This is Unacceptable, American K-Poppers

Yes, K-Poppers. Not VIPs. I'm calling everyone out on this.

We can now on Facebook vote for BIGBANG to come to our home country as part of this global event. Whether or not they will still add America to that list (since they want to debut here anyway), we don't know. But why would we take the chance?

We know that Papa YG wants to bring the boys here, so let's show him that we want them here!

Think of it this way ... I'm sure a lot of other idols are paying attention to what BIGBANG is doing right now. Opening it up to the world, broadening the k-pop horizons and seeing where exactly in the world they have fans. Point being, if they see that there are a lot of K-Pop fans in America, guess where they are going to want to go next?

As a whole fandom, not just a VIP or an ELF or a Hottest, Cassie, A+, B2uty, Shawol. etc, etc, etc ... we should really help each other out on this. Vote for BIGBANG to come to America, and maybe 2PM will follow on their own tour. Maybe Super Junior will hop on the bandwagon, bringing SHINee along.

Just because it isn't your bias that we are talking about doesn't mean that it has nothing to do with you. Even if we were talking about a girl group, I would vote for those of you, my readers, who do listen to them and love them.

Help a K-Pop brother and sister out and vote for BIGBANG to come to America!

ALSO, for my readers in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Romania, Italy, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines,Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, and China (basically those of you who aren't in Division 1 in the voting), you can vote for a country that isn't in your division! You can vote in all three divisions, so vote for America after voting for your home country!

Why should you vote for America? Because if they come here, I WILL GO. AND I WILL STALK. AND I WILL TAKE PICTURES. AND I WILL BLOG. AND I WILL FAN GIRL MY ASS OFF FOR ALL OF YOU.



I Wish More Music Videos Were Like This

This, my friends, is the best music video I have ever seen. Not because it's BIGBANG (well, it doesn't hurt that's for sure), but because it truly is an amazing video from an artistic standpoint.

When you get past the initial they're in a desert with one random telephone pole and what seems to be remnants of cars and a bus from a bomb explosion, you realize that this is all in ONE SHOT.


Do you know how hard that is to accomplish? To have everything timed so perfectly, to have the entire thing choreographed so precise that one tiny mistake will mean doing everything over again? It is amazing and it makes me want to cry from sheer happiness that BIGBANG worked this hard to deliver this to their fans.

Even when they're standing in a v-formation at 1:12, it is pure amazing what GD does to keep the fluidity of everything.


And then as the camera starts to move to the right, you see GD start to spin.


And then BAM! As soon as T.O.P becomes the center of the camera shot, GD finishes his spin, altering the v-formation to follow the camera.


Do you see how genius this video is, guys? This honestly makes me want to cry from how brilliant and pure amazing this is.

I know a lot of people have been making fun of how they've been "spinning" so much lately, but you do realize that this is why they've been spinning so much? They've been trying to get the fluidity of it down because they've probably been rehearsing and choreographing this particular MV for quite some time. Kind of makes you feel a little silly now, doesn't it?

There are only two other things that I can compare this to. The first one being the dramatic version of "It's You" by Super Junior. They could have done away with incorporating the choreography into the video and strictly made the dramatic version the whole MV. The other one isn't even K-Pop. No, it's my favorite movie of all time, GoodFellas. If you have never seen this movie, I suggest you go rent it ASAP. Anyway, there is one scene with the steady cam shot that lasts over two minutes and you'll see just how timing is truly everything.

BIGBANG IF YOU'RE STALKING THIS BLOG, I LOVE YOU FOR DOING THIS! To me this proves that you don't have to have some batshit crazy plot where you give birth to a mannequin head covered in goop to have your music video considered "art." Less is more.

(Oh, but GD ... you could lose the one dangly earring. That would make this even more perfect).

Check out BIGBANG's new MV for "Love Song" and be amazed.