Jay Park's Lyrical Romance

Guess what, guys? I have tarsal tunnel syndrome. Don't know what that is? Well, neither do I quite frankly but it hurts like a bitch and I have to wear a stupid ugly walking boot for the next few days. And because I have to wear the bulky thing on my foot, I can't really walk, and since I can't walk, I can't work. 

But that isn't stopping me from totally laughing my ass of at Jay Park's new mixtape he released via YouTube. It's amazing, if you haven't had the chance to listen to it. And by amazing, I mean hysterical. 

I first listened to "BODY2BODY." It sounds like dubstep meets early 90's club music. I totally see greasy men in shiny suits a la Night at the Roxbury jamming out to this song. Naturally, if you were to play this in a night club, the beat alone would suffice. But it isn't just background music, which makes me sad.

The lyrics "I don't want to be a creep, but I want you tonight," ... dude, that right there is in fact creepy. Imagine a guy coming up to you at a club, ladies, and saying, "I don't want to be a creep, but I want you." Wouldn't you throw your drink in his face and call security? 

"Now put your hands in the air if you're having a good time, say oooooooh." Um, what?

"If you wanna dance and drank," SERIOUSLY. DRANK?? 

Then I listened to "William Hung," which automatically had me rolling because of the title ... but then the tears started flowing at what happened next.

It was bad. It was so bad. So bad that my computer stopped playing it.

For real.



It was as if after rhyming "viagra" with "Niagra" my computer said "Fuck this garbage," and gave up on it's technological life. But being the dedicated blogger I am, I had to sweet talk my computer into working again. It's like a bad car accident, you just have to look.

The most eloquent, thought provoking, poetic lyrics are below, guys. I mean, seriously ...

Ha if there's a fuck I don't give it, My life I live it
Champagne I drink it, No glass bottle clutched in my hand its finished
Middle finger to all of you hating on me on that bitch shit
This shit be a gun, It bangs it bangs
Your hair in the front, It bangs it bangs
A gang on a slut, it bangs it bangs
This be William Hung cause it bangs it bangs
... just so deep.
"A gang on a slut," my how charming. Such a gentleman, ladies. Wow, all of you who become his groupies sure are lucky. 
Just as an FYI ... if a man has any ounce of respect for a woman, he'd never refer to her as a slut. Not in personal life, not in the spotlight.
More poetry, you ask?
Fine chick just passed man im eyeing her twice
Third time and I’m making her my wife for tonight
So just sit back relax enjoy the show
As I spit raps and facts with the coldest flows
Yeah I’ll go refrigerator on yah
Half my face missing I’ll go terminator on yah
Donald trump cause I’m giving girls the business
I’mmah dog pound cause I’m getting all these bitches
Once again, ladies so lucky. One of you will be his wife tonight. Probably the one with her boobs popping out the most. The slut next to her in the five inch stilettos, you'll be his wife tomorrow night. And he's getting all of you bitches so no need to argue over who goes first. 
I wish I could take this seriously, but this is utter crap and if you think this is "good" music ... I'm sorry, I don't mean to ridicule you for your tastes, but this is nothing but a joke.
As I can't take more of this ... um, music ... I have to finish with "Be With Me 2Night." At first, I thought this was the least repulsive song from a woman's standpoint. Sure, the "girl you're different from these girls I've been sexin'," left a bad taste in my mouth, but the rest wasn't that bad. 
Then came the rap. Are you ready for more romantic poetry from Jay, ladies? Some words as foreplay:
Lets say your my hobby cause I’ll do you with a passion
Girl what you pitching I’mmah hit it like a fast ball
Make you say my name exclamation point caps on
Dag gon only chick badder than Michael Jackson
Yup and I’ll fuck yah tatts off once in a life time girl you’ve earned the last spot
Hit that ass raw and I’mmah make you gasp huhhhhhhh
Yeah your embedded in my head so get embedded in my bed/
Young cat but I’mmah veteran of sex
Gonna bust that in the middle center of yah legs
Fuck rap better get ready for whats next
I'm curious. My opinion on this mixtape has been made quite evident, but I really want to know what you all think. Do you love it? Hate it? Think it's funny and that's the only reason you're listening to it?
Go to Jay's YouTube channel and listen to the songs. Also, this website has all of the lyrics, and if I'm not mistaken, I think Jay put this up himself, so they're accurate. 

Leave your comments below!

Oh, and sorry to Jay if you read this. I know you put a lot of work into this and I respect that ... but dude ... saying you'll fuck the tattoos off a girl is not in the least bit sexy. Women don't find that shit sexy.



  1. "It was as if after rhyming "viagra" with "Niagra" my computer said "Fuck this garbage," and gave up on it's technological life." I laughed so hard at this part.

  2. I had Niagra Falls on my face when the error message popped up.

  3. What loser, this guy needs to stop spewing out shit already

  4. LOL. You are hilarious but I have to disagree with you. Sure, the songs may have profanity but nonetheless, it's music that can make it in America. People who's been following Jay should know he has skills and versatility. Seeing this other side of him is awesome, something Korea would never let happen. The most important thing is that his story is inspiring and it's even more inspiring when someone can just get up, get back at the world and survive in the music industry after all he's been through whether if he put himself there or not. NOW that's some rare feel good story.

    1. I appreciate your comment, but I don't see how referring to a woman getting "gang banged" is a rare feel good story. Jay has talent, I won't deny that. But this mixtape doesn't showcase his talent whatsoever.

      If Jay had stuck with the "Abandoned" type of music he came back with, he could make it wherever. However, he's looking for such a wide extreme from his former K-Pop idol image that he's actually making himself look bad.

      But that's my opinion, you're free to yours as well :)

  5. I know that here in the US these types of lyrics can pass, but I would rather he just stick with his previous more respectful lyrics. Honestly I love the way all of the songs flow, it is just I feel offended when he refers to girls in such a way and I know he is a good guy that cares and respects women yet it sounds like he is a disrespectful jerk. I don't mind if in his videos he has girls that are dressed like sluts or whatever, but when he talks about gang banging and such that is too far. I love that he is trying to grow, but he needs to clean it up a bit if he wants to keep a lot of his female fans.
    Also your comment about Niagara reminded me of Taeyang's song "After you fall asleep", and honestly that song is pushing it for kpop and is what I would prefer Jay to do as rebelling rather than discriminating women.

  6. I wish I never saw this side of him. So much second-hand embarrassment.

  7. Rap music is mostly about guys getting macho, bling and sex so I'm not surprised at the lyrics just mainly amused since his image has been a clean boy idol. I actually prefer this latest Music change and presume he's going to attract more male fans with it.
    Can someone explain what william hung track is about? I read the lyrics but still don't get it, sorry Love the way it sounds tho.

  8. i love jay and all but a reason i got into kpop was because i was tired of hearin stuff like this play in the US -_-

  9. Are you goin to review monster?

  10. I was never a really big fan of Jay Park (didn't hate him either, I just didn't really care about his music) nor of hip hop in general (though I do like some songs), but I personally enjoyed most of this mix tape. I like the music itself, the beat, the flow, but it's true that at first I found the lyrics a little... peculiar.

    After listening to them more attentively, I started wondering if it was meant as a parody of "usual macho rap lyrics". Maybe, maybe not; who knows really... But I'm pretty sure it wasn't meant to be taken entirely seriously.... I mean, there's a song about William Hung (Former American Idol Contestant famous for singing Ricky Martin's "She Bangs", for those you didn't get the reference)...

    Agreed, it's not the most romantic way to approach/talk to a girl. But let's face it, life isn't just about romance. There are people out there who just want sex/one nights; both men and women. I see a lot of people (not you in particular) get offended at the mention of "gang bang". I'd like to point out that "gang bang" doesn't necessarily mean "gang RAPE". It can be consensual. Maybe it's not your cup of tea, but to each their own, we shouldn't judge.

    Did he go a little too far though? Maybe (probably), hence the "free mix tape" release instead of an official album. We all know that S. Korea is pretty conservative and to change that, one needs to push the boundaries. Sometime you can go too far while doing so, but that's part of the game. I think it's nice that there's an idol trying to do that (this also brings the the matter of "should musicians be idols/role models or artists (flaws and controversies included)", which is a whole other can of worms).

    So yeah, TL;DR : I liked it, found it amusing and didn't take the lyrics too seriously. But then again, I've always been a fan of the "in your face"/fully assumed jerkiness/bitchiness. I prefer it to the usual "we're so pure and innocent" attitude often coupled with overuse of sex-appeal to sell CDs.

  11. I love Jay, I am a DC-Jwalker for life! When I first heard the mixtape I was like wow, this is new. In South korea he's not allowed to express hinself the way he knows. Remember he was born and lived here up until high school, he's AMERICAN and american music is what he knows. For no reason am I saying its okay to call women B's at all, but no ones perfect not even u Blogger. I met the guy and personally he seems like a genuine, kindhearted person, and yes he was respectful to me as we talked. Do I like the mixtape? No, I love it:o) I think he has found the perfect balance between kpop and american music, free music he wants to make and commercial to sale, so just chill and "sit back relax and enjoy the show"- JAY PARK

    1. "but no ones perfect not even u Blogger."

      I didn't claim to be, thank you. I also never said he wasn't a nice guy, because I have heard he is.

      Please don't tell me to "just chill" because I have no disrespect to Jay as an artist, but it wasn't my cup of tea. I'm glad you enjoyed it though :)

  12. I love Jay Park's Music, However I would have to agree that referring to women in such a derogatory way is not the way to go if he is going to keep his female fans. The songs I have liked the most by him are the ones where he does not make derogatory remarks towards women like in his song "Star." Those are truly amazing songs and I think in the future he should at least cut out the disrespectful terms. Those terms are the same reason I can't stand American music anymore. It is one thing to rap like a BA, but doing it by trash talking women isn't right and just makes a person seem heartless. I am in no way trying to hate on Jay Park but the things he says in his songs will determine which ones I actually listen to. :/

  13. "I'mmah dick to you when I should be giving dick to you "
    Well now I fully understand you when you said awful XDDD