Happy Birthday to Our Fearless Leader!!

Happy Birthday to Our Fearless Leader!!
22 years ago on this amazing day our Fearless Leader TKPA was born!!
ALL of South Korea should rejoice this day.
I think it should be a National FUCKING Holiday for them!
Just imagine if this day were actually a National Holiday in SK! 
(well first of all they would have celebrated it yesterday)
However, ALL K-pop Idols would be required to go shirtless ALL DAY LONG!
They would also be required to take hundreds of sexy shirtless pics while moaning her name repeatedly as they show off their abs, arms, jaw lines & give their best "sex" face. 
ALL pics must be sent to her attention to be used in future posts on her AMAZING blog!
(which all in SK would be required to read on this day) 
They would even hold a fucking parade in her name!!
I can see it now, her sitting up in a Hyundai Sonata convertible waving to the massive crowd.
I of course would be following behind in a Kia or some shit like that, but that would be OK cause Dae would be at my side. 
(we wouldn't be waving to the crowd much... I'm just saying)
All the K-pop Idols would be lined up at the end of the parade all hoping for her to glance their way & pray that her next dirty lustful post will be about them or that they might one day have the honor of being called a CERVIX PUNCHER
Oh what a perfect Holiday it will be....well all except for the annual brawl between Master GD & Sex God both fighting for her affection & the chance to ride with her in the Hyundai! (insert mental image of Haru Haru fight scene)
(where would my perverted mind be with out you)


My Letter to SB Accessories

As most of you know, I've had extreme difficulty with SB Accessories ever since I wanted to place an order for the sunglasses for T.O.P. It has now been twenty-six days since I ordered them and I have not received them in the mail, nor have I received any amount of feedback from them in regards to this situation.

With that being said, I wanted you all to read the letter I have sent them about this whole situation.

But ... after I posted this letter and sent it to them, and then tweeted them the link. They emailed me right away and said this:

What's your address
Please remove the letter as we have just revoke the statement in our legal firm

We will reship products today with tracking number plus a free item
And that's how you get things done, kids.


Taeyang's Hat & Some Other Extras!

This arrived last week! I tweeted a picture of it, however I'm not sure a lot of you saw it. And anyway, I promised I would post it on the blog, so here it is.


The lettering is a bit smaller than I'd like for it to be, however I think it turned out awesome and I'm so excited for him to get it!

Still waiting for T.O.P's glasses to arrive!

I also went to the party store and found some teal wrapping paper and black gift bags (ended up spending $12.98 on all wrapping supplies, including tissue paper and ribbon). Then I got a little crafty and took some card stock and made gift tags. I have to redo G-Dragon's because I thought that using super glue would hold the two pieces of cardstock together. I was totally wrong and ended up using double-sided tape.



I also came across this black [faux] leather box that actually came as a gift set for some perfume or cologne or whatever, with a light blue/turquoise lining. The only thing that was being stored in it were receipts and brochures from my trip to France (I'm a major pack rat sometimes), so I dusted it off, cleaned it up, et voila ...



Something to store the postcards in!


As for the birthday cards ... I have no idea what I will put those in, yet. Originally I intended for the birthday cards to go in the box, however some people didn't follow directions and sent actual cards for BIGBANG rather than postcards, then there were a whole bunch of people who asked for the address then never mailed anything out. Sad, but in the end I will probably combine everything in one box. I'm planning on sending this around July 31st -August 2nd, so I hope I receive all the postcards by then.

And I totally suck because I meant to take a picture of Seungri's gift before wrapping it, but I didn't. I did, however, type up a note explaining why we chose to give him the journal, so he won't be like "WTF is this shit?"

In less than two weeks I will be sending this to Seoul! I'm excited! Thank you to everyone who participated in this project, whether it was by donating or sending postcards/birthday cards, or lending ideas for the gifts. Thank you SO MUCH and I can't wait until the guys receive it!

Also ... you see the poll on the side of the blog? Answer that very quickly! I am thinking of sending them some captions (at most 3-5) which I will have you all vote on! I will also be choosing one or two or three posts to send to them ("Tell Me Goodbye" MV is definitely going to be one!). So I want about 150 votes on that poll, and whatever the majority is, I will do it.



BIGBANG Captions - Part IV


3S: I'M BACK, BITCHES!!! I knew TKPA would forgive me eventually! Our Flesh War is over!

Sex God: Damn ... I'm looking good today.


The King of the "WTF Files"


Sometimes, I just ... I don't even have words for you. Sometimes, I just get so exhausted with finding the words to properly vent my anger and frustration over how ridiculous you look. Sometimes, I just want to laugh to hide the tears.

And unlike other idols, I know that majority of the things stylists do to you in these magazine shoots are from your suggestions, Master GD. You seem to be a repeat offender in the "WTF Files" and the "fail fail fail" tags. I know you like pushing boundaries and I know you're a unique individual and all, but just once I want to see your beautiful face, untouched by stupid face paint or without looking so feminine.

So here's what I'm going to do, since you take way too much energy out of me with things like this ... until you come out with something absolutely so outrageous that I simply cannot bite my tongue without causing it to bleed ... I will keep my mouth shut about you.

Oh, the things you do for love.


Big Bang Captions (cj style)


Master GD: "Let me show cj how sexy I am when I point my lips like this - she will soon forget the other two"

King of Foreplay: "I will kick your ass Dae! I refuse to be #2! I'm SOLAR baby!"

My Dae: "Go Dae Dae! It's your birthday!!" (well not really but when cj practices blowing my candle later - we can pretend) "YEE-HAW"

BIGBANG Captions Part III


King of Foreplay: I think it's time we got this straight. Let's sit and talk, face to face. There is no way you could mistake her for your girl. Are you insane?

Master GD: See I know that you may be just a bit jealous of me. But you're blind if you can't see that her love is all in me.

King of Foreplay: You see I try to hesitate, I didn't want to say what she told me. She said without me she couldn't make it through the day, ain't that a shame.

Master GD: Maybe you misunderstood, because I can't see how she could wanna change something that's so good, because my love was all it took.

Both: You need to give it up, had about enough. It's not hard to see, the girl is mine. I'm sorry that you seem to be confused. She belongs to me. The girl is mine.

(And if you're confused, read the lyrics while listening to "The Boy is Mine" by Brandy and Monia. They need to make this song happen).


Korean JAWS in 3D

Tae's jaw line can slice bread it is so SHARP!
I mean fuck - Jerry McGuire may have had the bitch at "hello" but Tae baby had me at the FUCKING JAW LINE. (no Engrish necessary)
Yes, Tae's body is YUMTASTIC - his back muscles alone make my toes curl - BUT the cut of his jaw line pops out at you like BAM!!
Before you even have a chance to think your body is shaking & trembling out of control. And my#2 BABY-TAE damn well knows his jaw line is his facial money shot.
The King of Foreplay works it at every angle BAM - BAM - BAM - in your face 3D style. Until you have no choice but fall to your knees & bow down to his Royal Scepter.
Which by his facial expression in this pic - you know that is exactly what I am doing!!! 
Feels good don't it Tae-Baby? Just keep working those angles your Royal Highness & I will keep working until something else pops out at me in 3D!!
(yeah I went there!)

You Win, Seungri


I'm caving. I told you back in April that you had to show flesh in order to be a part of BIGBANG Friday again, and you never did it. And granted May and June were sucky months for this blog feature, but you still have no excuse as to why you didn't strip for us.

So, I'm pardoning you and I am willing to let you once again participate in this incredibly epic and beloved-by-many day of the month.

However, when your comeback happens, which will be very soon ... there better be flesh. I wanted to add an "or else" at the end of that last, non-threatening statement ... but you know very well that even if you don't show flesh, and even if I were to ban you from the blog, that eventually I will cave and you will come back to this home that I'm sure as hell you do not want.

And another reason as to why I am being so forgiving is because you just had your appendix removed and I thought it could make you smile knowing that I do, in fact, love you.

Welcome back, Ri-Ri! Get plenty of rest!


BIGBANG Captions Part II


Master GD: Hmm, let's see. Who's coming back to my room with me tonight? I choose you, you, you ... annnnnd definitely you.

Get it, Ji ...


Stay Out of G-Dragon's Closet, T.O.P








Taeyang's Abs: Then and Now

Which do you think was the better time period for Taeyang and those ... drool worthy? Delicious? Scrumptious? Wash board? Divine? God-like?

There are so many synonyms for Tae's abs.

Here are his "Prayer" days, which you can clearly see were very gracious to him.


Just look at all those ripples. Broad shoulders forming into narrow hips. The man even has side abs, not to be confused with outer abs. Outer abs are little abs that surround the Holy Grail of abs, kind of like worshippers at an altar. But side abs are a rarity and should be treasured and lusted over and exposed for all the world to see. They are like the four-leaf clover of muscles, okay?

More recently ...


Well, nothing has changed. Thankfully. And I am happy to see that those side abs are still there.

Really, I just wanted to post two pictures of a shirtless Taeyang. Simply because I can and I know you will not complain.


BIGBANG Captions Part I


Mr. Happy: See the money, see the cars. See the house, livin' large.

Master GD: Look in the mirror, see a star. Motospace, hella far.

3S: They at the bottom, I'm on top. I'm so high, I can't drop.

Sex God: And you can find me in your city steezed out in my hoodie. I go, I go, I go so harrrrd.

King of Foreplay: I got my 501 jeans on, with my hoodie on. All white V-neck clean, with my hoodie on. Fresh out the box so boss, with my hoodie on.

(These captions should be read while listening to "Hoodie" by Omarion).


Jumping on the Happy "Dae" Trail

Dae is jumping for joy that I am now a part of this AWESOME blog!
Why is that you ask?

Well cause his sexy ass knows he will see lots of posts & comments about him. It makes him so happy when I share my love/lust for him with the world!

And now let's discuss this YUMTASTIC photo! I mean DAMN DAE! We all know the boy has some major guns & lately he has been working on his sex appeal. (have you watched Tell Me Goodbye yet - I have never loved rain so fucking much)

BUT this pic is A-fucking-mazing! I never saw a 'happy trail' before that just made me so DAMN HAPPY! I can't stop smiling - or drooling.
I have this deep desire to sprinkle brown sugar all over that trail & watch it melt into his skin - as I lick it up like a happy little kitty! MEOW! bahahahaha!!!

Oh & the way the Galliano's bunch up above the belt!!! YES YES YES! I want to run up & grab the sides of his pants & rip them just a little bit further down - like all the way off works for me!!!

Oh & yeah when I tell Dae to jump -  he does ask "How high?" (of course it is in 'Engrish' but I don't mind) Bahahahaha!!!

The Name is cj!

Ok - the name is cj - most know me as "cjcdae" TKPA's #1 Blog Stalker.  My life changed on 4/8/09 - when I watched a little vid on Perez Hilton's website entitled "Some Yummy K-Pop Deliciousness - Lollipop featuring Big Bang" I was like this is sweet - started bopping around in my chair. 

Then @ 1:25 my heart jumped & I was like who is that cutie in the b-ball cap - so hot! 
BUT then came the moment my heart stopped 2:30 - there he was.... My Dae in all his pink glory! I knew I had to have him. 

I stayed up all night long looking at every YT vid of my lovely Big Bang boys. I have rented space in my heart to many other K-pop idols that I have grown to love as well - BUT my heart will always belong to my #1 Dae & my #2 Tae.

In all my K-pop searching I stumbled across a blog that enriched my passion & perversion for my lovely K-pop men. The amazing: Confessions of the K-pop Addict. Finally, someone who understood me & all my sinful thoughts regarding my K-pop men – a kindred K-pop loving spirit!

I have loved TKPA's blog from DAY 1 & I have been hooked ever since. I am honored that she is allowing me to share some of my perverted thoughts along with hers. I know that my writing technique will pale in comparison & yes - you will see - lots of dashes - in my writing followed by the ever so present bahahahaha! 
But I plan on having fun - that is just my style - & if I offend you with my "foul" language or crude thoughts - good - at least I know you're paying attention - bahahahaha!!!

Oh & by the way – Dae is mine  - ALL MINE. Bahahahaha!
Any questions/comments feel free to contact me @ cjcdae@yahoo.com or follow me on Twittter! 


TKPA has Recruited Help

Yes, there will be a new writer here on the blog. I know I've been slacking in posting as much as I ought to (or would like to), and so the solution is to find someone who will help take over so you all don't feel abandoned.

And I'm pretty sure you all know CJ. If not, you'll get to know her very quickly and you will come to love her.

Until she makes her first post (she's learning all the technical stuff, because this stuff actually takes work), you can welcome her below or follow her on Twitter. She will also occasionally be on the TKPA Twitter account to tweet links and talk to you all.

There are still a few more posts to come tonight, so stick with me and comment!

Welcome CJ and thanks for helping out :)


K-Town? OH. HELL. YES.


I have to admit, I am ridiculously excited for K-Town to air on MTV. Really, I cannot freaking wait for this show. And it is actually for some surprising reasons, and this might shock you all ... but it has nothing to do with the physical appearance of the guys on the cast.

Shocking, right? I mean, TKPA doesn't care that there are some attractive Korean men gracing her television screen? That's right. I don't care. Partly because I have become so used to slender, athletically built Asian men rather than the 'roided up, orange douchbag look, that it does nothing for me to see these guys. So, with that aspect clearly out the window, there are three reasons I cannot wait for this show.

Reason #1

I am addicted to trashy reality shows. All those ones on VH-1, the dating shows primarily and Tool Academy (oh, how I love you, Tool Academy!), are like crack to me. And although it is ridiculous as all hell, the Jersey Shore sucked me in. It is only natural that I will love this show because it is guaranteed to be trashy and ridiculous (it is MTV).

Reason #2

I cannot wait to see what those crazy ass Netizens have to say about it. You know, the insanely uptight, cynical, and sexually frustrated, overly opinionated people in South Korea. They're going to have a field day with this, and I can honestly hear the angry roar starting. Think about it ... what are the chances of South Koreans overreacting and making a huge deal about nothing? (Keep in mind, Jay Park and G-Dragon). You take eight Korean-Americans, add MTV, a liquor bar, and a pinch of WTF-is-this, et voila ... it's like an angry bee hive about to explode with dynamite.

I bet anything there will be some statements referring to the cast being raised in America, as "[native] Koreans would never act like that." Because, you know, they're perfect in everything they do and we here in America are totally absurd and confusing. Prime example being the overreactions of a girl throwing her bra to Nichkhun while he was on stage in Anaheim. You can blame it on the cultural difference all you want and say Americans' morals are lacking or whatever ... but at least those letters written in blood didn't come from us.

Reason #3

However, I am most excited for all these Netizens to go bat shit crazy over cast member Peter Le's occupation. Which, if you haven't heard yet, is a bisexual porn star. IT WILL BE FUCKING HILARIOUS AND I CANNOT WAIT.

If you want to follow the show's official Twitter page, then check out @KTownRealityTV. There's a list of all the cast members and their accounts, as well.


One Way's Romance with Twitter

The three men sure do have a unique relationship with their Twitter accounts.

First we have Young Sky, who according to Peter, rarely comes online and a reply from him means it is your lucky day. Though he's a little more active than Chance, he has not yet reached his full Twitter potential. I do love how this morning he was complaining about his computer not working. It's random tweets like this that make me believe wholeheartedly one day he will embrace his looming Twitter addiction.


Then there's Chance, the RT King. Most of the things he has been tweeting as of late have been retweets of pictures of "one way" traffic signs that fans have been tweeting to him (got that?). While it isn't all he tweets, he also informs us of music collaborations with other K-Pop artists, when he's in the studio, and even is nice enough to tell fans when he'll be at the airport (arriving early, nonetheless) so they can have an impromptu, informal meet-and-greet.


And that leaves Peter, who is a full-blown tweet whore. Whether it is posting pictures of himself or his dog or the back of Young Sky's head, giving us all play-by-play commentary on South Korea's, England's, and Australia's matches during the World Cup, or just simply being an insomniac like the best of us, Peter has fully embraced his Twitter addiction.


Now all he needs to do is shed some like on the other two and hopefully they will follow in his footsteps.

And when that happens and they tweet as much as Peter, I will have to disable text message notificiations from them, as they will blow up my phone.


We Have a Ghost-Tweeter Among Us

Either that, or Jokwon is fooling us all with his inability to speak English.

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


Exhibit C:


And Exhibit D would be a clip from "We Got Married" where Nichkhun teaches him English.

So either Queen of Bitchface is fooling us all or he has one hell of a translator on his phone (translator meaning someone who is a native-English speaker tweeting for him).


In the Army Now


I have had mixed feelings about Kangin joining the army ever since he broke the news of his plans. Part of me wants to be sad considering he won't be active in Super Junior for the next two freaking years and that's actually quite depressing when you know how much energy and charisma he brought to shows. He is an entertainer and although I know full well the group will survive without him, it's like a tiny piece of Super Junior is being locked away for a later time.

Kangin is like the freshly baked cookie you really want to eat, but you know it will ruin your appetite (that's garbage, anyway. Like one cookie will make me not want to eat dinner), so you wait for it. And wait for it. And wait for it. Only instead of waiting an hour, we have to wait two years.

On the other hand, Kangin does seem to need some help following those two incidents, both unfortunately involving alcohol. Although I'm sad to see him go, I know it is what is best for him and that is the most important thing.

So, here's hoping that in two years, Korea's #1 Handsome Guy will be back and better than ever.

And to conclude this post, I have written him another poem. (Oh yeah, did you ever read the first one?)

Kangin, you're in the army now.
Remember to keep calm and know your place,
Or else you'll end up punching your drill Sergeant in the face.
You're probably trading Playboys and cigarettes,
Oh, where did you hide Sungmin's pink barrettes?
You know better than to tease him, silly boy!
And with you gone, there seems to be a little less joy.
But soon two years will fly right by,
Putting you back in the public eye.
I never thought that you were fat,
Though the army will change all that.
It's too bad that pictures of you ripped won't be in magazines,
We will just have to envision it in our dreams!
Now it's time that I say good-bye,
And pray to the K-Pop Gods I do not have to see Teuk cry.
Please come back soon, and maybe ... dress like a cow.


Yet Another Entry In the "WTF Files" for You

All right ... I've let you go long enough without any amount of bitching about what those evil cows (or stylists, for you new readers) did to you. And I know it is not your fault, Hyun Seung. Not entirely, anyway. Okay, a little bit of the blame can be placed on your shoulders. I feel like I should just point out that while your fellow BEAST members are smoking hot lately ... you look like Animal from the Muppets.


Can you not speak up and say, "Enough of this bull shit! Make me look hot!" to those cows?! Can we please go back to your "Shock" look? Because while I wasn't completely in love with it, I could at least admit that you had some hottie factor hidden by incredibly bad taste wrapped in humiliation.

You're talented, with an awesome voice. Now let's put that foot down, shun the fug, and start working that God-given hotness we all know you possess.



Looky, Looky!

These arrived on Tuesday:

For G-Dragon

For Daesung

I will be picking up the notebook for Seungri today, and I just received an email saying Taeyang's hat has been shipped. So another few days until that is here. ALSO, I worked out the whole situation with TOP's glasses (if you missed my ranting tweets, you have no idea what I'm talking about), so those will hopefully be on their way soon.

Here's the deal ... there is about $18 left over from the gifts. There's no way that can cover wrapping and shipping. I will be going to the dollar store today to see if I can find any type of gift bags or wrapping paper that is decent quality and not totally cheesy looking, so maybe there will be maybe $7 there (gift bags, wrapping paper, ribbon). If I can't find anything there, then I will have to go to a party supply store and it will be more expensive, but they'll have nicer looking wrapping. Also, I was thinking of something along the lines of this to place GD's birthday cards in, and this for the postcards. I'm trying to find a photo album with clear pages so they can see the front, turn the page and then read the back, but those are surprisingly hard to find, so I might just go with two photo boxes. (I will try to find something at the dollar store, but I have looked before and found nothing, but I will try again).

Anyway, that's another $20 we will need, plus extra for SHIPPING THIS INCREDIBLY HEAVY BOX TO SOUTH KOREA! Please, please, please donate whatever you can! $1, $5, $10 ... whatever! I think if we can raise about another $50, that will help a great deal! Please, guys! We're so close to accomplishing this!

Click the donate link up top in the sidebar! A LITTLE GOES A VERY LONG WAY!



Say Whaaat?


King of Foreplay: Dude, what are you wearing?

Master GD: What? You don't like my purple, pink, and blue suit?


Master GD: Are you okay?

King of Foreplay: Your suit is so ugly, it just blinded me.

Taeyang Needs a Girl ... Any Volunteers?


And I know every single one of you reading this is raising your hand, jumping up and down, and shouting, "Oh! Pick me! PICK ME!"

Apparently, our King of Foreplay is "tired of being alone" and "sick of being single." I'm sorry, but Tae Baby ... that's all your fault. You know full well that you can get any woman you want on the face of the earth. I find it hard to be all like "awww, he's lonely" when you kind of bring it upon yourself there, homeboy. But since we all know you're a hopeless romantic and are desperately searching for "the one," I'll just go along with it and ask this ... what kind of girl are you looking for?


Basically, you want an outspoken girl, who wants you and only you, who will brag about you to guys hitting on her, who looks better in jeans than in skirts, who will eat the kimchi fried rice you made, who looks young (even though she's old), a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets, who can make your heart race and inspire sweet songs, and someone you can give your heart to.

You totally had me until the kimchi part, but that's golden because there are millions of women around the world who fit that description. She's out there, Tae-Tae. Don't give up hope, you romantic, you.


This video is really different from KoF's usually demeanor. He's more flirty, his guard is let down, and you can see a bit of confidence (not to be mistaken for cockiness) shining through. I like seeing this side of him. It's refreshing in a way. We all know he is a bit of a goofball off stage, but whenever he performs live or in videos, his professionalism takes over and there's no room for error.


I don't know if I'm the only one that's loving this side of him (probably not), but I really want to see more of it. And I don't even care that I am posting a picture of him shirtless in some little shadowed alley all over Dara. No, I don't care.


There are two reasons why I don't care. One being because he is shirtless and holy mother of abs, and two being because he is Tae and she is Dara. I do not care about that pairing. However, if she was anywhere near G Baby in this video ... oh, there'd be a whole separate rant post immediately following this one. I can deal with SunDara, but Daragon can just fall of the face of this Earth and never return again.

(Just kidding, I love Thunder's sister).

And while we're on the subject of Master GD ...


I didn't really have any words when he first appeared. No words. More like "mmmmmmm." Which isn't a word, it's a sound. You have to admit, he's looking pretty damn good right now. I really, really do not want him to change one thing. The hair and the color it currently is needs to STAY PUT and not change (unless he wants to go back to black ... and hell, even if he wants to bleach it again. I miss the blonde).

While I might be kidding about Dara getting near him ... I am not kidding when I say skankoid needs to GTFO him.

And as a lovely parting gift, here are the Tae Baby Triplets.


I really wish there were actuall three Taeyangs in the world. That's what I like to call Heaven.


Filipino K-Poppers! Listen Up!

In celebration of Filipinos’ fandom to Korean music, fashion and culture, Jjang Events, in partnership with Megatrade Hall, invites you to the first K-Pop Music and Culture Event of the year happening on August 8, 2010 at the Megatrade Hall 1, Building A, SM Mega Mall.

The event will open its gates to everyone at 10 AM and will last until 9PM. This event will have exciting and unique activities that will spark the interest of enthusiasts and will also host competitions that will motivate and inspire aspiring talents to take the chance and show what they’ve got.

We are inviting Exhibitors and Fan Clubs to take part in this event where they can sell their merchandises/items related to the event and organize activities within their allotted booths. We are also encouraging all FCs to join The Fan Clubs Fan Chant Battle and win exciting prizes (Rules and Mechanics will be posted soon).

For Exhibitors and Fan Clubs who want to get a booth in our event, you can contact us via e-mail at jjangevents@yahoo.com or via SMS at 0923-471-2012.

For more information, visit:

Bryan Garcia
Kfest Manila Mngt.
(Jjang Events Secretariat)