G-Dragon Has a ... a ... Girlfriend


Reportedly is the keyword here.

Okay ... I have a confession. I cannot believe I'm about to type this right now ... but ...

If it's true ... I'm happy for him.


Sorry, but G-Dragon needs to get some love from somewhere and I'd rather it be with one person than multiple skanks, you know? He's less likely to pick up STDs this way. Silver lining to every dark cloud.

And hey, if Se7en can keep a relationship a secret for years, I'm pretty sure GD can keep a long distance relationship a secret.

So, G Baby ... if you're reading this, congratulations on finally letting us know you're getting some. I will still write about you in the same way I have been, so be sure to keep your girlfriend off of here. But in the event that this is false and you are single ... I only have one thing to say to you:

Remember to use condoms.

Update: According to YGE, G-Dragon and Kiko have a "close relationship" but they are not dating. Hate to be the translator of that, but in celebrity speak, that means they're together. Think of how many celebrities have said that in the past yet were actually dating. Deny, deny, deny. Regardless, I'm still happy for him. I will even throw this girl a wedding shower.



  1. I just can't picture him with a girlfriend. He seems too playa-ish for that. But this is why I like you, TKPA; you are one of the few sensible fangirls in the world and wouldn't try to kill the bitch in an alley somewhere.

  2. @Geek God:

    I might write like I'm insane, but I'm well aware of reality haha.

  3. Okay. I think it's a shame that there's one less single dreamboat in the world, but at least she's hot. I mean, come on. I have enough sense to notice when a girl is attractive, and she is attractive.

    Still. At least he scored a hottie. xD Lucky bitch. (I mean that in a kind way- I don't know if that makes sense) She's probably funny, too.

    In short, I approve.

  4. Omg TKPA you have reached my hero's list :D I love that G-D is (hopefully) happy with someone if this is true and really, make some love action could cause songs to be inspired ^-^ I just wish some people wouldn't freak too much BUT I F***ING UNDERSTAND when it's Daesungs turn. It's bound to happen, if it hasn't already.... I will store a box of tissues for that day and give cjcdae some mental flowers and cookies u.u

  5. @Janel

    She's gorgeous, the boy has taste. I can accept this entirely ... but she should realize if she hurts him in any way, a million fan girls will hunt her down.

  6. @Laura

    If Daesung gets a girlfriend, she won't last long. CJ will be on the next flight to South Korea to murder the poor girl.

  7. you're my ha-ha-ha-heartbreaker

  8. I'm so happy for him! She's incredibly drop-dead gorgeous (though I'm not surprised), and I'm glad he's found someone he can spend his time with.

    I just wish that VIP's don't act like idiots and leave these two alone.

  9. im just glad she is gorgeous.... heartbreaking...

  10. Well... I'm gonna deny that he has a girlfriend as long as YG does. :D

  11. inspite of being the delusional selfish fangirl that i am, i gotta say, i saw this coming,...he's had a that someone special for like about 3 years already. but i believe this kiko girl is false it's someone else. kind of like an open secret to kVIPs...but yeah it's really close the day he'd confess and tell us who this muse is.
    his butterfly.heartbreaking, but his love is so amazing that i can't get bitter about it...i hope the real girl and Jiyong are ok. imagine your man getting linked to many women except you..ouch.
    oh i hope for them <3

  12. I'm sincerely happy for him, too. I really feel if you 'love' your idol then you'd want them to be happy. Them crazy fangirls need to step back a notch and realize that the more they hate the more likely the chance that he'll end up unhappy. There should be a course taught in high school on how to be a good fangirl.

    Congrats, Master GD! We actually love you!

  13. but i love him with so hee though...

  14. Gorgeous??!!!She's down right b**t ugly!She ain't even cute, compared to Dara....She's just plain lucky, that Jap chick...T_T

  15. kiko!!?? okay...

    DARAGON!!!!! ftw!!..daebak...


    appler make some noise...!!!

  16. I am going to accept this because of Gd , But.. But .,. i will make sure that the girl is Freaki'n gorgeous like Gdragon. I swear i cannot accept this if the girl is not deserving for gd, many fangirls are dying just to see this guy . If this is True She's Veeerrryyyy Lucky . I will be happy even if this is heartbreaking . >o<