What's Happening Here?

Okay, okay ... I know I've been out of the K-Pop loop for quite sometime now. But I've tried my hardest (really, I have!) to keep current, and I have to say, I'm completely shocked at what's been going on.

First, G-Dragon is caught wearing a thong. (Which, really, isn't all that shocking considering he wears pants that are probably meant for a twelve-year-old girl. I don't see baggy boxers or boxer-briefs fitting in those).

Second, Psy is having his video for "Gangnam Style" posted EVERYWHERE (even on my non-K-Pop-loving-slash-interested friends on Facebook know who Psy is ... crazy!)

Then there is the wickedly addicting K-Town (which I will DEFINITELY be posting about tonight!) that I am completely obsessed with.

And now?

Now, Chad Future has come out with an A-Kpop song and video titled "Hello."

Chad and I go way back ... back to those Heart2Heart days where I called him a douche and a tool and kindly offered him ways to become that heart throb leader. Suggestions that he did not take into consideration, but hey ... his loss. (Because if anyone knows how leaders get their sex appeal, it's yours truly. 90% of my bias list is composed of them ... except T.O.P, but face it, that man is flawless as is).

And he still looks like he is the front man for a screamo-emo band rather than an "A-Kpop" solo artist. Like, you guys have no freaking idea how badly I want to just dye his hair and cut it.

For the song and video ... ehh. I don't looooove it, but I also don't hate with a passion. It has nothing to do with his "A-Kpop" approach, it has nothing to do with him being a Caucasian dude into K-Pop (because hey, I'm a Caucasian girl into K-Pop so I can't really be all judgmental on that issue). It just wasn't for me. I felt the sets had a great K-Pop feel to them, so brownie points for that. 

I can't put my finger on why it's just so-so to me. Wait, yes I can.

1. Chad has supposedly been studying Korean to prep for his venture there. Yet he himself only says like two lines in Korean, while some other guy sings the chorus in Korean. It's kind of like ... why bother with the Korean part to begin with? 

2. He literally looks like he just stepped off the set for "Facebook Official." Seriously. Don't believe me? Peep this.

(Side note: I miss KX's cutie face ...)

His look has not changed in almost a year. Dude, just ask Taeyang ... you get made fun of for that type of behavior in this fandom. Like seriously mocked. And here's the sick part ... we really love Tae-Tae. He has veteran status and we tear him to shreds. You're still a newbie to us, Chad Future.

3. I don't know who Jeremy Thurber is ... and not saying he doesn't have a nice voice, because he does. But, dude, there are a few K-Pop idols who currently aren't doing much that you could have recruited to sing this part. I mean, I'm sure that Peter and Young Sky would have been more than happy to do something ... (ouch, that joke even hurt my fan girl heart). A friendly face could have given you more views inside South Korea and boosted your status a little.

Let me stress this ... I'm not hating on Chad. I respect him for the hard work he has done and I respect the effort he put into this. Just saying it wasn't my cup of tea.

Watch the video for "Hello" below and then comment and tell me what you think about it.


Chad, I bet you thought no one would notice. I bet you thought you could totally sneak this in there and no one would notice. And I can't tell if it's a slight acknowledgment to your former group, or if you just think it's a super cool way to enter a music video ...






  1. I feel like he's trolling us lol, ever since 'Facebook Official' I haven't been able to take him seriously, that's just my opinion idk. The new song isn't bad but it's like he's trying too hard to fit in to k-pop

    1. He IS trolling. His name is David Lehre and he has been trying to get internet famous for YEARS. He used to make movies on myspace and stuff.

  2. ummm...that's a no for me. Over doing it a bit IMO 8P
    it's one of those songs I can tolerate but not gonna go crazy about

  3. "The new song isn't bad but it's like he's trying too hard to fit in to k-pop"

    "it's one of those songs I can tolerate but not gonna go crazy about"

    That's how I feel, but I give him props for trying.

  4. I agree. It feels like he's trying too hard. The song is ok, but I feel like when people are just starting out, they shouldn't sing about being the best or going to the top. It just feels like they are trying to convince you of how good they are. Show me you have talent, and I will notice it. But if you tell me how talented you are, it's too forced.