeteuk’s Love Fighter with ENGLISH subs, please let me know, as I can only find them with Vietnamese subs and I need to see my lovely Teuk giving bad advice and manipulating people with his endless chatter)

Even though it was filmed back in 2006, I am still incredibly jealous of those two girls on Full House for living with the guys for the duration of filming. Honestly, I don’t know how they did it, because I definitely would have been sneaking into Leeteuk’s or Donghae’s or Kyuhyun’s room at night … and there would have been a paternity test to follow and probably the disbanding of Super Junior shortly after that. It’s probably a very good thing that I was seventeen, a senior in high school, and with no clue who they were. ELFs would have my head on a silver platter, otherwise.

I try to watch pretty much anything involving Super Junior, as I love them and I will marry one of them (this I am sure of).

But even when they aren’t a part of a show whose premise is built around them, they still bring in the laughs and try to suck up as much camera time as they possibly can. If you’ve ever seen Star King, you know exactly what I’m talking about, especially in regards to Boom’s Gag Academy. Seriously, I don't think I've seen one single clip where the boys of Super Junior haven't completely stolen the spotlight.

Hell, even their random public service announcements are endlessly amusing, whether they're telling me how to save energy or advising me on how to stay warm during the winter. (Teuk, why do you have to have absolutely no ass? You're pure bone, bb).

It really is a shame that American musicians/actors/actresses aren't like this in the States. The only kind of famewhores we have here are Heidi Montag and the King-of-all-douchbags, Spencer Pratt. I'd suggest doing an exchange with South Korea, sending Super Junior over here and we'll give them Speidi in exchange ... however, I love people in SK too much to subject them to such vomit-inducing-cries-for-attention. You're welcome, South Korea.


The K-Pop Addict


The K-Pop Addict (Figuratively) Meets DBSK

(I know I said I'd wait until Monday, but I had free time and actually, if you think about it, it is Sunday in some parts of the world right now, and Sunday is only one day away from Monday. My reasoning is justified, thankyouverymuch!)

Before you go jumping down my throat, correcting me on the name, know that since DBSK is how they’re known in the K-Pop world, and as Tohoshinki in the J-Pop world, and because this is a blog about the addiction of K-Pop, I think it’s only fitting that I refer to them by their Korean name. I could just be neutral and use TVXQ, but I feel like being biased right now, so you’re all going to have to deal with me calling them DBSK. I don’t think a group should have three different names, as that is two too many names for my brain to handle. [Yet, learning thirteen names in regards to Super Junior was (hardly) a problem].

Much to the suggestion of some lovely people over at Twitter (thank you, by the way) I checked them out this past weekend. I wanted to do this blog entry a bit earlier, but I needed the proper amount of time to go all fan-girl over them. Plus, I had to have time to properly learn their names and do my “research” on them, which basically entails me endlessly looking up videos on YouTube. That is what actually took the longest for me to do. It’s tough, but someone has to do it, right?

Xiah, Micky, Hero, Max, U-Know

DBSK … Oh, how you completely surprised me.

The songs my Twitter followers suggested were ballads, and truthfully, while I love listening to ballads, I’ve been spoiled and I don’t really like them if my precious Kyuhyun or Yesung aren’t singing them. I listened to “Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimmantandarou” (English translation: “Why Did I Fall in Love With You?”) and loved it. It was a beautiful little ballad, and I think I loved the video even more than the actual song.

Please don’t ask me to say it, because I get tongue-tied as Japanese isn’t necessarily a language my mouth can speak without my brain pausing to think. (Completely irrelevant note: I do know how to say “goodnight” and “remote control” in Japanese, as those aren’t too complicated for my American mouth).

DBSK is made up of Hero, Xiah, Micky, Max, and U-Know. They do have other names, but for the sake of my sanity, I’m just going to go with the easiest names for me to pronounce. And I have a teeny crush formulating on Hero, as I believe he is far prettier than the milky-white-skin-attention-whore that is Kim Heechul. (But I do love Heechul and his inability to shy away from the camera).
Heechul, you have some competition, lovely
I wasn’t one hundred percent sold on DBSK, as I want some songs that will make me want to get out of my chair and dance and not remind me of how much my love life sucks as of late or something that will bring on the water-works. And then I listened to “Mirotic,” as I read on Allkpop (credible source, I know) how the album sold over 500,000 units when it was released last year. I see why.

I like “Mirotic,” because I am a sucker for random English phrases in lyrics. Seriously, if there is even just one word stuck in there somewhere, I love it. (Nothing beats Taekyeon saying, “She’s a bad girl I know / But here I go again / Oh no,” in his deep sexy voice in 2PM’s “Again and Again”).

I also checked out “Wrong Number,” and I think that is my absolute favorite. I'd say it's up there with Super Junior's "Reset" and G-Dragon's "Breathe." Big compliment, as those are the two songs I cannot get enough of as of late. Again, I am a sucker for English in a predominately foreign language song. But more so than the lyrics is the beat and I love love love the choreography. Oh, and major props to whoever styled these boys in this video, because they did an amazing job. Why can’t all stylists pull this off?

And the most important thing about all three videos, the boys look completely sexed up. In “Doushite,” it’s the heartbreaking kind of sexy, the total puppy dog eyes, that makes girls just want to mend their broken hearts with super glue and duct tape and a full-on body massage. “Wrong Number” is the angsty sexy. You know how some guys are just ten times more attractive when they’re angry? Yeah, they totally have that going on.

Before you go thinking I’m shallow for always commenting on the physical appearance, know that all it takes is for me to find one member in the group attractive, and I go all fan-girl-berserk and start listening to everything they ever sang and watching almost every video of them attention-whoring-it-up on Korean television. I will always give credit where credit is due, also commenting on dancing ability, vocal ability, how much they can make me laugh, and if they have caught my attention enough for me to want to obsess over them.

DBSK has definite potential, and I know that if I try and listen to them more, I’ll soon be configuring lists of reasons why I love them. I just need some quality time with the boys. That’s all I’m saying.

So far … definitely good.
The K-Pop Addict


To Get You Through The Weekend

Can someone please tell me the name of the extra muscle this boy has in his side?

Taeyang (real name Dong Young-Bae) is just one of five hotties in BIGBANG. I think that "hottie" is an extreme understatement in Taeyang's case. He's more like the definition of physical, Korean perfection, eight pack and extra side muscle, in all its glory. (I noticed that Changmin from 2AM has the same muscle. Weird). Lucky for all of us K-Pop-lovers, his new solo comeback is going to be released in mid-October, and if his voice and general presence is anything like this the second time around, G-Dragon will have some competition when the BIGBANG edition of the "Baby-Daddy-To-Be" List undergoes consideration. I will have to wait until the single "Where U At" is released before I begin deliberating, as it's only fair to my Coca-Cola-Dragon.

Have a great weekend, everyone. I'll be back Monday with my thoughts on DBSK, which I've had many song suggestions from my lovely followers at Twitter (Plug time: Follow me!), and I must say ... so far, so good. Definitely developing a teeny crush. We'll see how the weekend treats me.

Here is a lovely parting gift for you, as well as a little bit of GDYB (G-Dragon, Young-Bae) action:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I tried finding pictures of Tae with a shirt on, but this is much better.

The K-Pop Addict

Super Junior-M's "Super Girl": Chinese v. Korean

I wanted to go to sleep an hour and a half ago, but here's the thing about me ... I don't sleep.

Literally about an hour ago, The K-Pop Junkie mentioned how I should include Super Junior-M's "Super Girl" to the playlist (featured on the right sidebar). I said, "But it's Chinese, not Korean." Thus, there would be no point in putting it on here, even if it is by a subgroup of the largest boyband in the world, Super Junior.

I was on Twitter when I saw from multiple people that SJ-M has now released the Korean version of "Super Girl." I became super excited and rushed to play it ... only to find that I actually like the Chinese version better. It's still a fantastic song in any language, but because I've heard it so much in Chinese, it just sounds weird.

But then I listened to it again. And I am now in love with it. Again. I'd show proper enthusiasm about it, but I'm starting to feel the sleep creep up on me and it's becoming nearly impossible to keep my eyes open. So, I'll just cut to the chase and keep this short.

Here's the Korean version. (Watch in HQ for the ultimate sexiness of Donghae, Kyuhyun, Siwon, Ryeowook, Han Geng, Henry, and the cross between Leeteuk and Siwon, Zhou Mi). And here is the Chinese version. (Also watch in HQ).

I know that The K-Pop Junkie is going to go bat-shit crazy over this, seeing as how her Baby-Daddy-To-Be list includes Siwon, Hae, Kyun, and Han Geng.


The K-Pop Addict


Park Jaebeom, I Love You. And by Love, I Mean “Obsess Infinite Amounts Over.”

I wish the whole ordeal of former 2PM member, Jaebeom, never happened. Because not only is this guy no longer granting us all the privilege of hearing his gorgeous voice, but he is one less pretty (and muscular) Korean for me to look at. That should be a good thing, seeing as how I’m supposed to be overcoming my addiction to K-Pop (who am I kidding with that, anyway?!). It definitely is not a good thing, though.

Park Jaebeom, how we'll miss you.

So, I’m writing this as my one and only blog entry to get my obsession out of my system, because I can no longer afford to ogle over someone that I cannot see perform as the leader of 2PM. And I know that the Hottest (the official name for 2PM fans) are protesting and boycotting events of the now six member group until their precious leader is restored to his rightful place, but I honestly do not see that happening any time soon. Not trying to put a downer on all of you Hottest out there, but realistically speaking, unless your boy and Park Jin-young (CEO and founder of JYP Entertainment) work out the whole sticky situation, then Jaebeom will more than likely stay in America.

Which sucks for all of you in Asia (and everywhere else in the globe), but it is quite a happy thought for those fans who reside in the States. Honestly, I think that if he is still under contract with JYPE, then he needs to get out of it and focus on making a name for himself here in America. He’ll do exceptionally better in the American market than he ever would have just staying within the Asian countries. Not just here, domestically, but internationally as well. How many major musicians and actors and actresses that are internationally known are American? The answer is a lot. Because we pimp our citizens out hardcore, treating them like high-class whores.

And Jaebeom, darling … you are an American-born citizen. Embrace the whoring out of your American career.

Your hip dips put Cristiano Ronaldo to shame.

The controversy revolving around Park Jaebeom (or shall I call him Jay Park since he’s now back home in America?) stems from a silly MySpace comment he left when he first traveled to South Korea to become a trainee for JYPE—four years ago! The American teenager told a friend, “I hate Korea. Koreans are gay.” Which, in the States, that might not seem like such a bad thing, seeing as how it’s common teenager slang to refer to something that is dumb (not that teenagers referring to something as “gay” is okay, because it does offend homosexuals and it should never be used in a negative manner). But when that’s literally translated into Korean … holy cow, it’s like the ultimate Yo Mama joke.

People made a huge deal out of nothing, out of a cultural and linguistic misunderstanding, and in fear of possible backlash against the entire group, Jaebeom did the correct thing (in my honest opinion) and left the group. Hundreds of fans went to the airport to beg him not to get on the plane to go back home, but what they don’t understand is what could have happened if he stayed. And they also don’t understand that while their intentions of boycotting in hopes to get Jaebeom's and JYPE's attention and to call for his return to South Korea are noble, and the amazing unity that has occurred between Hottest all over the globe, their efforts are pointless. It’s about politics, folks.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely and one-hundred percent want him to remain active in the music industry, but I don’t think it will be with 2PM, and if it is with 2PM, it will not be any time soon. Enough of all that, though.

Jaebeom is lovable for a lot of reasons.

One, looking at him, I can’t help but think dirty thoughts. Two, I really want to lick chocolate syrup or whip cream off of his abs. Hell, I am even willing to eat kimchi off of his body, and that is saying a lot because I cannot stomach the smell of Korea’s beloved dish. I just can’t.

Does this really need a witty caption?

Jaebeom’s dance moves are insane. I could dedicate a whole blog post to his dance ability, but I won’t do that because, again, this will be my one and only post regarding him and my obsession of him. But, for a little teaser, just a quick taste of the sick moves, here are a few links I highly recommend. I suggest you either: clear the surrounding area free of furniture, as seeing him will make you want to attempt his flawless movements, or keep some Kleenex nearby, because ladies you will need to wipe the slight drool that will escape your mouth. (The last video has made me a firm believer that Jaebeom is an absolute dirty freak in the bedroom. If you don't find it temperature-rising-sexy, then please let me know where you are located so I can call the nearest mental health facility and have you checked in).

Until Jaebeom either: A. returns to 2PM and remains the leader, B. embarks on a solo career here in America (unlikely, but my deep wishful thinking), or C. something incredibly juicy happens in regards to the current crap-hole of a situation, I will not obsess over him further nor write about him in detail, other than the occasional mention and link back to this post. It’s too devastating and heartbreaking for me to deal with.

Park Jaebeom, in the highly unlikely chance you will ever read this (still, have to put it as a precautionary thing so I don’t get put on an international stalker’s list or something), know that whatever you do, there will be millions of people around the world, supporting you. You are a super talented guy, and even though times might be dark right now, your future is indeed bright. Hang in there, lovely. Oh, and I also love you.

Yeah, definitely going to be on that list.


The K-Pop Addict

G-Dragon Smokes a Cigarette, "Scandal" Ensues

I have to say, I'm neither a supporter nor a hater when it comes to cigarettes. The way I feel about it is, if you want to smoke, then smoke. Just be courteous to those around you who do not smoke and do not wish to inhale your nasty second-hand-lung-tumor-causing-smoke. In all seriousness, though, I do not see a problem with it, as it is a personal choice and it's not like you're shooting up heroin or smoking a crack pipe, because then I'd object.

I know this is few-day-old news, but it's been irking at me. Partly because I hate it when things are blown out of proportion because of people who have nothing better to do (but look who's blogging ... ha!), and another part is because they're picking on my guilty pleasure, G-Dragon.

Allkpop posted a story the other day, which featured pictures of the unnaturally-attractive-to-me "Heartbreaker" smoking a cigarette and drinking a Coca-cola at the 2009 Global Gathering. Before I get into the whole cancer stick thing, let's focus on the bigger picture here. Can I just profess relief that G-Dragon is a Coca-cola man and not a Pepsi drinker? Seriously, Pepsi is gross. I think I would've retracted my previous admittance of finding him attractive if he was photographed holding a blue aluminum can.

Glad to see you're a Coca-cola man, G.

But there is a positive side of the "controversy" surrounding G-Dragon and his appearance at the outdoor festival. Do you see his roots? Do you? They're dark. Not platinum. Dark. Oh, yes. There is a tiny glimmer of hope that he will snap to his senses, fire his current stylist, surf the internet, stumble upon this pathetic little website I like to call a blog, and then hire me to be his new stylist and potential baby mama. But he has a lot of competition in that department.

Your roots are black, just like your lungs.
The K-Pop Addict
(Note: As I do not want to be sued, pictures are credited to Allkpop for their stalker-like ways in obtaining these photos of the Coca-Cola-Dragon).

Baby-Daddy-To-Be List: Super Junior Edition

I have an ongoing debate within myself that I need to talk about. The fact that there are thirteen guys in Super Junior might make one think that there are plenty of guys for a girl to choose from, selecting one to admire and worship and secretly kiss the poster before you go to bed at night (we've all done it at one point, don't deny it).

But the idea of only picking one member is ludicrous, impossible even. It just can't happen, because they are THIRTEEN handsome, totally-delicious-in-their-own-way, each-has-their-own-sex-god-thing-going-on-for-them Korean men. And when you combine that much hotness in one group, the minds of fan girls begin to explode. Especially when you see performances such as this, it's an absolute wonder how teen girls in Asia are able to keep themselves composed and not go totally bat-shit crazy over these boys. (I am very thankful I live on the other side of the world).

While I love every single one of them for individual reasons, there are only five of them that I would consider having an illegitimate, bastard child with, thus giving him the honor of becoming my baby daddy.

First up, is the lovely, hip-thrusting machine, that is the leader, Leeteuk.

Oh, how I love you, bb.

Let me just say, first and foremost, I am absolutely in love with this man for reasons that will be discussed at another time. But that love didn't come right away. In fact, when I first saw the "Sorry, Sorry" video, the one who I thought was a cutie-patootie was Ryeowook, in all of his pocket-sized glory. As I began watching video after video, Teuk was the only one who stood out in my mind, the first name I actually knew. (It took me a while to learn all of their names, even though I knew them all. Thirteen names is hard to remember).
Reasons why Teuk has made the Baby-Daddy-To-Be List:
  1. He's gorgeous, and our child will without a doubt have the most luscious lips ever.
  2. Teuk has more than once been described by the other members as the "doting" one, the one who cares more about others than he does himself. Any man who is like that gets an automatic spot on the list.
  3. He is a master at manipulating people to get them to do his bidding. Could you imagine how successful he will be when it comes time to give our child a bath? Or when the stubborn little brat refuses to go to sleep at night? Teuk could make them do just about anything, without them even knowing it. (Also will come in extreme handy during those pesky teen years!)
  4. Seeing him kiss a baby (5:10) made my ovaries ache just a little bit, thus shooting him to the top of the list.

    The second man in the running is the amazingly sexy Donghae.


I have always, always, always found him to be attractive, but he previously held the number three position. That is, until I saw Super Junior-M's video for their new song, "Super Girl" and realized how unbearably sexy this man truly is. Seriously, pure sex is exactly what he looks like. And it's a refreshing change from the normal, cute kid-at-heart thing he normally has going on. Because even the young at heart can be sexy, correct? The answer is a definitive and resounding YES, YES, YES.
Reasons why Hae has made the Baby-Daddy-To-Be List:
  1. Seeing him get kids ready by washing their hands (1:05-2:20) before dinner is touching in a paternal way. Here is a young man (at the time of the show, he was 21) acting like a father to a young boy. If that doesn't get the uterus longing for a tenant, I don't know what will.
  2. The baby-making process will be exceptionally fun.
  3. Hae will teach our child how to dance, because God knows this white girl cannot dance to save her life. Someone has to pass creative genius onto our child.
  4. He will do anything to make children laugh, no matter how ridiculous it may be.

Number three is the baby of the group with a voice that sounds like angels singing in heaven, Kyuhyun.

The nerdtastic Kyuhyun

Kyu is probably the biggest nerd idol you'll ever lay eyes upon, but at least your eyes will be happy gazing upon his gorgeous face. I will say, extremely glad he has strayed away from the "Don't Don" days, in which a HORRIBLE stylist had him bleach his beautiful, beautiful hair. I hope he never returns to that look and that he permanently stays a dark-haired beauty. Kyu loves to play Starcraft, so he is a gamer to the extreme, but who ever said that gamers can't be man-gorgeous?

Reasons why Kyu has made the Baby-Daddy-To-Be List:

  1. He can sing Disney songs, so he will without a doubt sing our child to sleep every single night. And if I had my way, he'd sing me to sleep every night too. (Warning: He's a blonde in the vid).
  2. Kyu doesn't speak much in interviews and on shows (because there are normally 12 others vying for any type of camera time), but when he does speak, his sense of humor is dry and witty, and he is absolutely perfect for me. Our child will have the weirdest sense of humor. Ever.
  3. Seeing how flustered and overwhelmed he became when he volunteered at a home for disabled children was touching and sweet. Normally, a guy panicking about paternal things is a bit off putting, but Kyu managed just fine and earned a spot on the list.
  4. I want to pass on his genes to our little halfie baby, because he is gorgeous and our baby will be gorgeous, as well.

Time for the JV-Squad of the Baby-Daddy-To-Be List. These two have potential, but I'm not one-hundred percent sold just yet.

Eunhyuk is one I have mixed feelings about, for he's not the stereotypical, generally-perceived-as handsome as some other Korean idols. But I cannot deny that this man has chest pops and pelvic thrusts that make my jaw drop and turn into some rabid fan girl.

Hyuk looks like raw sex when on stage.

Reasons why Hyuk is on the JV-Squad:

  1. Seeing him try to calm a crying baby is hilarious.
  2. His jaw is AMAZING. Oh, my. I have to admit, seeing a guy with a square jaw sends me into a tizzy. And (thankfully) majority of Korean male idols have that jaw. Bless those Asian genes!

Reasons why I'm not 100% sold:

  1. I've read once before (on a not so-credible source) that my beloved dancing machine Hyuk does not believe in premarital sex and does not drink at all. I don't mind the drinking thing, as I'm not really much of a drinker, anyway. But the point of having a "baby daddy" is to not get married. So, until I hear that piece of information was false, Hyuk will stay on the JV Squad as first string, with a strong possibility to making varsity.

Kangin is on the second string, so to speak. I love him because he seems like a huge teddy bear and he has an amazing laugh which sends me into hysterics every time I hear it. Yet I can't fully commit to making him join varsity. I just can't bring myself to do it.

A guy in a suit always makes my knees weak.

Reasons why Kangin is on the JV-Squad:

  1. He really is great with kids, so he'd be great daddy material.
  2. He is the "strong" member, which is good because I can't even open a pickle jar. I don't necessarily eat pickles, but you get the point. My future child needs to get strength from somewhere, because it sure as hell will not be me.

Reasons why I'm not 100% sold:

  1. Kangin is not exactly the most patient person ever, a fact that is widely known amongst ELFs (or Everlasting Friends for those who do not know the official name of Super Junior's fans). I'm sorry, but patience is pretty much mandatory when it comes to [raising] children, and there will no doubt be a lot of baby mama drama going on, so he has to have patience with me as well.

There they are. My five of thirteen Super Junior members that I'd love to have bastard children with. Huge flattery on my part, because I'm the pickiest woman ever when it comes to the opposite sex.


The K-Pop Addict


Guilty Pleasure: G-Dragon

I have a strict rule when it comes to the men I find attractive: they must have an actual name. That rule has now been broken.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet G-Dragon:

He's pretty, isn't he? Another rule of mine is that androgyny will never be tolerated,
but in the case of G-Dragon, he's only pretty in pictures.
I have to address, though (because I know you're thinking it) ... what the hell is up with Asian idols bleaching their naturally gorgeous, dark hair blonde? It is not attractive and whatever stylist in charge of these handsome men, who keeps suggesting all these idols bleach their hair, needs to be fired and banished out of South Korea as soon as possible. (I'd be more than happy to style these boys, however their clothing will be minimal and hours in the gym are mandatory).

G-Dragon, real name Kwon Ji Yong, is the "leader" of the Korean hiphop quintet BIGBANG. He is currently in the process of pulling a Beyonce and has embarked on a solo career, yet he is still involved in the group. (Sidenote: I think tattoos are a bit sexy, even on blonde Koreans with ridiculous stage names).

The thing about G-Dragon is that, while a part of me dies slowly every time I type out his name, he's addicting. His songs "Heartbreaker" and "Breathe" have been stuck in my head for the past twenty-four hours. The beat to both of them are incredible, giving off a great club feel to them. I don't live anywhere in Asia, but I can imagine that they are being played frequently throughout nightclubs.

And here is the reason I love them. Because of their ghetto, broken English one-liners that are the only words I actually understand without watching the videos with subs.

For instance, in the beginning of "Heartbreaker," G-Dragon says "Ay, yo! Finally! / Is this what you been waitin for? / I'm all by myself, but it's all good." I don't know what makes it so funny to me. Maybe it's how his mouth moves when he says it, maybe it's how he sounds (could be), or maybe it's because he looks absolutely ridiculous in the beginning shot of the video.

He sort of looks like the male, Korean Lady Gaga, no?
The rest of the video is actually the result of a lot of creative genius, and the lyrics aren't half that bad. However, it is a bit creepy when he starts singing, "I'll still still be there." The choreography is weak in comparison to other idol groups, but G-Dragon definitely makes up for it in the style category.

Please fire your current stylist, baby. Employ me instead.
So, after listening to "Heartbreaker," I had a good laugh and decided to check out his other, newest video, "Breathe." I needed another laugh and curiosity always gets the best of me. At this point, I had already written off G-Dragon and the whole adrogyny, bleach blonde thing he has going on. I gave him credit for producing such a hit (because if the whole thing was in English and was released in America, I know for a fact it'd be a major hit), but it pretty much stopped there.
But then "Breathe" infiltrated my life, and guys ... G-Dragon is now my guilty pleasure. He's the type of guy girls know they aren't supposed to like, because he's all wrong for them, because he's a total douche, or because he's just amazingly ten times prettier than the girl ... but I can't help it. There is just way too much hotness going on in this video for me to handle (it's nowhere near the melting sex that is of 2AM, though).
There is thankfully less androgyny, less facial make-up, which is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS a good thing, in my opinion. But here is a bit of lyric for you to just digest how awesomely hot and OMG it really is:
Hey gorgeous, sweet, amazing baby / I know you want it baby / You and me hardcore right now / 'Til you say no more
Yes, please. And I swear, every time he says, "I know you want it baby," (which is only twice, if you're wondering, but the words have impact) I think to myself, "You're so right!" Because even though there is an undeniably cocky, unnaturally blonde Korean man telling me he knows I want him, in the most arrogant tone ever spoken ... I do want him. And I want him bad.
It's a little disturbing, I know. I cannot and will not deny that the man has a certain amount of sex appeal working for him, and any amount is always a good amount. He's not the conventional I'm-going-to-show-my-eight-pack-abs-and-bulging-biceps-so-fan-girls-will-like-me kind of idol. Although that never hurts, G-Dragon literally "makes love" to the camera. His facial expressions range from hilarity to jaw-dropping to where-the-hell-is-a-tissue-to-wipe-the-drool-from-my-mouth?

So, I will store G-Dragon in my "rainy day" box, taking him out from time to time and use him to my utter and complete whim and disposal. I don't think he'll mind too much, though. He looks like a bit of a man-whore, anyway.
In closing, I will leave you with a picture of my guilty pleasure as a non-blonde.

Yes, please!
The K-Pop Addict

Step One: Admitting My Problem

I know exactly when it happened. It was May 9, 2009.

I logged onto my computer that afternoon, checking my usual websites [Facebook, Twitter, Myspace (which is rarely ever used), Kickette, DailyMail (why I choose to read British mags is another topic entirely), and of course, Perez Hilton]. It was on Perez that I first saw the video that has forever changed my life. I normally skip over the music videos he posts, but something deep within me said to give it a chance. Maybe it was the fact that the screencap of the video showed a lot of handsomely dressed Korean men, or maybe it was out of sheer boredom that I decided to watch it.

Either way, I fell in love.

If you've ever heard Korean pop, you can't deny that the beats are catchy. Sure, I don't know what they're saying 95% of the song (5% of it has broken English phrases incorporated into the lyrics), but it still makes me want to get out of my chair and DANCE, DANCE, DANCE. In the months following that fateful day, my tastes in K-pop have branched out a teeny bit. I used to subject my ears to nothing but one group, over and over, song after song, until I could sing the songs in Korean. And I can sing them in Korean.

And the one group I am referring to -- the group that I obsess over on a daily basis and that I swear I will marry at least one of these boys -- is none other than the amazing, talented, hilarious, and absolutely man-gorgeous, Super Junior.

From left to right: Shindong, Donghae, Yesung, Kangin (hat), Sungmin, Kyuhyun,
Kibum (top), Hankyung, Heechul, Eunhyuk, Ryeowook, Siwon, Leeteuk

Yes, there are thirteen of them. Yes, I know all of their names. And no, actually, none of them look similar. Let me just tell you, I am in love with these boys. I have over thirty of their songs that I repeatedly play on my iTunes, their entire 3rd album (which is absolutely incredible in every single way), and yes, there is even a poster (the above picture, actually) on my wall. I will have one of their babies, but that's something I'll hash out another day. And there will be plenty of posts as to why I love Super Junior, so I won't begin to explain it at the moment, but trust ... there are a lot of reasons.

Suggested Super Junior songs: "It's You," "Reset," "She Wants It," and "Let's Not."

Another K-pop boy band/idol group I currently have a fascination with is 2PM. I will admit that Super Junior can be a bit too ... feminine at times. But the (now six) boys of 2PM are anything but that. I say now six because the "leader" of the group has now left for an entirely-much-too-complicated-reason-for-me-to-even-get-into. (If you're curious, type "2PM Jaebeom" into any search engine, and you'll soon find your answers, as well as get a delicious eye full of [seriously] some of the hottest, muscular Korean men alive).

Back row: Chansung, Junsu, Wooyoung, Taekyeon
Front row: Junho, Jaebeom (departed), Nichkhun

I have a deep, deep crush on these boys. Their choreography is sick, their music is extremely addicting, and they aren't bad to look at, either. Which isn't always the most important thing, but it's a nice factor to include into the equation. I am very sad that Park Jaebeom has left the group, because the guy has a KILLER voice and he just oozes sex. And yes, that is an eight pack. I will miss not seeing him involved with 2PM, but on the plus side (as every dark cloud has a silver lining) this boy is: 1. American, 2. Back in Seattle. Which means that there is only the continental U.S. stopping me from stalking him, rather than the continental U.S. and the Pacific Ocean. (I kid, I kid. I'm too broke to go stalking Korean idols, and if I did have money, I'd be stalking any one of the Super Junior members or 2PM's Taekyeon).
Suggested 2PM songs: "Again and Again," and "10 Out of 10."
The other group that is somewhat involved with 2PM is 2AM. Catchy, huh? I have to admit, I haven't actually listened to any of their songs (yet), but they are on my list. However, this video has done more than enough to convince me to listen to them, and the hilarity of "leader" Jokwon's "English" skills has amused me endlessly.
I know I need help. I send clips and songs to my friends (namely one in particular, who we shall call from here on out The K-Pop Junkie) and they look at me as if I'm insane. And I can acknowledge why they think that. Hello, I am a white girl in love with Korean pop, completely and one-hundred percent addicted to it. It is my heroin, my alcohol. I need it like a crack junkie needs their next fix. American music just doesn't do it for me anymore, folks.
And it's not a serious addiction or anything that is hazardous to my health. Nothing like that. But when I catch and stop myself from answering "yes" in Korean (pronounced, "Ye," or "Ne") when my first language is English, that is a major problem.
The K-Pop Addict