ELFs Now Have an Anthem

I debated on whether or not I should hide my true feelings about this song and let you form your own opinion, or if I should rip the band-aid off like I do with everything else.

I wouldn't be me if I kept the band-aid on.

This is awful. Horrendous. Atrocious. As the French would say, c'est très mal. Any other synonym for "bad" you can think of. This ... song, if that's what you want to call it, makes Rebecca Black's recent disaster seem like epic gold. And if that nauseating voice of hers seems golden, then you know this shit is bad.

I know you're all excited because these big songwriters and producers, who have not only worked with Super Junior but other big names in the music industry, created this for you ... but come the fuck on this is a slap in the face to the fans.

We are not all thirteen and fourteen year old girls, okay? Not all of us find Super Junior to be cooler than polar bears, because quite frankly those are hilarious animals and they live in the damn Arctic Circle, so if you want to get technical about it, I'm pretty sure polar bears are "cooler." This whole song caters to the young teenagers and I feel like I need to shove a bunch of Bubblelicious in my mouth and blow a bubble the size of my head.

And sorry sorry sorry, but the line "Sorry Sorry Sorry has a really good beat!" ... ARE YOU KIDDING? This is really a line written by professional songwriters? This whole song was written by professional producers?


I mean ... REALLY?

This is such an insulting song to Super Junior fans. We're not all thirteen. We're not all bubblegum teeny boppers. Any song that compares Super Junior to pizza, polar bears, and popcorn should not be classified as a song.

If you like the song, that's great. That is your opinion. This is my opinion, so leaving me comments about how my opinion isn't absolute and blah blah blah will get you nowhere except making you feel like "you told me" for about five seconds. I respect your taste and not once in this post did I criticize the people that like it, I criticized the styling of the song and the lyrics of the song. I criticized the people who produced it, not the ones who like it.

I mean ... really?