What the Ink?!

G-Dragon has two new tattoos, bringing his grand total up to six now if I am not mistaken. That we know of, obviously. Boy could have some stashed away in private areas that only God, the tattoo artist, and whoever the hell he is dating would know about. I like his other tattoos, with the exception of the dragon ball. Why on earth he would get that permanently on his body is still lost on me, but hey if it means something to him, who am I to judge?


I like this one. I am not crazy about it, because it's too much like a white boy who grew up in the suburbs trying to be hardcore ... but more importantly I don't hate it. Do I understand the meaning of it? Yes, I will eternally be a little kid myself, so I get that the mind is what keeps you young. Could he have listened to too much Rod Stewart while thinking of what to get? It is possible. Is it much too big for his skinny body? Oh hell yes it is. GD, you need to eat ... like, severely need to eat. And then once you've gained about ten pounds, then you need to get your newly chubby butt into the gym with Daesung and then I won't mind so much the second tattoo you got.



Again, not judging ... or, trying not to judge ... but this is gross. I know this has to have some sort of significance to you, because you are the type of person that doesn't do something just for the hell of it ... but you could have chosen a better font than that. The font throws me off but whatever ... not my body, not my problem.

But please let's just chill on the tattoos for a bit, and let's put some more thought in the execution of any future ones. 

Please don't end up like Jay Park and his plethora of fug tattoos. Just remember, you WILL get old eventually, your "forever young" tattoo is only for your mind, not your body. Eventually it will be all saggy and wrinkled and it will not look cute or sexy. So if you want to be an old cute Korean man with "hardcore" tattoos, then follow Jay's footsteps.

On the other hand ...



I love this. I don't know what took him so long to get it but I am eternally grateful that he did. I do think it is a little big, but faith in God isn't meant to be small so I get the size of it. Now we need to get him back into the "Prayer" ab days and this will look AMAZING. 

For real, imagine this tattoo all rippled and cut with his many side-abs. Oh ... dear sweet K-Pop Gods you blessed us indeed.

Oh and still totally bouncing over the fact that I called this side-tatt. I must have saved starving children in a former life.



  1. GD, what's with that Nickelodeon slime-inspired "mind control" font? Might as well throw some Wingdings on there. Gaahhh. I also really hate bad tattoos! For a second there, I thought that dragon ball atrocity was a bruise. Realizing what it actually was didn't make me feel any better. :( Like you've said, TKPA, not my body. However, being the creative, awesome king of K-Pop that he is, I know GD could've come up with something better--and, as a long-time VIP, I reserve every right to criticize him for not doing so. Harrumph.

  2. Taeyang's tattoo suits him well. Well is even an understatement. It's perfect for him. God created the cross for it to be inked on Taeyang's body. Holy perfectness. Gaaah afjdklhgvh *gibberish* I told you, I cannot express my thoughts about Big Bang as much as you do.

  3. ahahaha everything you said. true. SO BAD. Why did I just now discover this blog? We are way too alike, bookmarked! ~Audrey

  4. nice tattoo i like it, you look cool in this tattoo:)